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Astra Tech single-tooth implants: an audit of patient Satisfaction and soft tissue form
: R. M. Palmer
: 7
: Blackwell Synergy
: 2007
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Aim: To investigate patient centred outcomes, soft tissue morphology, and bone levels. Material and Methods: Sixty-six subjects, who had completed treatment for a single implant restoration at least l year previously. Appearance was recorded photographically and bone levels and interdental contact points measured from intra-oral radiographs using a 7 scale loupe. Subjects completed a satisfaction questionnaire. Results: Subjects were highly satisfied with all aspects of the restoration including the appearance of the soft tissue (median shape/colour score 6 on scale 1–6). Twenty-eight sites in 20 subjects had no contact point between implant crown and adjacent tooth. A normal height papilla was judged to be present in 19 of these sites. These were excluded from the subsequent analysis. In the remaining 46 subjects with contact points the presence (JEMT score 3) or deficiency (score 1/2) of the papilla was significantly related to the distance to the bone level on the adjacent tooth and implant head. Differences were observed between the mesial and distal aspects of the implant restoration. Conclusions: Examining clinicians were more critical of the restorations than the patients. The presence of a complete papilla was associated with a slightly greater distance from contact point to bone level than previously reported.

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