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Acute effects of periodontal therapy on bio-markers of vascular health
: Francesco D’Aiuto
: 2
: Blackwell Synergy
: 2007
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Aim: We aimed to study the impact of periodontal therapy on several bio-markers related to vascular health. Material and Methods: Fifty-five consecutive subjects (age range 30–64 years) having severe periodontitis received an intensive session of periodontal therapy under local anaesthesia and provided blood samples before and 1 and 7 and 30 days following therapy. High-sensitivity assays were utilized to quantify serum concentrations of inflammatory markers [interleukin(IL)-1b, tumour necrosis factor-a], plasma haemostatic (D-dimer) and endothelial soluble markers [soluble E-selectin(s-Es) and von Willebrand factor antigen (r-WF:Ag)]. Results: Periodontal therapy elicited a significant activation of the haemostatic system (38% and 68% mean increases of plasma D-dimer 1 and 7 days after therapy, respectively, po0.001), together with moderate endothelial dysfunction (10% and 30% mean increases at 24 h in plasma soluble E-selectin, po0.05 and von-Willebrand factor, po0.01, respectively). D-Dimer and s-Es acute changes were significantly correlated with periodontal treatment time (po0.05). Cigarette smoking status and body mass index strongly influenced the acute release of IL-1b ( po0.05), D-dimer ( po0.01) and s-Es ( po0.01). Conclusions: Periodontal therapy represents a novel and reliable non-drug-induced model to investigate in vivo the interplay between inflammation, coagulation and endothelial cell activation.

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