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751 Differences in methodologies of measuring the prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in children and adolescents 2006 D. L. C. FURLANETTO, A. CRIGHTON, & G. V. A. TOPPING IAPD and Blackwell
752 An oral health education programme based on the National Curriculum 2006 A. CHAPMAN, S. J. COPESTAKE & K. DUNCAN IAPD and Blackwell
753 The frequency of repeat general anaesthesia for teeth extractions in children 2006 S. S. ALBADRI, F. D. JARAD, G. T. LEE, & I. C. MACKIE IAPD and Blackwell
754 Clinical performance of resin-bonded composite strip crowns in primary incisors: a retrospective study 2006 D. RAM & A. B. FUKS IAPD and Blackwell
755 An unusual complication of mandibular distraction 2006 S. Y. PARASHAR, P. J. ANDERSON & D. J. DAVID IAPD and Blackwell
756 Periostitis ossificans (Garrè’s osteomyelitis) radiographic study of two cases 2006 S. K. KANNAN, G. SANDHYA & R. SELVARANI IAPD and Blackwell
757 Focal epithelial hyperplasia (Heck’s disease): report of a case in a girl of Brazilian Indian descent 2006 W. D. MARTINS, A. A. S. DE LIMA & S. VIEIRA IAPD and Blackwell
758 Capnocytophaga in the dental plaque of immunocompromised children with cancer 2006 J. L. SIXOU, A. AUBRY-LEULIETTE, O. DE MEDEIROS-BATTISTA, S. LEJEUNE, A. JOLIVET-GOUGEON, H. SOLHI-P Paediatric Dentistry
759 A sociodental approach to assessing dental needs of children: concept and models 2006 S. GHERUNPONG, G. TSAKOS & A. SHEIHAM Paediatric Dentistry
760 A survey of specialist paediatric dental services in Sweden: results from 2003, and trends since 1983 2006 G. KLINGBERG, G. DAHLLÖF, A.-L. ERLANDSSON, M. GRINDEFJORD, U. HALLSTRÖM-STALI Paediatric Dentistry
761 Sociodemographic and behavioural correlates of severe dental fluorosis 2006 F. WONDWOSSEN, A. N. ÅSTRØM, K. BJORVATN,& A. BÅRDSEN Paediatric Dentistry
762 Mixed dentition space analysis in a Jordanian population: comparison of two methods 2006 E. S. J. ABU ALHAIJA, & M. A. QUDEIMAT Paediatric Dentistry
763 Fluoride content of bottled waters available in Northern Greece 2006 V. AHIROPOULOS Paediatric Dentistry
764 Is there life after Buckley’s Formocresol? Part I – A narrative review of alternative interventions and materials 2006 V. SRINIVASAN, C. L. PATCHETT, & P. J. WATERHOUSE Paediatric Dentistry
765 Solitary median maxillary central incisor and normal stature: a report of three cases 2006 S. Y. CHO, & B. K. DRUMMOND Paediatric Dentistry
766 Dental abscess in a tooth with intact dens evaginatus 2006 S. Y. CHO Paediatric Dentistry
767 Dental findings of a child with Wolf–Hirschhorn syndrome 2006 N. J. JOHNSTON & D. L. FRANKLIN Paediatric Dentistry
768 Sotos syndrome with hypodontia 2006 A. P. CALLANAN, P. ANAND & E. C. SHEEHY Paediatric Dentistry
769 Dental follicle infection following a dog bite 2006 G. WRIGHT, M. L. MUIR, R. BRYAN, A. J. SMITH, & M. T. HOSEY Paediatric Dentistry
770 The relationship between caries in the primary dentition at 5 years of age and permanent dentition at 10 years of age – a longitudinal study 2006 M. S. SKEIE, M. RAADAL, G. V. STRAND, & I. ESPELID Paediatric Dentistry
771 Blackwell Publishing Ltd Clinical randomized controlled trial of chemomechanical caries removal (Carisolv™) 2006 M. A. LOZANO-CHOURIO, O. ZAMBRANO, H. GONZÁLEZ, & M. QUERO Paediatric Dentistry
772 Pattern of fluid consumption in a sample of Saudi Arabian adolescents aged 12–13 years 2006 L. L. BELLO & N. AL-HAMMAD Paediatric Dentistry
773 Erosive effect of an antihistamine-containing syrup on primary enamel and its reduction by fluoride dentifrice 2006 C. C. COSTA, I. C. S. ALMEIDA, & L. C. COSTA FILHO Paediatric Dentistry
774 Periodontal treatment need of the 6th-grade Jordanian pupils 2006 A. A. HAMASHA, & Z. ALBASHAIREH Paediatric Dentistry
775 Total antioxidant levels of saliva in children related to caries, age, and gender 2006 O. TULUNOGLU, S. DEMIRTAS, & I. TULUNOGLU Paediatric Dentistry
776 The effect of different milk formulas on dental plaque pH 2006 A. DANCHAIVIJITR, S. NAKORNCHAI, B. THAWEEBOON, P. LEELATAWEEWUD, A. PHONGHANYUDH, C. KIATPRAJAK,& R Paediatric Dentistry
777 Is there life after Buckley’s formocresol? Part II – Development of a protocol for the management of extensive caries in the primary molar 2006 V. SRINIVASAN, C. L. PATCHETT, & P. J. WATERHOUSE Paediatric Dentistry
778 Hurler’s syndrome: dental findings in a case treated with bone marrow transplantation in infancy 2006 E. J. HINGSTON, M. L. HUNTER, B. HUNTER, & N. DRAGE Paediatric Dentistry
779 A case of Coffin–Lowry syndrome with premature exfoliation of primary teeth 2006 K. IGARI, Y. HOZUMI, Y. MONMA, & H. MAYANAGI Paediatric Dentistry
780 Apert syndrome with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency: a case report 2006 G. TOSUN & Y. SENER Paediatric Dentistry
781 Kabuki syndrome: oral and general features seen in a 2-year-old Chinese boy 2006 M. ATAR, W. LEE, & D. O’DONNELL Paediatric Dentistry
782 Mandibular first and second molar tooth transposition: a case report 2006 J. E. R. GRANT, N. ABU MEZIER, & A. T. DIBIASE Paediatric Dentistry
783 Attitudes about dental care among parents whose children suffer from severe congenital heart disease: a case-control study 2006 K. GRAHN, S. WIKSTRÖM, L. NYMAN, A. RYDBERG, & C. STECKSÉN-BLICKS Paediatric Dentistry
784 Dental treatment of children referred to general anaesthesia – association with country of origin and medical status 2006 D. HAUBEK, M. FUGLSANG, S. POULSEN, & I. RØLLING Paediatric Dentistry
785 Concomitant developmental dental anomalies in Chinese children with dens evaginatus 2006 S. Y. CHO, Y. KI, V. CHU & J. CHAN Paediatric Dentistry
786 Comparison of articaine 4% and lidocaine 2% in paediatric dental patients 2006 D. RAM, & E. AMIR Paediatric Dentistry
787 Dental caries experience and use of dental services among preschool children in Ajman, UAE 2006 R. HASHIM, W. M. THOMSON, K. M. S. AYERS, J. D. LEWSEY, & M. AWAD Paediatric Dentistry
788 Further dental treatment needs of children receiving exodontia under general anaesthesia at a teaching hospital in the UK 2006 E. KAKAOUNAKI, J. F. TAHMASSEBI & S. A. FAYLE Paediatric Dentistry
789 Behaviour of primary incisor caries: a micromechanical study 2006 E. K. MAHONEY, N. M. KILPATRICK, & M. V. SWAIN Paediatric Dentistry
790 Digital imaging of patterns of dental wear to diagnose bruxism in children 2006 C. RESTREPO, A. PELÁEZ, E. ALVAREZ, C. PAUCAR, & P. ABAD Paediatric Dentistry
791 Distraction in a case of otopalatodigital syndrome type II 2006 P. BATRA, F. S. RYAN, H. WITHEROW & M. L. CALVERT Paediatric Dentistry
792 Periodontal disease in a Rubinstein–Taybi syndrome patient: case report 2006 N. M. FREITAS, A. V. IMBRONITO, C. S. K. LA SCALA, R. F. M. LOTUFO, & F. E. PUSTIGLIONI Paediatric Dentistry
793 Parry–Romberg syndrome: a report of the dental findings in a child followed up for 9 years 2006 S. O’FLYNN, & M. KINIRONS Paediatric Dentistry
794 Rhabdomyosarcoma of the mandible in a 6-year-old boy 2006 L. E. DAVIDSON, F. A. SOLDANI & S. NORTH Paediatric Dentistry
795 An audit of the quality of a referral document, designed in accordance with Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network, for paediatric exodontia under general anaesthesia 2006 R. A. BAKER, L. ANTHONY, & H. SANDERS Paediatric Dentistry
796 A qualitative look at parents’ experience of their child’s dental general anaesthesia 2006 M. S. AMIN, R. L. HARRISON, & P. WEINSTEIN Paediatric Dentistry
797 Signs and symptoms from ectodermal organs in young Swedish individuals with oligodontia 2006 B. BERGENDAL, J. NORDERYD, M. BÃ…GESUND, & A. HOLST Paediatric Dentistry
798 Indigenous children and receipt of hospital dental care in Australia 2006 L. M. JAMIESON & K. F. ROBERTS-THOMSON Paediatric Dentistry
799 The self-concept of adolescents with cleft lip and palate: a pilot study using a multidimensional/hierarchical measurement instrument 2006 M. GUSSY, & N. KILPATRICK Paediatric Dentistry
800 Assessment of a palatal approach-anterior superior alveolar (P-ASA) nerve block with the W and® in paediatric dental patients 2006 D. RAM, & J. KASSIRER Paediatric Dentistry

Number of items : 1840
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