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951 Takayasu’s arteritis: what should the dentist know? 2005 C. DUQUE, R. C. SILVA & L. SANTOS-PINTO Paediatric Dentistry
952 Oral lichen planus in childhood: a report of three cases 2005 S. PATEL, C. M. YEOMAN, & R. MURPHY Paediatric Dentistry
953 Tooth development included in the multifocal jaw lesions of langerhans cell histiocytosis 2005 T. MITOMI, M. TOMIZAWA & T. NODA Paediatric Dentistry
954 The dental management of a patient with hyperimmunoglobulinemia E syndrome: a case report 2005 N. J. MCAULIFFE, M. L. HUNTER, C. H. KAU, B. HUNTER & J. KNOX Paediatric Dentistry
955 Sturge–Weber syndrome in a 6-year-old girl 2005 D. E. C. PEREZ, J. S. PEREIRA NETO, E. GRANER, & M. A. LOPES Paediatric Dentistry
956 Eczema herpeticum: a case report 2005 M. S. KHAN, L. SHAW, V. CLARK, & Z. AFZAL Paediatric Dentistry
957 Noonan syndrome with giant cell lesions 2005 S. M. G. LEE, & J. C. COOPER Paediatric Dentistry
958 Danish dentists’ knowledge, attitudes and management of procedural dental pain in children: association with demographic characteristics, structural factors, perceived stress during the administration of local analgesia and their toleranc 2005 J. K. RASMUSSEN, J. A. FREDERIKSEN, ANNA-LENA HALLONSTEN, & SVEN POULSEN Paediatric Dentistry
959 A study to assess the validity of clinical judgement in determining paediatric dental anxiety and related outcomes of management 2005 R. D. HOLMES & N. M. GIRDLER Paediatric Dentistry
960 Dental emergencies presenting to a university-based paediatric dentistry clinic in the West Indies 2005 R. S. NAIDU, D. BOODOO, T. PERCIVAL, & J. T. NEWTON Paediatric Dentistry
961 Prevalence of cleft lip and palate in a hospital-based population in the Sudan 2005 A. M. SULEIMAN, S. T. HAMZAH, M. A. ABUSALAB, & K. T. SAMAAN Paediatric Dentistry
962 Eating habits, smoking and toothbrushing in relation to dental caries: a 3-year study in Swedish female teenagers 2005 K. BRUNO-AMBROSIUS, G. SWANHOLM, & S. TWETMAN Paediatric Dentistry
963 Primary care research: difficulties recruiting preschool children to clinical trials 2005 B. L. CHADWICK & E. T. TREASURE Paediatric Dentistry
964 Acid-etched and Erbium:Yttrium Aluminium Garnet laser-treated enamel for fissure sealants: a comparison of microleakage 2005 J. MOSHONOV, A. STABHOLZ, D. ZYSKIND, E. SHARLIN, & B. PERETZ Paediatric Dentistry
965 Maxillary premolar resorption by canines: three case reports 2005 M. E. COOKE & S. J. NUTE Paediatric Dentistry
966 Meningococcal septicaemia and dental complications: a literature review and two case reports 2005 S. FAIBIS, R. WIDMER, S. SAPIR, B. PERETZ, & J. SHAPIRA Paediatric Dentistry
967 Kartagener’s syndrome: unusual dental morphology 2005 S. J. MERRETT & P. DURNING Paediatric Dentistry
968 Peutz–Jeghers syndrome in a 14-year-old boy: case report and review of the literature 2005 C. M. PEREIRA, R. D. COLETTA, J. JORGE, & M. A. LOPES Paediatric Dentistry
969 Tribute to Ruth Holt 2005 Hugo A. Furze Paediatric Dentistry
970 Scanning electron micrograph analysis of hypomineralized enamel in permanent first molars 2005 B. JÄLEVIK, W. DIETZ, & J. G. NORÉN Paediatric Dentistry
971 Treatment outcomes for adolescent ectodermal dysplasia patients treated with dental implants 2005 I. P. SWEENEY, J. W. FERGUSON, J. W. FERGUSON, & J. O. LUCAS Paediatric Dentistry
972 Dental erosion in 12-year-old schoolchildren: a crosssectional study in Southern Brazil 2005 K. G. PERES, M. F. ARMÊNIO, M. A. PERES, J. TRAEBERT, & J. T. DE LACERDA Paediatric Dentistry
973 Oral health of southern Chinese children and adolescents with severe hypodontia 2005 A. T. Y. WONG, C. MCGRATH & A. S. MCMILLAN Paediatric Dentistry
974 Bond strengths of eight contemporary adhesives to enamel and to dentine: an in vitro study on bovine primary teeth 2005 R. ATASH & A. VAN DEN ABBEELE Paediatric Dentistry
975 Sealant and composite bond strength to enamel with antibacterial/self-etching adhesives 2005 N. EMINKAHYAGIL, S. GOKALP, Y. KORKMAZ, M. BASEREN, & E. KARABULUT Paediatric Dentistry
976 Restoration of severely decayed primary incisors using indirect composite resin restoration technique 2005 C. MOTISUKI, L. SANTOS-PINTO & E. M. A. GIRO Paediatric Dentistry
977 Oral pemphigus vulgaris in children and adolescents: a review of the literature and a case report 2005 A. ARIYAWARDANA, W. M. TILAKARATNE, M. DISSANAYAKE, N. VITANAARACHCHI, L. K. BASNAYAKE, M. A. M. SI Paediatric Dentistry
978 Gingival fibromatosis and significant tooth eruption delay in an 11-year-old male: a 30-month follow-up 2005 K. KAVVADIA, E. PEPELASSI, C. ALEXANDRIDIS, A. ARKADOPOULOU, G. POLYZOIS, & K. TOSSIOS Paediatric Dentistry
979 Abstracts from other journals 2005 Paddy Paediatric Dentistry
980 Injuries to the head, face, mouth and neck in physically abused children in a community setting 2005 A. M. CAIRNS, J. Y. Q. MOK, & R. R. WELBURY Paediatric Dentistry
981 An investigation of language used by children to describe discomfort expected and experienced during dental treatment 2005 K. HARMAN, S. LINDSAY, A. ADEWAMI, & P. SMITH Paediatric Dentistry
982 Factors associated with active white enamel lesions 2005 M. Â. F. FERREIRA & N. S. MENDES Paediatric Dentistry
983 Epidermolysis bullosa and dental developmental age 2005 H. M. LIVERSIDGE, A. KOSMIDOU, M. P. HECTOR, & G. J. ROBERTS Paediatric Dentistry
984 Microtensile adhesion of sealants to intact enamel 2005 J. PERDIGÃO, J. W. FUNDINGSLAND, S. DUARTE JR, & M. LOPES Paediatric Dentistry
985 The effect of an intermediate layer of flowable composite resin on microleakage in packable composite restorations 2005 D. ZISKIND, I. ADELL, E. TEPEROVICH, & B. PERETZ Paediatric Dentistry
986 Orthodontic management of orofacial problems in young people with impairments: review of the literature and case reports 2005 R. S. HOBSON, J. H. NUNN, & I. COZMA Paediatric Dentistry
987 Witkop tooth and nail syndrome: a case report 2005 S. DEVADAS, B. VARMA, J. MUNGARA, T. JOSEPH, & T. R. SARASWATHI Paediatric Dentistry
988 A case of Tourette syndrome presenting with oral self-injurious behaviour 2005 E. LEKSELL, & S. EDVARDSON Paediatric Dentistry
989 External cervical resorption of a primary canine 2005 H. D. RODD, S. NAIK, & G. T. CRAIG Paediatric Dentistry
990 Enamel hypoplasia of the primary dentition in a 4-year-old with intestinal lymphangiectasia 2005 P. ARROW Paediatric Dentistry
991 Cyclosporin-induced gingival overgrowth in children 2005 G. WRIGHT, R. R. WELBURY & M. T. HOSEY Paediatric Dentistry
992 Dental fluorosis in primary teeth: a study in rural schoolchildren in Shaanxi Province, China 2005 J. P. RUAN, Z. L. WANG, Z. Q. YANG, A. BÅRDSEN, A. N. ÅSTRØM, & K. BJORV Paediatric Dentistry
993 Dental caries and associated factors in 12-year-old schoolchildren in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India 2005 J. DAVID, N. J. WANG, A. N. ÅSTRØM, & S. KURIAKOSE Paediatric Dentistry
994 Magic trick: a behavioural strategy for the management of strong-willed children 2005 B. PERETZ, & G. GLUCK Paediatric Dentistry
995 Assessment of a novel alternative to conventional formocresol-zinc oxide eugenol pulpotomy for the treatment of pulpally involved human primary teeth: diode laser-mineral trioxide aggregate pulpotomy 2005 B. SALTZMAN, M. SIGAL, C. CLOKIE, J. RUKAVINA, K. TITLEY & G. V. KULKARNI Paediatric Dentistry
996 Reasons for and parental satisfaction with children’s dental care under general anaesthesia 2005 N. SAVANHEIMO, M. M. VEHKALAHTI, A. PIHAKARI & M. NUMMINEN Paediatric Dentistry
997 Hypodontia in an adolescent with the HbSC genotype: a case report 2005 F. A. OREDUGBA Paediatric Dentistry
998 Dental anomalies in Axenfeld–Rieger syndrome 2005 E. M. O’DWYER & D. C. JONES Paediatric Dentistry
999 An unusual distribution of supplemental teeth in the primary dentition 2005 A. ROBERTS, S. T. BARLOW, M. M. COLLARD & M. L. HUNTER Paediatric Dentistry
1000 Staple diet: a foreign body in a tooth 2005 N. MCAULIFFE, N. A. DRAGE & B. HUNTER Paediatric Dentistry

Number of items : 1840
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