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1601 Treatment of the nostrils in patients with cleft lip by a nostril retainer 2000 T. Niimi, N. Natsume, T. Tsukawaki, H. Furukawa, H. Masuda, M. Kobayashi, T. Kawai, Blackwell Synergy
1602 Mucus retention cyst of the maxillary sinus: the endoscopic approach 2000 T. Hadar, J. Shvero, B. I. Nageris, E. Yaniv Blackwell Synergy
1603 Increase in volume of lignocaine/adrenaline-containing local anaesthetic solution causes increase in acute postoperative pain after gingivectomy 2000 L. Jorkjend,* L. A. Skoglund Blackwell Synergy
1604 Spontaneous palatal fenestration: review of the literature and report of a case 2000 D. P. Von Arx, A. C. Cash Blackwell Synergy
1605 Prevention of haematomas after auricular injuries 2000 R. J. Martin,* V. M. Carey, R. F. Philbert, J. B. Carter Blackwell Synergy
1606 An unusual foreign body in the tongue 2000 E. J. da Silva, Y. Deng, C. G. Tumushime-Buturo Blackwell Synergy
1607 Like Graffiti on Highway Overpasses—Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 2000 Patrick M. Lloyd, DDS, MS Blackwell Synergy
1608 Utilization of the Neutral Zone Technique for a Maxillofacial Patient 2000 Alvin G. Wee, BDS, MS,1 Roger B. Cwynar, DMD,2 and Ansgar C. Cheng, BDS, MS3 Blackwell Synergy
1609 Assessment of MEDLINE Search Strategies for Randomized Controlled Trials in Prosthodontics 2000 Herman B. Dumbrigue, DDM,1 Josephine F. Esquivel, DDM, MS,1 Blackwell Synergy
1610 Fracture Toughness of Various Core Build-Up Materials 2000 E. D. Bonilla, DDS,1 G. Mardirossian, DDS,1 and A. A. Caputo, PhD2 Blackwell Synergy
1611 An In Vitro Comparison of 5 Techniques for Impressing Dowel Space Preparations 2000 Winston W. L. Chee, BDS,1 George C. Cho, DDS,2 and Riccardo Marzola, DDS3 Blackwell Synergy
1612 The Effect of Triphenylbismuth on the Radiopacity and Performance Properties of Compression- and Injection-Molded Denture Resins 2000 Lisa A. Lang, DDS, MS,1 Patrick A. Mattie, DDS, MS,2 and H. Ralph Rawis, PhD3 Blackwell Synergy
1613 Adhesion Testing of a Denture Base Resin With 5 Casting Alloys 2000 Nancy L. Clelland, DMD, MSD,1 Meade C. van Putten, DDS, MS,1 Blackwell Synergy
1614 Mandibular Implant Overdenture Treatment: Consensus and Controversy 2000 David R. Burns, DMD Blackwell Synergy
1615 Improved Laboratory Results for Fixed Restorations Using Sequential Tooth Preparation 2000 David W. Eggleston, DDS Blackwell Synergy
1616 Practice Management 2000 David Schwab, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1617 The Pen Is Mightier . . . 2000 Patrick M. Lloyd, DDS, MS Blackwell Synergy
1618 Comparison of Cutting Rates Among Single-Patient-Use and Multiple-Patient-Use Diamond Burs 2000 Elizabeth S. Pilcher, DMD,1 James D. Tietge, DDS, MS,2 Blackwell Synergy
1619 Effect of Different High-Palladium Metal-Ceramic Alloys on the Color of Opaque Porcelain 2000 Minos M. Stavridakis, DDS, MS,1 Efstratios Papazoglou, DDS, MS, PhD,2 Blackwell Synergy
1620 Influence of Additional Acid Etch Treatment on Resin Cement Dentin Infiltration 2000 Mary P. Walker, MS, DDS,1 Yong Wang, PhD,2 James Swafford, MS,3 Adrian Evans,4 Blackwell Synergy
1621 Centric Relation Definitions Taught in 7 Dental Schools: Results of Faculty and Student Surveys 2000 T. Roma Jasinevicius, DDS, MEd,1 Janet A. Yellowitz, DMD, MPH,2 Blackwell Synergy
1622 Dental Erosion and Aspirin Headache Powders: A Clinical Report 2000 M. B. O’Regan, * S. P. R. MacLeod Blackwell Synergy
1623 The Partial Overdenture in Management of Anterior Apertognathia: A Clinical Report 2000 William C. Elton, DDS,1 and Stephen M. Hannon, DDS2 Blackwell Synergy
1624 Evaluation of Interarch Space for Implant Restorations in Edentulous Patients: A Laboratory Technique 2000 Nicolas F. AbuJamra, DDS, MS,1 Minos M. Stavridakis, DDS, MS,2 Blackwell Synergy
1625 The Auricular Impression: An Alternate Technique 2000 Mark F. Mathews, DDS, MS,1 Alan J. Sutton, DDS, MS,2 Blackwell Synergy
1626 The History of Articulators: Early Attempts to Reproduce Mandibular Movement, Part II 2000 Edgar N. Starcke, DDS Blackwell Synergy
1627 Dentistry, Dental Practice, and the Community 2000 Brian A. Burt, Stephen A. Eklund, with a chapter contributed Blackwell Synergy
1628 Location, Location, Location 2000 David Schwab, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1629 Spread the News, the Future Looks Bright 2000 Patrick M. Lloyd, DDS, MS Blackwell Synergy
1630 Spread the News, the Future Looks Bright for Prosthodontics 2000 Stephen F. Rosenstiel, BDS, MSD,1 Daniel H. Ward, DDS,2 and Blackwell Synergy
1631 Dentists’ Preferences of Anterior Tooth Proportion—A Web-based Study 2000 David R. Burns, DMD,1 Peter C. Moon, PhD,2 Neal P. Webster, DDS,3 Blackwell Synergy
1632 Effect of Endodontic Sealers on Dowels Luted With Resin Cement 2000 Richard B.T. Price, BDS, DDS, MS,1 Robert W. Loney, DMD, MS,2 Blackwell Synergy
1633 Interchangeability of Semiadjustable Articulators After 2 to 7 Years of Use 2000 Han-Kuang Tan, BDS, MSD,1 Andrew Woo, DDS,2 Silvia Kim, DDS,2 Blackwell Synergy
1634 Effect of Denture Cleansers, Surface Finish, and Temperature on Molloplast B Resilient Liner Color, Hardness, and Texture 2000 Patchanee Rungruanganunt, DDS,1 and Carl J. Andres, DDS, MSD2 Blackwell Synergy
1635 Laboratory-fabricated, Acrylic Resin Cylinders for Fixed, Provisional Implant Restorations 2000 Flavio H. Rasetto, Od, BDS,1 Carl F. Driscoll, DMD,2 and Lafeyette Hawkes3 Journal of Prosthodontics,
1636 A Simplified Method for Fabrication of a Die Holder 2000 Edgar N. Starcke, DDS Journal of Prosthodontics,
1637 The History of Articulators: The Appearance and Early History of Facebows 2000 Vincente Jime´nez-Lope´z, Madrid, Spain. Journal of Prosthodontics,
1638 On Common Ground 2 Burton L. Edefstein, DDS, MPH Blackwell Synergy
1639 Winner Level One (Cassette) 1999 Eduardo Amos and Elisabeth prescher pearson Education Limited - USA
1640 Winner Level Two (Cassette) 1999 Eduardo Amos and Elisabeth prescher Pearson Education Limited - USA
1641 Winner Level Three (Cassette) 1999 Eduardo Amos and Elisabeth prescher Pearson Education Limited - USA
1642 Cutting Edge : Upper Intermediate (Class Cassette 1&2) 1999 Sarah Cunningham and Peter Moor Pearson Education - USA
1643 How to Prepare for the TOEFL : Test of English as a Foreign Language 1999 Pamela J. Sharpe Barron's Educational Series - USA
1644 Go for It! Book 2 Student Tape 1999 David Nunan Heinle & Heinle Publisher - USA
1645 Go for It! Book 1 Student Tape 1999 David Nunan Heinle & Heinle Publisher - USA
1646 Go for It! Book 2 Student : Tests & Games Package 1999 David Nunan Heinle & Heinle Publisher - USA
1647 Go for It! Book 1 Student : Tests and Games Package 1999 Eleanor Jones and John Chapman Heinle & Heinle Publisher - USA
1648 Cambridge English Worldwide : Listening and Speaking Pack (Starter Level-Level Five) 1999 Andrew Littlejohn and Diane Hick Cambridge University Press - USA
1649 Northstar Achievement Tests focus on listening and speaking, advanced test Cassette (unit 1-5) 1999 Addison Wesley Longman
1650 Northstar Achievement Tests focus on listening and speaking , Basic Test Cassette unit 6-end 1999 Addison Wesley Longman

Number of items : 1840
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