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Themes and Flux in British Politics Evolution, Change and Turbulence
: Duncan McTavish
: Politics & International Relations
: 2019
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Themes and Flux in British Politics provides readers with an engaging and informative overview of the development, change and turbulence in British politics today. It explores the extent to which the ‘old approaches’ to politics and policy are becoming less relevant in the contemporary and emerging UK environment and makes sense of the most significant aspects of the moment: political and electoral alignment, referenda, Brexit and the EU, relationship between UK and devolved governments, and key impact-related developments internationally. As such, it is an essential read for students and observers of British political life who need pointed, expert coverage to help make sense of these exceptional political times. With a tripartite structure, the book first examines trends in political representation with changes in political engagement, party loyalties and electoral alignment, then places this within the turbulence and changing landscape of the policy/political environment, and finally contextualises the developments in British politics vis-à-vis international resonances and parallels. Case studies of the Scottish independence referendum, referendum to remain in or leave the EU and the EU withdrawal process are used to illustrate the key concepts and arguments advanced and to provide a sense of the current dynamic of British politics. Themes and Flux in British Politics represents a timely response to contemporary debates about the major shifts (perhaps crises) of political parties and representation and the turbulent landscape of public policy, and will be essential reading for British politics and government, Brexit, public policy and EU politics.


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