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1101 Melanotic neuroectodermal tumour of infancy in the maxilla: a case report 2004 H.-H. LIU, T.-W. CHEN, & H.-S. CHANG Paediatric Dentistry
1102 Direct pulp capping with mineral trioxide aggregate in a primary molar: a case report 2004 O. BODEM, S. BLUMENSHINE, D. ZEH & M. J. KOCH Paediatric Dentistry
1103 Paediatric dentistry experience of the first cohort of students to graduate from Dublin Dental School and Hospital under the new curriculum 2004 D. FINUCANE, J. H. NUNN & A. C. O’CONNELL Paediatric Dentistry
1104 Establishment and evaluation of a trauma clinic based in a primary care setting 2004 S. M. STEWART, & I. C. MACKIE Paediatric Dentistry
1105 Comparison of zinc oxide and eugenol, and Vitapex for root canal treatment of necrotic primary teeth 2004 M. MORTAZAVI & M. MESBAHI Paediatric Dentistry
1106 A double-blind randomized controlled trial investigating the effectiveness of topical bupivacaine in reducing distress in children following extractions under general anaesthesia 2004 G. GAZAL, R. BOWMAN, H. V. WORTHINGTON, & I. C. MACKIE Paediatric Dentistry
1107 An epidemiological survey of the time and sequence of eruption of permanent teeth in 4–15-year-olds in Tehran, Iran 2004 M. MOSLEMI Paediatric Dentistry
1108 Breast-feeding and early childhood caries: an assessment among Brazilian infants 2004 A. ROSENBLATT, & P. ZARZAR Paediatric Dentistry
1109 Congenitally missing maxillary permanent canines: report of 32 cases from an ethnic Chinese population 2004 S. Y. CHO, C. K. LEE & J. C. Y. CHAN Paediatric Dentistry
1110 Severe incisor resorption by impacted maxillary canines: case report and literature review 2004 S. J. NUTE Paediatric Dentistry
1111 Temporary arrest of root development in a premolar of a child with hypodontia and extensive caries 2004 S. T. MCDONNELL, H. LIVERSIDGE, & M. KINIRONS Paediatric Dentistry
1112 Missing C, supplemental D and supplemental premolar all in one quadrant: a case report 2004 E. EL-BAHANNASAWY & D. E. FUNG Paediatric Dentistry
1113 Oral Health Education Courses for University Students: Why Not? 2004 Deok-Young Park, PhD; Deuk-Sang Ma, PhD; Alice M. Horowitz, PhD Blackwell Publishing
1114 Using Insurance Claims and Demographic Data for Surveillance of Children’s Oral Health 2004 Keith E. Heller, DDS, DrPH; Stephen A. Eklund, DDS, MHSA, DrPH; Brian A. Burt, BDS, MPH, PhD, Daniel Blackwell Publising
1115 Estimating Prevalence and Severity of Caries in the Mixed Dentition: a Comparison of Two Screening Protocols 2004 Susan 0. Griffin, PhD; Paul M. Griffin, PhD; Eugenio D. Beltran-Aguilar, DMD, MS, DrPH, Dolores M. M Blackwell Synergy
1116 Is 75 Percent of Dental Caries Really Found in 25 Percent of the Population? 2004 Mark D. Macek, DDS, DrPH; Keith E. Heller, DDS, DrPH; Robert H. Selwitz, DDS, MPH, Michael C. Manr, Blackwell Synergy
1117 Disparity in Orthodontic Utilization and Treatment Need Among High School Students 2004 Suchitra Nelson, PhD; Vidya Armogan, DDS, MSD; Yumi Abei, DDS, MSD; B. Holly Broadbent, DDS, Mark Ha Blackwell Synergy
1118 Predictors of Tooth Loss in Two US Adult Populations 2004 Lynn B. Copeland, DMD; Elizabeth A. Krall, PhD, MPH; L. Jackson Brown, DDS, PhD, Raul 1. Garcia, DMD Blackwell Synergy
1119 Primary Tooth Fluorosis and Amoxicillin Use During Infancy 2004 Liang Hong, DDS, MS; Steven M. Levy, DDS, MPH; John J. Warren, DDS, MS; George R. Bergus, MD, MA, De Blackwell Synergy
1120 Problems in Exposure Assessment of Fluoride in Drinking Water 2004 Elise 6. Bassln, DMD, DMSc; Murray A. Mlttleman, MD, DrPH; David Wypij, PhD, Kaumudi Joshipura, BDS, Blackwell Synergy
1121 An Examination of the Dental Utilization Practices of Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer: a Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study 2004 Mark W. Yeazel, MD, MPH; James G. Gurney, PhD; Kevin C. Oeffinger, MD; Pauline A. Mitby, MPH, Ann C. Blackwell Synergy
1122 Institutional Barriers to Providing Oral Health Services for Underserved Populations in New York City 2004 Chlix Ramos-Rodriguez, DMD; Mark D. Schwartz, MD; Vincent Rogers, DDS, MPH; Victor Alos, DDS Blackwell Synergy
1123 Spin ! B : Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing (Audiocassette) 2003 Genevieve J. Kocienda Pearson Education - USA
1124 Spin ! C : Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing (Audiocassette) 2003 Diane Pinkley and Geneveive J. Kocienda Pearson Education - USA
1125 Spin ! F : Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing (Audiocassette) 2003 Diane Pinkley Pearson Education - USA
1126 Going for Gold : Upper Intermediate Coursebook (Cassette1&2) 2003 Richard ACklam and Araminta Crace Pearson Education Limited - USA
1127 Spin ! D : Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing 2003 Diane Pinkley and Genevieve J. Kocienda Pearson Education
1128 Spin ! E : Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing 2003 Diane Pinkley Pearson Education
1129 Market Leader : Elementary Business English Practice File Cassette 2003 John Roger Longman
1130 Spin ! A : Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing 2003 Genevieve J. Kacienda Longman, Pearson Education
1131 Color Atlas of Physiology 2003 Agamemnon Despopoulos et al. Thieme
1132 The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks 2003 THE MIT PRESS
1133 Professional Learning in Nursing 2003 Jenny Spouse Blackwell Publishing
1134 A hidden periodontitis epidemic during the 20th century? 2003 Hujoel PP, Bergstro¨m J, del Aguila MA, DeRouen TA Blackwell Synergy
1135 Applicability of an abbreviated version of the oral impacts on daily performances (OIDP) scale for use among Tanzanian students 2003 Masalu JR, A° Blackwell Synergy
1136 Atraumatic perspectives of ART: psychological and physiological aspects of treatment with and without rotary instruments 2003 Schriks MCM, van Amerongen WE. Blackwell Synergy
1137 The emergence of permanent teeth in Flemish children 2003 Leroy R, Bogaerts K, Lesaffre E, Declerck D. Blackwell Synergy
1138 Trauma-related phenomena in anxious dental patients 2003 de Jongh A, Aartman IHA, Brand N. Blackwell Synergy
1139 Risk indicators for apical periodontitis 2003 Kirkevang L-L, Wenzel A. Blackwell Synergy
1140 Exposure to fluoridated drinking water and dental caries experience in Australian army recruits, 1996 2003 Hopcraft MS, Morgan MV. Blackwell Synergy
1141 Oral and general health-related quality of life with conventional and implant dentures 2003 Heydecke G, Locker D, Awad MA, Lund JP, Feine JS Blackwell Synergy
1142 Cost-effectiveness of different caries preventive measures in a high-risk population of Swedish adolescents 2003 Oscarson N, Ka¨llesta° l C, Fjelddahl A, Lindholm L. Blackwell Synergy
1143 The self-assessed oral health status of individuals from White, Indian, Chinese and Black Caribbean communities in South-east England 2003 Newton JT, Corrigan M, Gibbons DE, Locker D.. Blackwell Synergy
1144 Relative Effects of Pre- and Posteruption Water Fluoride on Caries Experience of Permanent First Molars 2003 K. A. Singh, BDS, GDPH, PhD; A. John Spencer, MDSc, MPH, PhD; J. M. Armfield, BA Blackwell Synergy
1145 A comparison of dental health care attitudes in the Netherlands in 1985, 1995, and 2001 2003 Bos A, Hoogstraten J, Prahl-Andersen, B. Blackwell Synergy
1146 Factors Influencing the Effect of Race on Established Periodontitis Prevalence 2003 Luisa N. Borrell, DDS, PhD, MPH; Brian A. Burt, BDS, MPH, PhD; Brenda W. Gillespie, MS, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
1147 Caries and micronutrient intake among urban South African children: a cohort study 2003 MacKeown JM, Cleaton-Jones PE, Fatti P. Blackwell Synergy
1148 Fluoride intake from foods, beverages and dentifrice by children in Mexico 2003 Martı´nez-Mier EA, Soto-Rojas AE, Uren˜ a-Cirett JL, Stookey GK, Dunipace A Blackwell Synergy
1149 A National Survey of the Oral Health Status of Homeless Veterans 2003 Gretchen Gibson, DDS, MPH; Robert Rosenheck, MD; John B. Tullner, DDS, FICD; Blackwell Synergy
1150 Early Childhood Caries-related Visits to Hospitals for Ambulatory Surgery in New York State 2003 Sangeeta Wadhawan, BDS, MPH; Jayanth V. Kumar, DDS, MPH; Victor M. Badner, DMD, MPH; Blackwell Synergy

Number of items : 1840
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