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1251 Opportunities : Upper Intermediate (Test Cassette) 2002 Harris Mower Sikorzynska Pearson Education Limited
1252 Mosaic 2 Reading (Tape 2 of 2) 2002 Mc Graw Hill
1253 Assesment for Learning : 10 Principles 2002 Assesment Reform Group
1254 Essentials of Diagnosis and Treatment 2002 Lawrence M. Tierney et al. Mc Graw Hill
1255 Clinicians Pocket Reference 2002 Mc Graw Hill
1256 A prospective study of the validity of data on self-reported dental visits 2002 Gilbert GH, Rose JS, Shelton BJ. Blackwell Synergy
1257 Dentistry between pathology and cosmetics 2002 Marthaler TM. Blackwell Synergy
1258 Erosion, caries and rampant caries in preschool children in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2002 Al-Malik MI, Holt RD, Bedi R. Blackwell Synergy
1259 Follow-up study of dental students’ esthetic perceptions of mild dental fluorosis 2002 Levy SM, Warren JJ, Jakobsen JR. Blackwell Synergy
1260 Tooth loss in the very old: 13–15-year incidence among elderly Iowans 2002 Warren JJ, Watkins CA, Cowen HJ, Hand JS, Levy SM, Kuthy RA. Blackwell Synergy
1261 Risk factors for dental erosion in 5–6 year old and 12–14 year old boys in Saudi Arabia 2002 Al-Majed I, Maguire A, Murray JJ. Blackwell Synergy
1262 A longitudinal study of occlusal caries among schoolchildren in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2002 Rugarabamu PGN, Poulsen S, Masalu JRP. Blackwell Synergy
1263 Oro-facial pain in the community: prevalence and associated impact 2002 Macfarlane TV, Blinkhorn AS, Davies RM, Kincey J, Worthington HV Blackwell Synergy
1264 Plaque minerals in the prediction of caries activity 2002 Pearce EIF, Dong Y-M, Yue L, Gao X-J, Purdie GL, Wang J-D. Blackwell Synergy
1265 A blind caries and fluorosis prevalence study of school-children in naturally fluoridated and nonfluoridated townships of Morayshire, Scotland 2002 Stephen KW, Macpherson LMD, Gilmour WH, Stuart RAM, Merrett MCW. Blackwell Synergy
1266 Development of a condition-specific quality of life measure for patients with dentofacial deformity: II. Validity and responsiveness testing 2002 Cunningham SJ, Garratt AM, Hunt NP. Blackwell Synergy
1267 Oral health care education and its effect on caregivers’ knowledge and attitudes: a randomised controlled trial 2002 Frenkel HF, Harvey I, Needs KM. Blackwell Synergy
1268 Childhood dental fear in the Netherlands: prevalence and normative data 2002 ten Berge M, Veerkamp JSJ, Hoogstraten J, Prins PJM Blackwell Synergy
1269 Socio-economic effect on caries. Incidence data among Swedish 12–14-year-olds 2002 Källestål C, Wall S. Blackwell Synergy
1270 Tobacco use and oral hygiene as risk indicators for periodontitis 2002 Amarasena N, Ekanayaka AN, Herath L, Miyazaki H. Blackwell Synergy
1271 Oral hygiene instructions and dietary sugar advice received by adolescents in 1989 and 1997 2002 Honkala S, Honkala E, Rimpelä A, Vikat A. Blackwell Synergy
1272 Spatial analysis to identify differentials in dental needs by area-based measures 2002 Antunes JLF, FrazaËœo P, Narvai PC, Bispo CM, Pegoretti T. Blackwell Synergy
1273 Clinical outcomes of risk-based caries prevention in preschool-aged children 2002 Pienihäkkinen K, Jokela J: Blackwell Synergy
1274 Psychological factors and perceptions of pain associated with dental treatment 2002 Maggirias J, Locker D. Blackwell Synergy
1275 Effect of contact media on the diagnostic quality of electrical resistance measurements for occlusal caries 2002 Mosahebi N, Ricketts DNJ. Blackwell Synergy
1276 The Dental Neglect and Dental Indifference scales compared 2002 Jamieson LM, Thomson WM. Blackwell Synergy
1277 Maternal risk indicators for childhood caries in an inner city population 2002 Smith RE, Badner VM, Morse DE, Freeman K Blackwell Synergy
1278 Glycemic control of type 2 diabetes and severe periodontal disease in the US adult population 2002 Tsai C, Hayes C, Taylor GW. Blackwell Synergy
1279 Impact of traumatic injuries to the permanent teeth on the oral health-related quality of life in 12–14-year-old children 2002 Cortes MIS , Marcenes W, Sheiham A. Blackwell Synergy
1280 Esthetically objectionable fluorosis attributable to water fluoridation 2002 Griffin SO, Beltra´n ED, Lockwood SA, Barker LK. Blackwell Synergy
1281 Targeting dental sealants in school-based programs: evaluation of an approach 2002 Kumar JV, Wadhawan S. Blackwell Synergy
1282 Oral self-care among adults with diabetes in Finland 2002 Karikoski A, Ilanne-Parikka P, Murtomaa H Blackwell Synergy
1283 Is medication a risk factor for dental caries among older people? 2002 Thomson WM, Spencer AJ, Slade GD, Chalmers JM Blackwell Synergy
1284 Dental fluorosis decline after changes to supplement and toothpaste regimens 2002 Riordan PJ. Blackwell Synergy
1285 Emerging theories into the social determinants of health: implications for oral health promotion 2002 Watt RG. Blackwell Synergy
1286 Enamel fluoride uptake from mouthrinse solutions with different NaF concentrations 2002 Inaba D, Kawasaki K, Iijima Y, Taguchi N, Hayashida H, Yoshikawa T, Furugen R, Blackwell Synergy
1287 Measuring the impact of oral health on life quality in two national surveys–functionalist versus hermeneutic approaches 2002 McGrath C, Bedi R. Blackwell Synergy
1288 The Place of Qualitative Research in Public Health Dentistry 2002 Barry Gibson, BSc, MMedSc, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1289 Use of specific dental treatment procedures by dentate adults during a 24-month period 2002 Gilbert GH, Shelton BJ, Duncan RP. Blackwell Synergy
1290 Is Depressive Symptomatology Associated with Worse Oral Functioning and Well-being Among Older Adults? 2002 Nancy R. Kressln, PhD; Avron Spiro 111, PhD; Kathryn A. Atchison, DDS, MPH; Lewis Kazis, ScD; Blackwell Synergy
1291 Risk factors for oral soft tissue lesions in an adult Spanish population 2002 Garcı´a-Pola Vallejo MJ, Martı´nez Dı´az-Canel AI, G Blackwell Synergy
1292 Developing Short-f orrn Measures of Oral Health-related Quality of Life 2002 David Locker, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1293 Primary tooth fluorosis and fluoride intake during the first year of life 2002 Levy SM, Hillis SL, Warren JJ, Broffitt BA, Mahbubul Islam AKM, Wefel JS, Kanellis Blackwell Synergy
1294 Determinants of Dropout in a Community Intervention Trial on the Caries-preventive Effect of Chewing Gums 2002 Vita Machiulskiene, DDS, PhD; Bente Nyvad, DDS, PhD, DrOdont; Vibeke Baelum DDS, PhD, DrOdont Blackwell Synergy
1295 Caries experience of some countries and areas expressed by the Significant Caries Index 2002 Nishi M, Stjernswa¨rd J, Carlsson P, Bratthall D. Blackwell Synergy
1296 A Scoring System for the Early Detection of Oral Submucous Fibrosis Based on a Self-administered Questionnaire 2002 Chung-Jung Chiu, DDS, PhD; Wen-Chung Lee, MD, PhD; Chun-Pin Chiang, DDS, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
1297 The limitations of a ‘high-risk’ approach for the prevention of dental caries 2002 Batchelor P, Sheiham A. Blackwell Synergy
1298 On Adding a Dental Practice Component to an Ongoing Longitudinal Population-based Study of Oral Health 2002 Gregg H. Gilbert, DDS, MBA; John S. Rose, MPH; Elmire D. Cantey, BS, RDH; Janet L. Earls, BS, RDH; Blackwell Synergy
1299 Development of clinical practice guidelines for dentists: methods for topic selection 2002 van der Sanden WJM, Mettes DG, Grol RPTM, Plasschaert AJM, Verdonschot EH. Blackwell Synergy
1300 Comparison of Children’s Medical and Dental Insurance Coverage by Sociodemographic Characteristics, United States, 1995 2002 Clemencia M. Vargas, DDS, PhD; Robert E. Isman, DDS, MPH; James J. Crall, DDS, ScD Blackwell Synergy

Number of items : 1840
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