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Soft tissue healing at titanium implants coated with type I collagen. An experimental study in dogs
: M. Welander
: 5
: Blackwell Synergy
: 2007
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Objective: To analyse the soft tissue healing at titanium implants coated with type 1 collagen. Material and methods: Six dogs were used. The mandibular pre-molars and the three anterior maxillary pre-molars were extracted. Three months later mucoperiosteal flaps were raised and two test and two control implants were installed (3is TG Osseotites3.75  10 and 2.8mm transmucosal collar). The test implants were coated with a purified porcine type I collagen. Cover screws were placed and flaps were sutured. The sutures were removed 2 weeks later and a plaque-control programme was initiated. Another 2 weeks later, the procedure was repeated in the contra-lateral mandibular region. Four weeks after the second implant surgery, biopsies were obtained and prepared for histological examination. Results/Conclusion: The vertical dimensions of the epithelial and connective tissue components as well as the composition of the connective tissue portion facing the implant were similar at collagen-coated and uncoated implants after 4 and 8 weeks of healing. It is suggested that soft tissue healing to implants coated with type I collagen was similar to that at non-coated titanium implants and that no adverse reactions to the collagen-coated implants occurred.

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