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Inflammatory external root resorption following surgical treatment for intra-bony defects: a report of two cases involving Emdogain s and a review of the literature
: Geoffrey St. George
: 33
: journal of clinical periodontology
: 2006
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Background: Enamel matrix-derived proteins have been shown to regenerate periodontal tissues lost as a result of disease in humans. Emdogain s , a commercial preparation of porcine enamel matrix derivative (EMD), has been shown to induce new cementum, periodontal ligament and bone formation in human periodontal defects. Although a number of studies have reported successful outcomes, local adverse effects have so far not been reported in the literature. This case report describes two examples of external inflammatory resorption following surgical root surface debridement and the use of Emdogain s . Treatment: The treatment in both cases involved raising a full-thickness flap following completion of non-surgical therapy. The granulation tissue from the defect was removed and the root surfaces debrided. Emdogain s was applied following the manufacturers’ instructions and involved conditioning the root surfaces with Pref-Gel and applying the Emdogain s to the defect. The flaps were sutured and the site reviewed regularly. Radiographs were taken before the treatment was undertaken and also at 6 months to assess the healing of the defect. Results: External inflammatory root resorption was observed on the treated teeth 6– 24 months after therapy. Conclusion: External inflammatory root resorption may be an unusual adverse event following Emdogain s treatment.

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