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451 The erosive potential of flavoured sparkling water drinks 2007 CATRIONA J. BROWN, GAY SMITH, LINDA SHAW, JASON PARRY & ANTHONY J. SMITH IAPD and Blackwell
452 Dental health and oral mutans streptococci in 2–4-year-old Estonian children 2007 JANA OLAK, REET MÄNDAR, SARA KARJALAINEN, EVA SÖDERLING, & MARE SAAG IAPD and Blackwell
453 Juvenile recurrent parotitis: clinical, sialographic and ultrasonographic features 2007 MOHAIDEEN SITHEEQUE, YALINI SIVACHANDRAN, VIDYA VARATHAN, IAPD and Blackwell
454 The effects of a long wait for children’s dental general anaesthesia 2007 SARAH NORTH, LESLEY E. DAVIDSON, ANTHONY S. BLINKHORN, & IAIN C. MACKIE IAPD and Blackwell
455 Management of postoperative pain in children following extractions of primary teeth under general anaesthesia: a comparison of paracetamol, Voltarol and no analgesia 2007 AMANDA O’DONNELL, MARY HENDERSON, JANICE FEARNE & DAVID O’DONNELL IAPD and Blackwell
456 Exposure to nitrous oxide in a paediatric dental unit 2007 FIONA GILCHRIST, C. JOHN WHITTERS, ALISON MARION CAIRNS, MATTHEW SIMPSON & IAPD and Blackwell
457 Longitudinal study of dental caries in Brazilian children aged from 12 to 30 months 2007 ANA ISABEL FONSECA SCAVUZZI, ARNALDO DE FRANÇA CALDAS JUNIOR, GERALDO, MÁRCIA MARIA IAPD and Blackwell
458 The use of multidirectional cross-sectional tomography for localizing an odontome 2007 JOANNA JOHNSON, ERIC J. WHAITES, & EVELYN C. SHEEHY IAPD and Blackwell
459 Treatment of extrusive luxation by intentional replantation 2007 WILSON DENIS MARTINS, VANIA PORTELA DITZEL WESTPHALEN, CAMILA PAIVA PERIN, ULISSES XAVIER DA SILVA N IAPD and Blackwell
460 Management of central giant cell granuloma: discussion of two cases 2007 GILLIAN C. MOONEY, JEREMY McMAHON, SEAN E. WARD, LESLEY E. DAVIDSON, & SARAH NORTH IAPD and Blackwell
461 Leukaemic infiltration of the mandible in a young girl 2007 RACHAEL E. BENSON, HELEN D. RODD, SARAH NORTH, ALISON R. LOESCHER, PAULA M. FARTHING & MARTIN PAYNE IAPD and Blackwell
462 Paediatric intraoral mucoepidermoid carcinoma mimicking a bone lesion 2007 PAULO MORAES, CLAUDIO PEREIRA, OSLEI ALMEIDA, DANYEL PEREZ, MARIA ELVIRA CORREA, & FABIO ALVES IAPD and Blackwell
463 Whole saliva in X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia 2007 MICHALA ORON LEXNER, ALLAN BARDOW, JENS MICHAEL HERTZ, LIS ALMER, BIRGITTE NAUNTOFTE, & SVEN KREIBOR IAPD and Blackwell
464 Dental enamel defects in children with coeliac disease 2007 CLAAR D. WIERINK, DENISE E. VAN DIERMEN, IRENE H. A. AARTMAN, & HUGO S. A. HEYMANS IAPD and Blackwell
465 A comparison of paracetamol, ibuprofen or their combination for pain relief following extractions in children under general anaesthesia: a randomized controlled trial 2007 GIATH GAZAL & IAIN C. MACKIE IAPD and Blackwell
466 The relationship between a primary maxillary incisor with a talon cusp and the permanent successor: a study of 57 cases 2007 CHUN-KEI LEE, NIGEL MARTYN KING, EDWARD CHIN-MAN LO, & SHIU-YIN CHO IAPD and Blackwell
467 Vital pulpotomy in the primary dentition: attitudes and practices of community dental staff in Wales 2007 EMMA JANE HINGSTON, SHARLENE PARMAR & MARGARET LINDSAY HUNTER IAPD and Blackwell
468 Prevalence of four putative periodontopathic bacteria in saliva of a group of Brazilian children with mixed dentition: 1-year longitudinal study 2007 VIVIEN T. SAKAI, MARINELE R. CAMPOS, MARIA APARECIDA A. M. MACHADO, JOSÉ ROBERTO P. LAURIS IAPD and Blackwell
469 The accompanying adult: authority to give consent in the UK 2007 SEEMA MADHUR LATA LAL, SUSAN PAREKH, CAROL MASON, & GRAHAM ROBERTS IAPD and Blackwell
470 Perception of dental fluorosis and other oral health disorders by 12-year-old Brazilian children 2007 MARCELO C. MENEGHIM, FÁBIO C. KOZLOWSKI, ANTÔNIO C. PEREIRA, ANDRÉA V. AS IAPD and Blackwell
471 Plasmacytoid myoepithelioma of the palate in a child 2007 DANYEL ELIAS da CRUZ PEREZ, MÁRCIO AJUDARTE LOPES, OSLEI PAES de ALMEIDA, JACKS JORGE, & LUI IAPD and Blackwell
472 Subcutaneous emphysema during restorative dentistry 2007 ROBERT J. STEELMAN, & PHYLLIS W. JOHANNES IAPD and Blackwell
473 Are sugars-free medicines more erosive than sugars-containing medicines? An in vitro study of paediatric medicines with prolonged oral clearance used regularly and long-term by children 2007 ANNE MAGUIRE, WASIM BAQIR, & JUNE HEATHER NUNN IAPD and Blackwell
474 Influence of local anaesthesia on the quality of class II glass ionomer restorations 2007 NANDA VAN DE HOEF & EVERT VAN AMERONGEN IAPD and Blackwell
475 A retrospective study of paediatric oral lesions from Thailand 2007 KITTIPONG DHANUTHAI, MARUT BANRAI, & SOMYOT LIMPANAPUTTAJAK IAPD and Blackwell
476 The role of MSX1 in tooth agenesis in Iranians 2007 MASSOUD SEIFI, BAHRAM KAZEMI, & PARISA GOLKAR IAPD and Blackwell
477 Use of a ranked scoring system to detect occlusal caries in primary molars 2007 SUZANNE DUNKLEY & PAUL ASHLEY IAPD and Blackwell
478 The use of micro-Raman spectroscopy to differentiate between sound and eroded primary enamel 2007 FIONA GILCHRIST, ARIO SANTINI, KATHRYN HARLEY, & CHRISTOPHER DEERY IAPD and Blackwell
479 Reliability and validity of a faces version of the Modified Child Dental Anxiety Scale 2007 KAREN E. HOWARD, & RUTH FREEMAN IAPD and Blackwell
480 Dental caries in 0- to 5-year-old Brazilian children: prevalence, severity, and associated factors 2007 SIMONE HELENA FERREIRA, JORGE U. BÉRIA, PAULO FLORIANI KRAMER, ELIANE GERSON FELDENS, & CA IAPD and Blackwell
481 Randomized controlled trial of the intraligamental use of a local anaesthetic (lignocaine 2%) versus controls in paediatric tooth extraction 2007 HELEN M. SAMMONS, VANESSA UNSWORTH, CLAUDIA GRAY, IMTI CHOONARA, JANINE CHERRILL, & WILLIAM QUIRKE IAPD and Blackwell
482 Multiple supernumerary teeth in the maxillary canine and mandibular premolar regions: a case in the postpermanent dentition 2007 HIDEKAZU SASAKI, JUNKO FUNAO, HIDEKI MORINAGA, KAZUHIKO NAKANO, & TAKASHI OOSHIMA IAPD and Blackwell
483 Complete spontaneous regression of congenital epulis in a baby by 8 months of age 2007 VIVIEN T. SAKAI, MARINELE R. CAMPOS, MARIA APARECIDA A. M. MACHADO, JOSÉ ROBERTO P. LAURIS IAPD and Blackwell
484 Caries prevalence in children with cleft lip and palate – a systematic review of case–control studies 2007 PAMELA HASSLÖF, & SVANTE TWETMAN IAPD and Blackwell
485 Seen but not heard: a systematic review of the place of the child in 21st-century dental research 2007 ZOE MARSHMAN, BARRY J. GIBSON, JANINE OWENS, HELEN D. RODD, HUW MAZEY, SARAH R. BAKER, PHILIP E. BEN IAPD and Blackwell
486 Evaluation of spontaneous space closure and development of permanent dentition after extraction of hypomineralized permanent first molars 2007 BIRGITTA JÄLEVIK, & MARIE MÖLLER IAPD and Blackwell
487 A qualitative investigation of the influence of time since graduation on English dentists’ approach to the care of young children 2007 YVONNE-MARIE, KEITH MARTIN, LAURA, ANTHONY STEPHENSON, ANTHONY GEORGE, & MARTIN TICKLE IAPD and Blackwell
488 Family structure is associated with oral pain in 12-year-old Greek schoolchildren 2007 ALLAN PAU, KONSTANTINOS GEORGIOS BAXEVANOS & RAY CROUCHER IAPD and Blackwell
489 Assessment of early postoperative pain and haemorrhage in young children undergoing dental extractions under general anaesthesia 2007 PENELOPE A. McWILLIAMS, & JOHN S. RUTHERFORD IAPD and Blackwell
490 Caries experience in a severely obese adolescent population 2007 ISABELLE BAILLEUL-FORESTIER, KARINE LOPES, MOURAD SOUAMES, SYLVIE AZOGUY-LEVY,MARIE-LAURE FRELUT, & IAPD and Blackwell
491 Dental health, received care, and treatment needs in 11- to 13-year-old children with immigrant background in Heidelberg, Germany 2007 ABDUL-RAZAK BISSAR, CHRYSOULA OIKONOMOU, MARTIN JEAN KOCH & ANDREAS GERHARD SCHULTE IAPD and Blackwell
492 In vitro microleakage of a fissure sealant polymerized by either a quartz tungsten halogen curing light or a plasma arc curing light 2007 SARAH SHAH, ELIZABETH M. ROEBUCK, ZOANN NUGENT, & CHRIS DEERY IAPD and Blackwell
493 Comparison of two different dosages of hydroxyzine for sedation in the paediatric dental patient 2007 MAHMOUD FAYTROUNY, ZEYNEP OKTE, & ZUHAL KUCUKYAVUZ IAPD and Blackwell
494 Reaction of children to dental injection with 27- or 30-gauge needles 2007 DIANA RAM, LAURA HERMIDA B, & ERICA AMIR IAPD and Blackwell
495 In this issue 2007 Goran Dahllof IAPD and Blackwell
496 Dental fear/anxiety and dental behaviour management problems in children and adolescents: a review of prevalence and concomitant psychological factors 2007 GUNILLA KLINGBERG, & ANDERS G. BROBERG IAPD and Blackwell
497 A fearful child attends: a psychoanalytic explanation of children’s responses to dental treatment 2007 RUTH FREEMAN IAPD and Blackwell
498 Temperamental reactivity and negative emotionality in uncooperative children referred to specialized paediatric dentistry compared to children in ordinary dental care 2007 KRISTINA ARNRUP, ANDERS G. BROBERG, ULF BERGGREN, & LENNART BODIN IAPD and Blackwell
499 Psychological characteristics of Norwegian adolescents reporting no likelihood of visiting a dentist in a situation with toothache 2007 ERIK SKARET, EINAR BERG, GERD KVALE, & MAGNE RAADAL IAPD and Blackwell
500 Using memory restructuring strategy to enhance dental behaviour 2007 JACQUELINE E. PICKRELL, MASAHIRO HEIMA, PHILIP WEINSTEIN, TRILBY COOLIDGE, SUSAN E. COLDWELL, ERIK S IAPD and Blackwell

Number of items : 1838
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