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Islamic Marketing and Branding
: T. C. Melewar, S. F. Syed Alwi
: 2019
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Islamic Marketing and Branding: Theory and Practice provides a concise mix of theory, primary research findings and practice that will engender confidence in both students and practitioners alike by means of the case study included in each chapter. Through three main parts (Branding and Corporate Marketing; Religion, Consumption and Culture; and Strategic Global Orientation), this book provides readers, from areas across the spectrum covering marketing, organisational studies, psychology, sociology and communication and strategy, with theoretical and managerial perspectives on Islamic marketing and branding. In particular, it addresses: Insights into branding and corporate marketing in the Islamic context. An introduction to Islamic consumption and culture, rules and regulations in brands and consumption in Islamic markets. An identification of how the strategic global orientation of the Islamic approach is practised and how it works in different Islamic countries such as emerging countries. Readers are introduced to a variety of business and management approaches which, once applied to their business strategies, will increase their chances of successful implementation. Addressing both theoretical and practical insights, this book is essential reading for marketing and branding scholars and students, as well as CEOs, brand managers and consultants with an interest in this area.


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