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1051 Periodontal epidemiology: towards social science or molecular biology? 2004 Baelum V, Lopez R. Blackwell Synergy
1052 Dental fear in adults: a meta-analysis of behavioral interventions 2004 Kvale G, Berggren U, Milgrom P. Blackwell Synergy
1053 An ecological study of caries experience, school performance and material deprivation in 5-year-old state primary school children 2004 Muirhead V, Marcenes W. Blackwell Synergy
1054 Can nonstandardized bitewing radiographs be used to assess the presence of alveolar bone loss in epidemiologic studies? 2004 Merchant AT, Pitiphat W, Parker J, Joshipura K, Kellerman M, Douglass CW. Blackwell Synergy
1055 Caries decline in the primary dentition of Belgian children over 15 years 2004 Carvalho JC, D’Hoore W, Van Nieuwenhuysen JP. Blackwell Synergy
1056 Consumption of nonpublic water: implications for children’s caries experience 2004 Armfield JM, Spencer AJ. Blackwell Synergy
1057 Complete dentures and oral health-related quality of life – do coping styles matter? 2004 Heydecke G, Tedesco LA, Kowalski C, Inglehart MR Blackwell Synergy
1058 Reported bruxism and biopsychosocial symptoms: a longitudinal study 2004 Ahlberg J, Savolainen A, Rantala M, Lindholm H, Ko¨no¨nen M. Blackwell Synergy
1059 A follow-up study of the use of DIAGNOdent for monitoring fissure caries in children 2004 Anttonen V, Seppa¨ L, Hausen H. Blackwell Synergy
1060 Effective use of fluorides for the prevention of dental caries in the 21st century: the WHO approach 2004 Petersen PE, Lennon MA Blackwell Synergy
1061 Caries management for institutionalized elders using fluoride and chlorhexidine mouthrinses 2004 Wyatt CCL, MacEntee MI. Blackwell Synergy
1062 Race/ethnicity and untreated dental caries: the impact of material and behavioral factors 2004 Reid BC, Hyman JJ, Macek MD. Blackwell Synergy
1063 Socioeconomic inequalities in oral health in childhood and adulthood in a birth cohort 2004 Thomson WM, Poulton R, Milne BJ, Caspi A, Broughton JR, Ayers KMS. Blackwell Synergy
1064 Perception of general and oral health in White and African American adults: assessing the effect of neighborhood socioeconomic conditions1 2004 Borrell LN, Taylor GW, Borgnakke WS, Woolfolk MW, Nyquist LV. Blackwell Synergy
1065 Changes in dental status over 10 years in 80-year-old people: a prospective cohort study 2004 Ha¨ma¨la¨inen P, Meurman JH, Keskinen M, Heikkinen E. Blackwell Synergy
1066 Preventing tobacco use in Norwegian dental practice 2004 Lund M, Lund KE, Rise J. Blackwell Synergy
1067 Recurrent herpes labialis in US children and youth 2004 Shulman JD. Blackwell Synergy
1068 A comparison of a computerbased questionnaire and personal interviews in determining oral health-related behaviours 2004 Chestnutt IG, Morgan MZ, Hoddell C, Playle R. Blackwell Synergy
1069 Assessment of different methods for diagnosing dental caries in epidemiological surveys 2004 Assaf AV, Meneghim MC, Zanin L, Mialhe FL, Pereira AC, Ambrosano GMB. Blackwell Synergy
1070 Relative effects of pre- and post-eruption water fluoride on caries experience by surface type of permanent first molars 2004 Singh KA, Spencer AJ. Blackwell Synergy
1071 Influence of perceived provider performance on satisfaction with oral health care among adolescents 2004 Okullo I, A ° strøm AN, Haugejorden O. Blackwell Synergy
1072 Children’s coping with pain during dental care 2004 Versloot J, Veerkamp JSJ, Hoogstraten J, Martens LC. Blackwell Synergy
1073 Dental caries experience in children with congenital heart disease: a case-control study 2004 C. STECKSÉN-BLICKS, A. RYDBERG, L. NYMAN, S. ASPLUND, & C. SVANBERG Paediatric Dentistry
1074 Aetiology, diagnosis and treatment of posterior cross-bites in the primary dentition 2004 M. MALANDRIS & E. K. MAHONEY Paediatric Dentistry
1075 Fluoride, calcium and magnesium intake in children living in a high-fluoride area in Ethiopia. Intake through food 2004 M. K. MALDE, L. ZERIHUN, K. JULSHAMN, & K. BJORVATN Paediatric Dentistry
1076 Lead levels in primary teeth of children living in Mexico City 2004 J. C. HERNÁNDEZ-GUERRERO, M. D. JIMÉNEZ-FARFÁN, R. BELMONT, C. LEDESMA-MONTE Paediatric Dentistry
1077 Comparison of the efficacy of chemomechanical caries removal (Carisolvâ„¢) with that of conventional excavation in reducing the cariogenic flora 2004 B. AZRAK, A. CALLAWAY, A. GRUNDHEBER, E. STENDER, & B. WILLERSHAUSEN Paediatric Dentistry
1078 Dental anxiety in a students’ paediatric dental clinic: children, parents and students 2004 BENJAMIN PERETZ, YARON NAZARIAN, & ENRIQUE BIMSTEIN Paediatric Dentistry
1079 Effect of diode laser and fluoride varnish on initial surface demineralization of primary dentition enamel: an in vitro study 2004 M. R. L. A. SANTAELLA, A. BRAUN, E. MATSON, & M. FRENTZEN Paediatric Dentistry
1080 Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Herbal medicine induced Stevens–Johnson syndrome: a case report 2004 A. D. CHOWDHURY, M. ODA, A. F. MARKUS, T. KIRITA, & C. R. CHOUDHURY Paediatric Dentistry
1081 Floating–Harbor Syndrome: case report and craniofacial phenotype characterization 2004 M. S. DE BENEDETTO, F. M. MENDES, S. HIRATA, R. O. GUARÉ, A. S. HADDAD, & A. L. CIAMPONI Paediatric Dentistry
1082 Recurrent aphthous ulcers in Fanconi’s anaemia: a case report 2004 FEYZA OTAN, GOKHAN AÇIKGÖZ, UMUR SAKALLIO, & BURCU ÖZKAN Paediatric Dentistry
1083 Intentional replantation of an immature permanent lower incisor because of a refractory peri-apical lesion: case report and 5-year follow-up 2004 S. SHINTANI, M. TSUJI, S. TOYOSAWA, & T. OOSHIMA Paediatric Dentistry
1084 Book Review 2004 Dyd Samarawickrama Paediatric Dentistry
1085 The modulating effect of culture on the expression of dental anxiety in children: a literature review 2004 M. O. FOLAYAN, E. E. IDEHEN, & O. O. OJO Paediatric Dentistry
1086 Special Care Dentistry: attitudes of Specialists in Paediatric Dentistry practising in the UK to the creation of a new specialty 2004 M. L. HUNTER, B. HUNTER, S. A. THOMPSON, & W. S. MCLAUGHLIN Paediatric Dentistry
1087 The effects of diet, breast-feeding and weaning on caries risk for pre-term and low birth weight children 2004 E. S. DAVENPORT, C. LITENAS, P. BARBAYIANNIS & C. E. S. WILLIAMS Paediatric Dentistry
1088 Fluoride content in bottled waters, juices and carbonated soft drinks in Mexico City, Mexico 2004 M. D. JIMÉNEZ-FARFÁN, J. C. HERNÁNDEZ-GUERRERO, J. P. LOYOLA-RODRÍGUE Paediatric Dentistry
1089 Fluid for thought: availability of drinks in primary and secondary schools in Cardiff, UK 2004 M. L. HUNTER, I. G. CHESTNUTT, S. M. EVANS & A. C. WITHECOMBE Paediatric Dentistry
1090 Microleakage assessment of pit and fissure sealant with and without the use of pumice prophylaxis 2004 G. ANSARI, K. OLOOMI, & B. ESLAMI Paediatric Dentistry
1091 Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome: a review of the literature and a report of a case 2004 G. BAKAEEN, L. D. RAJAB, F. A. SAWAIR, M. A. M. HAMDAN, & N. D. DALLAL Paediatric Dentistry
1092 Papillon–Lefèvre syndrome: a report of two cases 2004 S. PATEL & L. E. DAVIDSON Paediatric Dentistry
1093 Talon cusp associated with other dental anomalies: a case report 2004 J. K. DASH, P. K. SAHOO & S. N. DAS Paediatric Dentistry
1094 Defective enamel ultrastructure in diabetic rodents 2004 M. ATAR, D. R. ATAR-ZWILLENBERG, P. VERRY, & U. M. SPORNITZ Paediatric Dentistry
1095 Changes in aspects of children’s oral-health-related quality of life following dental treatment under general anaesthesia 2004 H. K. ANDERSON, B. K. DRUMMOND & W. M. THOMSON Paediatric Dentistry
1096 Social inequalities in oral health and in use of oral health care services among adolescents in Uganda 2004 I. OKULLO, A. N. ÅSTRØM, & O. HAUGEJORDEN Paediatric Dentistry
1097 Dental caries experience and its relationship to social and behavioural factors among 3–5-year-old children in Uganda 2004 S. N. KIWANUKA, A. N. ÅSTRØM, & T. A. TROVIK Paediatric Dentistry
1098 Attitudes of Saudi Arabian mothers towards the digit-sucking habit in children 2004 A. AL-JOBAIR & S. E. S. AL-EMRAN Paediatric Dentistry
1099 Dental treatment for children with chronic idiopathic thrombocytopaenic purpura: a report of two cases 2004 B. VAISMAN, A. C. MEDINA & G. RAMIREZ Paediatric Dentistry
1100 Regional odontodysplasia: a review of the literature and report of a case 2004 MAHMOUD A. HAMDAN, FALEH A. SAWAIR, LAMIS D. RAJAB, AHMAD M. HAMDAN, & IYAD KH. AL-OMARI Paediatric Dentistry

Number of items : 1840
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