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301 Surgical guided tissue regeneration treatment of advanced periodontal defects: a 5-year follow-up study 2007 Christer Slotte Blackwell Synergy
302 Volumetric analysis of extraction sockets using cone beam computed tomography: a pilot study on ex vivo jaw bone 2007 Jimoh Olubanwo Agbaje Blackwell Synergy
303 Evaluation of bone surface registration applying a microneedle array 2007 Kurt Schicho Blackwell Synergy
304 Effect of intermittent loading and surface roughness on peri-implant bone formation in a bone chamber model 2007 Joke Duyck Blackwell Synergy
305 Researching periodontitis: challenges and opportunities 2007 Anwar T. Merchant Blackwell Synergy
306 Automatic mining of the literature to generate new hypotheses for the possible link between periodontitis and atherosclerosis: lipopolysaccharide as a case study 2007 Kristina M. Hettne Blackwell Synergy
307 The extent of periodontal disease and the IL-6 174 genotype as determinants of serum IL-6 level 2007 Taina Raunio Blackwell Synergy
308 Role of IL-6, TNF-A and LT-A variants in the modulation of the clinical expression of plaqueinduced gingivitis 2007 Chiara Scapoli Blackwell Synergy
309 Alveolar bone loss in liver transplantation patients: relationship with prolonged steroid treatment and parathyroid hormone levels 2007 Orit Oettinger-Barak Blackwell Synergy
310 Does tooth brushing influence the development and progression of non-inflammatory gingival recession? A systematic review 2007 P. Sunethra Rajapakse Blackwell Synergy
311 Dental biofilm, gingivitis and interleukin-1 adjacent to approximal sites of a bonded ceramic 2007 Katarina Konradsson Blackwell Synergy
312 Plaque and gingivitis in the elderly: a randomized, singleblind clinical trial on the outcome of intensified mechanical or antibacterial oral hygiene measures 2007 Ulrich Schiffner, Blackwell Synergy
313 Effect of smoking on folic acid and vitamin B12 after nonsurgical periodontal intervention 2007 Ebru Olgun Erdemir Blackwell Synergy
314 Minimally invasive surgical technique and enamel matrix derivative in intra-bony defects. I: clinical outcomes and morbidity 2007 Pierpaolo Cortellini Blackwell Synergy
315 Influence of platform switching on crestal bone changes at nonsubmerged titanium implants: a histomorphometrical study in dogs 2007 Ju¨rgen Becker Blackwell Synergy
316 From victim blaming to upstream action: tackling the social determinants of oral health inequalities 2007 Watt RG. Blackwell Synergy
317 Developing a short form of Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP) for dental aesthetics: OHIP-aesthetic 2007 Wong AHH, Cheung CS, McGrath C. Blackwell Synergy
318 Testing the effect of including oral health in general health checks for elderly patients in medical practice – a randomized controlled trial 2007 Lowe C, Blinkhorn AS, Worthington HV, Craven R. Blackwell Synergy
319 An Asian community’s perspective on facial profile attractiveness 2007 Soh J, Chew MT, Wong HB. Blackwell Synergy
320 Provision of mouth-care in long-term care facilities: an educational trial 2007 MacEntee MI, Wyatt CCL, Beattie BL, Paterson B, Levy-Milne R, McCandless L, Blackwell Synergy
321 Does self-weighting of items enhance the performance of an oral health-related quality of life questionnaire? 2007 Locker D, Berka E, Jokovic A, Tompson B Blackwell Synergy
322 Does oral health affect self perceptions, parental ratings and video-based assessments of children’s smiles? 2007 Patel RR, Tootla R, Inglehart MR. Blackwell Synergy
323 Fluoride ingestion from toothpaste and diet in 1- to 3-year-old Brazilian children 2007 de Almeida BS, da Silva Cardoso VE, Buzalaf MAR Blackwell Synergy
324 Validation of the Korean version of the oral health impact profile among the Korean elderly 2007 Bae K-H, Kim H-D, Jung S-H, Park D-Y, Kim J-B, Paik D-I, Chung S-C. Blackwell Synergy
325 Theoretical explanations for social inequalities in oral health 2007 Sisson KL. Blackwell Synergy
326 The relationship of medical and dental factors to perceived general and dental health 2007 Richmond S, Chestnutt I, Shennan J, Brown R. Blackwell Synergy
327 Trends in palatine tonsillar cancer incidence and mortality rates in the United States 2007 Golas SM Blackwell Synergy
328 The value of caries preventive care among 19-year olds using the contingent valuation method within a cost–benefit approach 2007 Oscarson N, Lindholm L, and Ka¨llesta° l C. Blackwell Synergy
329 Area deprivation and oral health in Scottish adults: a multilevel study 2007 Bower E, Gulliford M, Steele J, Newton T. Blackwell Synergy
330 Dental practitioners’ views on the need to treat developmental defects of enamel 2007 Wong HM, McGrath C, Lo ECM, King NM. Blackwell Synergy
331 Overview and quality assurance for the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) oral health component, 1999–2002 2007 Dye BA, Barker LK, Selwitz RH, Lewis BG, Wu T, Fryar CD, Ostchega Y, Beltran Blackwell Synergy
332 Risk indicators for recurrent aphthous ulcers among adults in the US 2007 Chattopadhyay A, Chatterjee S. Blackwell Synergy
333 The contributions of qualitative research towards dental public health practice 2007 Bower E, Scambler S. Blackwell Synergy
334 The International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS): an integrated system for measuring dental caries 2007 Ismail AI, Sohn W, Tellez M, Amaya A, Sen A, Hasson H, Pitts NB. Blackwell Synergy
335 Is the Child Perceptions Questionnaire for 11–14 year olds sensitive to clinical and self-perceived variations in orthodontic status? 2007 Locker D, Jokovic A, Tompson B, Prakash P. Blackwell Synergy
336 Methodological assessment of behavioural problem dimensions in adults with dental fear 2007 Elfstro¨m ML, Lundgren J, Berggren U. Blackwell Synergy
337 The independent contribution of neighborhood disadvantage and individual-level socioeconomic position to self-reported oral health: a multilevel analysis 2007 Turrell G, Sanders AE, Slade GD, Spencer AJ, Marcenes W. Blackwell Synergy
338 Effectiveness of ART and traditional amalgam approach in restoring single-surface cavities in posterior teeth of permanent dentitions in school children after 6.3 years 2007 Frencken JE, van’t Hof MA, Taifour D, Al-Zaher I Blackwell Synergy
339 A randomized trial of the effectiveness of home visits in preventing early childhood caries 2007 Feldens CA, Vı´tolo MR, Drachler ML Blackwell Synergy
340 Correlates of partial tooth loss and edentulism in the Brazilian elderly 2007 Hugo FN, Hilgert JB, de Sousa MLR, da Silva DD, Pucca Jr GA. Blackwell Synergy
341 Racial disparity in stage at diagnosis and survival among adults with oral cancer in the US 2007 Shiboski CH, Schmidt BL, Jordan RCK. Blackwell Synergy
342 Life-course epidemiology: concepts and theoretical models and its relevance to chronic oral conditions 2007 Nicolau B, Thomson WM, Steele JG, Allison PJ. Blackwell Synergy
343 The effect of fluoride gel on incipient carious lesions in a low-caries child population 2007 Truin G-J, van’t Hof M. Blackwell Synergy
344 Direction of wording and responses to items in oral health-related quality of life questionnaires for children and their parents 2007 Locker D, Jokovic A, Allison P Blackwell Synergy
345 Does Medicaid improve utilization of medical and dental services and health outcomes for Medicaid-eligible children in the United States? 2007 Fisher MA, Mascarenhas AK Blackwell Synergy
346 Maternal self-efficacy and 1–5-year-old children’s brushing habits 2007 Finlayson TL, Siefert K, Ismail AI, Sohn W. Blackwell Synergy
347 Decline in the prevalence of dental fluorosis among South Australian children 2007 Do LG, Spencer AJ. Blackwell Synergy
348 Effect of fear on dental utilization behaviors and oral health outcome 2007 Meng X, Heft MW, Bradley MM, Lang PJ. Blackwell Synergy
349 Root surface and coronal caries in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus 2007 Hintao J, Teanpaisan R, Chongsuvivatwong V, Dahlen G, Rattarasarn C. Blackwell Synergy
350 Patient feedback as a motivating force to quit smoking 2007 Hanioka T, Ojima M, Hamajima N, Naito M. Blackwell Synergy

Number of items : 1840
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