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851 The Views of Dentists, Nurses and Nutritionists on the Association Between Diabetes and Periodontal Disease: A Qualitative Study in a Latino Community 2006 Anne Koerber, DDS, PhD; Karen E. Peters, DrPH; Linda M. Kaste, DDS, PhD; Esther Lopez, BS; Blackwell Synergy
852 Healthy Smiles Healthy Growth 2004 - Basic Screening Survey of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Children in Illinois 2006 Sherri M. Lukes, RDH, MS; Sangeeta Wadhawan, BDS, MPH, Lewis N. Lampiris, DDS, MPH Blackwell Synergy
853 Innovations Pre-Intermediate 2005 Hug Dellar and Andrew Walkley Thomson ELT
854 Nasic Marketting : a Global-Managerial Approach 2005 Perreault, Wlliam D
855 Interpreting Chest X - Rays : Illustrated With 100 Cases 2005 Philip Eng et al. Cambridge University Press
856 EGC Notes : Interpretation and Management Guide 2005 Shirley A. Jones F.A. Davis Company
857 Total fluoride intake in children aged 22–35 months in four Colombian cities 2005 Franco A ´ M, Martignon S, Saldarriaga A, Gonza´lez MC, Arbela´ez MI, Ocampo Blackwell Synergy
858 Response rate and nonresponse bias in a questionnaire survey of dentists 2005 Parashos P, Morgan MV, Messer HH Blackwell Synergy
859 Relationships between lifestyle and dental health behaviors in a rural population in Japan 2005 Harada S, Akhter R, Kurita K, Mori M, Hoshikoshi M, Tamashiro H, Morita M. Blackwell Synergy
860 The social determinants of oral health: new approaches to conceptualizing and researching complex causal networks 2005 Newton JT, Bower EJ. Blackwell Synergy
861 Risk indicators for oral candidiasis and oral hairy leukoplakia in HIV-infected adults 2005 Chattopadhyay A, Caplan DJ, Slade GD, Shugars DC, Tien H-C, Patton LL. Blackwell Synergy
862 Assessment of risk factors for oral leukoplakia in West Virginia 2005 Fisher MA, Bouquot JE, Shelton BJ Blackwell Synergy
863 Social and biological early life influences on severity of dental caries in children aged 6 years 2005 Peres MA, Latorre MRDO, Sheiham A, Peres KGA, Barros FC, Hernandez PG, Blackwell Synergy
864 Changes over 5 years in utilization of dental care by a Swedish age cohort 2005 Sta°hlnacke K, So¨derfeldt B, Unell L, Halling A, Axtelius B. Blackwell Synergy
865 Antidepressant xerogenic medications and restoration rates 2005 Rindal DB, Rush WA, Peters D, Maupome´ G. Blackwell Synergy
866 Improving the oral health of older people: the approach of the WHO Global Oral Health Programme 2005 Petersen PE, Yamamoto T. Blackwell Synergy
867 The life course approach: explaining the association between height and dental caries in Brazilian adolescents 2005 Nicolau B, Marcenes W, Allison P, Sheiham A. Blackwell Synergy
868 Oral white patches in a national sample of medical HIV patients in the era of HAART 2005 Marcus M, Maida CA, Freed JR, Younai F, Coulter ID, Der-Martirosian C, Liu H, Blackwell Synergy
869 Validation of a Chinese version of the Dental Anxiety Inventory 2005 Ng SKS, Stouthard MEA, Leung WK. Blackwell Synergy
870 Effectiveness of health care worker training on the oral health of elderly residents of nursing homes 2005 Nicol R, Sweeney MP, McHugh S, Bagg J. Blackwell Synergy
871 Cross-cultural validation of a short form of the Oral Health Impact Profile for temporomandibular disorders 2005 Segu` M, Collesano V, Lobbia S, Rezzani C. Blackwell Synergy
872 Dentist–assistant communication style: perceived gender differences in The Netherlands and Northern Ireland 2005 Gorter RC, Freeman R. Blackwell Synergy
873 Development and validation of the Manchester orofacial pain disability scale 2005 Aggarwal VR, Lunt M, Zakrzewska JM, Macfarlane GJ, Macfarlane TV. Blackwell Synergy
874 Factors related to satisfaction with dental care among 23-year olds in Norway 2005 Skaret E, Berg E, Raadal M, Kvale G. Blackwell Synergy
875 Use of the Significant Caries Index in quantifying the changes in caries in Switzerland from 1964 to 2000 2005 Marthaler T, Menghini G, Steiner M. Blackwell Synergy
876 The association between tooth loss and the self-reported intake of selected CVD-related nutrients and foods among US women 2005 Hung H-C, Colditz G, Joshipura KJ. Blackwell Synergy
877 Dental trauma and its association with anatomic, behavioral, and social variables among fifth and sixth grade schoolchildren in Jerusalem 2005 Sgan-Cohen HD, Megnagi G, Jacobi Y. Blackwell Synergy
878 The role of dentist, practice and patient factors in the provision of dental services 2005 Brennan DS, Spencer AJ. Blackwell Synergy
879 The Children’s Fear Survey Schedule–Dental Subscale in Japan 2005 Nakai Y, Hirakawa T, Milgrom P, Coolidge T, Heima M, Mori Y, Ishihara C, Blackwell Synergy
880 What do children’s global ratings of oral health and well-being measure? 2005 Jokovic A, Locker D, Guyatt G. Blackwell Synergy
881 Comparison of radiographic and clinical diagnosis of approximal and occlusal dental caries in a young adult population 2005 Hopcraft MS, Morgan MV. Blackwell Synergy
882 Routine oral examination: differences in characteristics of Dutch general dental practitioners related to type of recall interval 2005 Mettes TG, Bruers JJM, van der Sanden WJM, Verdonschot EH, Mulder J, Grol Blackwell Synergy
883 A follow-up study of patients with subjective symptoms related to dental materials 2005 Lygre GB, Gjerdet NR, Bjo¨rkman L. Blackwell Synergy
884 Concepts of risk in dental public health 2005 Burt BA. Blackwell Synergy
885 The complex oral microflora of high-risk individuals and groups and its role in the caries process 2005 Beighton D. Blackwell Synergy
886 Cariogram – a multifactorial risk assessment model for a multifactorial disease 2005 Bratthall D, Ha¨nsel Petersson G. Blackwell Synergy
887 Caries risk assessment: methods available to clinicians for caries detection 2005 Tranæus S, Shi X-Q, Angmar-Ma°nsson B. Blackwell Synergy
888 Sociobehavioural risk factors in dental caries – international perspectives 2005 Petersen PE. Blackwell Synergy
889 Discrepancies between self-ratings of and satisfaction with oral health in two older adult populations 2005 Locker D, Gibson B. Blackwell Synergy
890 Psychometric properties of the Revised Dental Beliefs Survey 2005 Coolidge T, Heima M, Coldwell SE, Weinstein P, Milgrom P. Blackwell Synergy
891 An assessment of teenagers’ perceptions of dental fluorosis using digital simulation and web-based testing 2005 Edwards M, Macpherson LMD, Simmons DR, Gilmour WH, Stephen KW. Blackwell Synergy
892 Psychometric properties of the Brazilian version of the Oral Health Impact Profile–short form 2005 de Oliveira BH, Nadanovsky P.
893 Fluoride exposure from ingested toothpaste in 4–5-year-old Malaysian children 2005 Tan BS, Razak IA. Blackwell Synergy
894 Oral health-related quality of life for 8–10-year-old children: an assessment of a new measure 2005 Humphris G, Freeman R, Gibson B, Simpson K, Whelton H. Blackwell Synergy
895 Caries experience in the primary dentition among French 6-yearolds between 1991 and 2000 2005 Adam C, Eid A, Riordan PJ, Wolikow M, Cohen F. Blackwell Synergy
896 Periodontal health and oral mucosal lesions as related to occupational exposure to acid mists 2005 Vianna MIP, Santana VS, McKelvey W. Blackwell Synergy
897 Evidence for putting the calculus: caries inverse relationship to work 2005 Duckworth RM, Huntington E. Blackwell Synergy
898 Reliability and validity of the Modified Dental Anxiety Scale (MDAS) in a Turkish population 2005 Tunc EP, Firat D, Onur OD, Sar V. Blackwell Synergy
899 Discrimination of functional capacity for oral hygiene in elderly Spanish people by the Barthel General Index 2005 Ruiz-Medina P, Bravo M, Gil-Montoya JA, Montero J. Blackwell Synergy
900 Childhood circumstances, psychosocial factors and the social impact of adult oral health 2005 Sanders AE, Spencer AJ. Blackwell Synergy

Number of items : 1840
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