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No Judul Tahun Penulis Penerbit
301 Diplomatic Games: Sport, Statecraft, and International Relations since 1945 2014 HEATHER L. DICHTER and ANDREW L. JOHNS University Press of Kentucky
302 Russia Leaves the War. Vol. 1 of Soviet-American Relations 2014 GEORGE FROST KENNAN Princeton University Press
303 A Muted Fury: Populists, Progressives, and Labor Unions Confront the Courts, 1890-1937 2014 William G. Ross Princeton University Press
304 Ambulatory Surgical Services Provided Under California Workers’ Compensation 2014 Barbara O. Wynn and John P. Caloyeras, and Nelson F. Soohoo RAND Corporation
305 American Justice 2014 2014 Garrett Epps University of Pennsylvania Press
306 America's Forgotten Constitutions 2014 ROBERT L. TSAI Harvard University Press
307 An Improbable Life 2014 Michael I. Sovern Columbia University Press
308 Capacity Building at the Kurdistan Region Statistics Office Through Data Collection 2014 Shmuel Abramzon and Nicholas Burger, Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar, Peter Glick, Krishna B. Kumar, Francisco Perez-Arce, Alexan RAND Corporation
309 Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age 2014 Jacqueline Bhabha Princeton University Press
310 Civil Justice, Privatization, and Democracy 2014 TREVOR C.W. FARROW University of Toronto Press
311 Confidence Games 2014 Tanina Rostain and Milton C. Regan Jr The MIT Press
312 Conscience and the Constitution 2014 David A. J. Richards Princeton University Press
313 Copyfight: The Global Politics of Digital Copyright Reform 2014 BLAYNE HAGGART University of Toronto Press
314 Corruption in America 2014 ZEPHYR TEACHOUT Harvard University Press
315 Courts of Appeals in the Federal Judicial System 2014 J. Woodford Howard Jr Princeton University Press
317 The Rise and Decline of American Religious Freedom 2014 Steven D. Smith Harvard University Press
318 The Rise of the Roman Jurists 2014 Bruce W. Frier Princeton University Press
319 Torpedo 2014 KATHERINE C. EPSTEIN Harvard University Press
320 Twelve Good Men and True 2014 J. S. Cockburn, Thomas A. Green Princeton University Press
321 Violence against Women in Kentucky 2014 CAROL E. JORDAN University Press of Kentucky
322 Why Government Fails So Often 2014 PETER H. SCHUCK Princeton University Press
323 Writing Democracy 2014 Karen Gammelgaard and Eirik Holmøyvik Berghahn Books
324 The Copyright Wars 2014 Peter Baldwin Princeton University Press
325 Suburbs under Siege 2014 Charles M. Haar Princeton University Press
326 Substance Use Treatment and Reentry (STAR) Program 2014 Sarah B. Hunter and Christina Y. Huang RAND Corporation
327 Strategies for Private-Sector Development and Civil-Service Reform in the Kurdistan Region—Iraq 2014 Michael L. Hansen and Howard J. Shatz, Louay Constant, Alexandria C. Smith, Krishna B. Kumar, Heather Krull, Artur Usanov RAND Corporation
328 Social Order and the Limits of Law 2014 IREDELL IENKINS Princeton University Press
329 Russian Lawyers and the Soviet State 2014 Eugene Huskey Princeton University Press
330 Rethinking Sovereign Debt 2014 Odette Lienau Harvard University Press
331 Religion in the Public Sphere 2014 SOLANGE LEFEBVRE and LORI G. BEAMAN University of Toronto Press
332 Crime and Criminal Justice in Modern Germany 2014 Richard F. Wetzell Berghahn Books
333 Crowded Orbits 2014 JAMES CLAY MOLTZ Columbia University Press
334 Against the Spirit of System 2014 JOHN HARLEY WARNER Princeton University Press
335 Alien Landscapes? 2014 Jonathan Glover Harvard University Press - Cambridge
336 Ambulatory Surgical Services Provided Under California Workers’ Compensation 2014 Barbara O. Wynn and John P. Caloyeras,etc RAND Corporation,
337 Aphrodisiacs, Fertility and Medicine in Early Modern England 2014 Jennifer Evans Royal Historical Society
338 Asymmetrical Conversations : Contestations, Circumventions, and the Blurring of Therapeutic Boundaries 2014 Harish Naraindas and Johannes Quack Berghahn Books
339 Atlas de neuroanatomie fonctionnelle : Première édition française 2014 WALTER J. HENDELMAN Les Presses de l'Université d'Ottawa
340 Avicenna in Renaissance Italy : The Canon and Medical Teaching in Italian Universities after 1500 2014 Nancy G. Siraisi Princeton University Press
341 Banking on the Body 2014 Kara W. Swanson Harvard University Press - London
342 Walking Corpses : Leprosy in Byzantium and the Medieval West 2014 Timothy S. Miller and John W. Nesbitt Cornell University Press
343 What America's Users Spend on Illegal Drugs, 2000–2010 2014 B. Kilmer and S. Everingham RAND Corporation
344 Case Studies in Canadian Health Policy and Management 2014 CATHERINE L. MAH and RAISA B. DEBER University of Toronto Press
345 Childhood Obesity in America 2014 Laura Dawes Harvard University Press
346 Developing Navy Capability to Recover Forces in Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Hazard Environments 2014 Adam C. Resnick and Steven A. Knapp RAND Corporation
347 Development and Pilot Test of the RAND Suicide Prevention Program Evaluation Toolkit 2014 Joie D. Acosta and Rajeev Ramchand RAND Corporation
348 Doctors and Medicine in Early Renaissance Florence 2014 KATHARINE PARK Princeton University Press
349 Doctors of Empire : Medical and Cultural Encounters between Imperial Germany and Meiji Japan 2014 HOI-EUN KIM University of Toronto Press
350 Enigmas of Health and Disease : How Epidemiology Helps Unravel Scientific Mysteries 2014 ALFREDO MORABIA Columbia University Press

Number of items : 2074
Pages : «« 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 ... 42 »»