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501 Psychosocial concomitants to dental fear and behaviour management problems 2007 ANNIKA GUSTAFSSON, KRISTINA ARNRUP, ANDERS G. BROBERG, LENNART BODIN, & ULF BERGGREN IAPD and Blackwell
502 The relationship between temperament and fearfulness in adult dental phobic patients 2007 JESPER LUNDGREN, MAGNUS L. ELFSTRÖM, & ULF BERGGREN IAPD and Blackwell
503 Dental fear, communication, and behavioural management problems in children referred for dental problems 2007 MARLEEN ANTOINETTE KLAASSEN, JACOBUS SIMON JOHANNES VEERKAMP, & JOHAN HOOGSTRATEN IAPD and Blackwell
504 A Comparison of Dental Caries Levels in Two Communities with Different Oral Health Prevention Strategies Stratified in Different Social Classes 2007 Darius Sagheri, PhD; Jacinta McLoughlin, MDS; John J. Clarkson, PhD Blackwell Synergy
505 Prevalence and Severity of Dental Caries in Adolescents Aged 12 and 15 Living in Communities with Various Fluoride Concentrations 2007 América Patricia Pontigo-Loyola, DrO; Carlo Eduardo Medina-Solis, MSc; Blackwell Synergy
506 Predictors of Dental Caries Development in 1.5-Year-Old High-Risk Children in the Japanese Public Health Service 2007 Shihoko Sakuma, DDS, PhD; Muneto Nakamura, DDS; Hideo Miyazaki, DDS, PhD Blackwell Synergy
507 Racial and Ethnic Variation in the Provision of Dental Procedures 2007 Christopher Okunseri, BDS, MSc, DDPHRCSE, FFDRCSI; Ruta Bajorunaite, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
508 Coping with Toothache Pain: A Qualitative Study of Low-Income Persons and Minorities 2007 Leonard A. Cohen, DDS, MPH, MS; Shelly L. Harris, MPH; Arthur J. Bonito, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
509 Prevalence of Dental Anxiety among 5- to 8-Year-Old Taiwanese Children 2007 Chen-Yi Lee, MS; Yong-Yuan Chang, ScD; Shun-Te Huang, DDS Blackwell Synergy
510 Oral Health in Veterans Affairs Patients Diagnosed with Serious Mental Illness 2007 Amy M. Kilbourne, PhD, MPH; Marcela Horvitz-Lennon, MD; Edward P. Post, MD, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
511 Periodontal Health Status in a Cohort of Young US Navy Personnel 2007 Kim E. Diefenderfer, DMD, MS, MS, Captain, Dental Corps, US Navy; Renee L. Ahlf, RDH, MSEd; Blackwell Synergy
512 Use of Dental Care by Elderly Chinese Immigrants in Canada 2007 Daniel W. L. Lai, PhD; Nelson T. A. Hui, BSc, DDS Blackwell Synergy
513 Compliance with Fluoride Supplements Provided by a Dental Hygienist in Homes of Low-Income Parents of Preschool Children in Quebec 2007 Fabien Gagnon, MD, MSc; Pierre Catellier, DMD; Isabelle Arteau-Gauthier; Blackwell Synergy
514 Dental Amalgam and Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2007 Kevin K. Aminzadeh, Bsc Pharm, DDS; Mahyar Etminan, PharmD, MSc Blackwell Synergy
515 Addressing Global Health Research in the National Interest 2007 Lois K. Cohen, PhD Blackwell Synergy
516 Maternal Self-Report of Oral Health in 4-Year-Old Pacific Children from South Auckland, New Zealand: Findings from the Pacific Islands Families Study 2007 Philip J. Schluter, PhD; Callum Durward, BDS, MDSc, MPH; Susan Cartwright, Blackwell Synergy
517 A Review of a Community Program Aimed at Preventing Early Childhood Caries among Jerusalem Infants – A Brief Communication 2007 Alon Livny, MPH, DMD; Harold D. Sgan-Cohen, MPH, DMD Blackwell Synergy
518 Concurrent Tobacco Use in a Random Sample of UK-Resident Bangladeshi Men 2007 Raymond E. Croucher, PhD; Syed S. Islam, PhD; Allan K. Pau, PhD Blackwell Synergy
519 Oral Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Knowledge and Practices of Illinois Dentists – A Brief Communication 2007 Charles W. LeHew, PhD; Linda M. Kaste, DDS, PhD Blackwell Synergy
520 Development of a Word Recognition Instrument to Test Health Literacy in Dentistry: The REALD-30 – A Brief Communication 2007 Jessica Y. Lee DDS, MPH, PhD; R. Gary Rozier DDS, MPH; Shoou-Yih Daniel Lee, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
521 Evaluation of a Word Recognition Instrument to Test Health Literacy in Dentistry: The REALD-99 2007 Julia A. Richman, DDS; Jessica Y. Lee, DDS, MPH, PhD; R. Gary Rozier, DDS, MPH; Blackwell Synergy
522 Development and Testing of the Test of Functional Health Literacy in Dentistry (TOFHLiD) 2007 Debra A. Gong, DDS, MA; Jessica Y. Lee, DDS, MPH, PhD; R. Gary Rozier, DDS, MPH; Blackwell Synergy
523 Analyzing Location-Based Accessibility to Dental Services: An Ohio Case Study 2007 Mark W. Horner, PhD; Ana Karina Mascarenhas, BDS, MPH, DrPH Blackwell Synergy
524 Socioeconomic Inequalities in Child Oral Health: A Comparison of Discrete and Composite Area-Based Measures 2007 Jason M. Armfield, BA Blackwell Synergy
525 Moving the Public’s Oral Health Forward through Research 2007 Helen C. Gift, PhD Blackwell Synergy
526 Oral Health-Related Quality of Life of Children by Dental Caries and Fluorosis Experience 2007 Loc G. Do, PhD; A. Spencer, PhD Blackwell Synergy
527 Knowledge and Use of Fluoride among Indiana Dental Professionals 2007 K. M. Yoder, MSD, PhD; G. Maupome, BDS, MSc, PhD; S. Ofner, MS; N. L. Swigonski, MD, MPH Blackwell Synergy
528 Prevalence and Severity of Molar Incisor Hypomineralization in a Region of Germany – A Brief Communication 2007 Sonja E. Preusser, DDS; Verena Ferring, DDS; Carl Wleklinski, DDS; Blackwell Synergy
529 An Investigation of Bottled Water Use and Caries in the Mixed Dentition 2007 Barbara Broffitt, MS; Steven M. Levy, DDS, MPH; John J. Warren, DDS, MS; Blackwell Synergy
530 Consumption of Bottled Water by Children in the City of Bauru, State of São Paulo, Brazil – A Brief Communication 2007 Irene Ramires, DDS, MS; Roberto H. C. Grec, DDS; Patrícia G. Moura, DDS; Blackwell Synergy
531 Incidence of Periodontal Attachment Loss over 8 to 10 Years among Iowa Elders Aged 71+ at Baseline 2007 Fang Qian, PhD; Steven M. Levy, DDS, MPH; John J. Warren, DDS, MS; Blackwell Synergy
532 Periodontal Disease among Adult, New-Immigrant, Chinese Americans in Boston with and without Diabetes – A Brief Communication 2007 Peggy Leong, DMD, MBA; Sona Tumanyan, DMD, MPH, DrPH Candidate; Blackwell Synergy
533 Associations between Missing Teeth with Unmet Needs and Socioeconomic Status among South Korean Dentate Government Employees 2007 Hae-Young Kim, DDS, PhD; Seung-Wook Lee, PhD; Sung-Il Cho, MD, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
534 Atraumatic Restorative Treatment and Dental Anxiety in Outpatients Attending Public Oral Health Clinics in South Africa 2007 Steffen Mickenautsch, BDS; Jo E. Frencken, PhD; Martin A. van’t Hof, PhD Blackwell Synergy
535 Dental Service Utilization among Urban and Rural Older Adults in China – A Brief Communication 2007 Bei Wu, PhD Blackwell Synergy
536 Four-Year Cost-Utility Analyses of Sealed and Nonsealed First Permanent Molars in Iowa Medicaid-Enrolled Children 2007 Patita Bhuridej, DDS, MS, PhD; Raymond A. Kuthy, DDS, MPH; Stephen D. Flach, MD, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
537 Characteristics of Publicly Insured Children with High Dental Expenses 2007 Shervin S. Churchill, MPH; Bryan J. Williams, DDS; Nanci L. Villareale, MSN Blackwell Synergy
538 Characteristics of Dentists Providing Dental Care to Publicly Insured Patients 2007 Nadereh Pourat, PhD; Dylan H. Roby, PhD; Roberta Wyn, PhD; Marvin Marcus, DDS Blackwell Synergy
539 Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Self-Reported Pediatric Orthodontic Visits in the United States 2007 Christopher Okunseri, BDS, MSc; Nicholas M. Pajewski, BS; Emily L. McGinley, MS, MPH; Blackwell Synergy
540 A Comparison of Dental Treatment Utilization and Costs by HMO Members Living in Fluoridated and Nonfluoridated Areas 2007 Gerardo Maupomé, BDS, MSc, PhD; Christina M. Gullion, PhD; Dawn Peters, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
541 Household Expenditure in Dental Health Care: National Estimations in Mexico for 2000, 2002, and 2004 2007 Ricardo Pérez-Núñez, MD, MSc; Armando Vargas-Palacios, Econ, MSc; Blackwell Synergy
542 Risk Indicators for Missing Teeth in Working-Age Pomeranians – An Evaluation of High-Risk Populations 2007 Torsten Mundt, DDS; Christian Schwahn, PhD; Florian Mack, DDS, PhD; Ines Polzer, DDS; Blackwell Synergy
543 Assessing the Viability of the Independent Practice of Dental Hygiene – A Brief Communication 2007 M. Miles Beach, DMD, MS, MBA; Jay D. Shulman, DMD, MA, MSPH; Glenna Johns, RDH, MS; Blackwell Synergy
544 Sonic and ultrasonic scalers in periodontal treatment: a review 2007 T Arabaci Journal compilation  2007 Blackwell Munksgaard
545 An argument for dental hygiene to develop as a discipline 2007 SJ Cobban Journal compilation  2007 Blackwell Munksgaard
546 A photographic method to measure the colour characteristics of healthy gingiva 2007 H Denissen Journal compilation  2007 Blackwell Munksgaard
547 The relationship between working conditions and sick leave in Swedish dental hygienists 2007 V Petre´n Journal compilation  2007 Blackwell Munksgaard
548 The presence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the dental unit waterline systems of teaching clinics 2007 AS Al-Hiyasat Journal compilation  2007 Blackwell Munksgaard
549 The effect of 0.12% chlorhexidine dentifrice gel on plaque accumulation: a 3-day non-brushing model 2007 DE Slot Journal compilation  2007 Blackwell Munksgaard
550 Dentine hypersensitivity: is there both stimulus and placebo responses in clinical trials? 2007 M Addy Journal compilation  2007 Blackwell Munksgaard

Number of items : 1840
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