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No Judul Tahun Penulis Penerbit
1 Psikologi Pendidikan : Membantu Siswa Tumbuh dan Berkembang 2015 Omrod, Jeanne Ellis Erlangga
2 Pengelolaan Jaringan Komputer di Linux 2015 Wahana Komputer Salemba Infotek
3 Membuat Aplikasi Tutorial Interaktif dengan Macromedia Autorware 2015 Wahana Komputer Salemba Infotek
4 Pengantar Akuntansi Adaptasi Indonesia 2015 Anonim Salemba Empat
5 Rangkaian Listrik edisi 6 2015 Hayt Erlangga
6 Statistika untuk Ekonomi dan Keuangan 2 2015 Suharyadi Salemba Empat
7 Model KBM Program 2015 Dewi Salma P. UNJ
8 Indonesian Economic Profile in the era of gotong royong 2015 anonim Kogas Pro Media
9 Psikologi Abnormal 2015 Anonim
10 Video Profile Perekonomian Indonesia Era Kabinet Gotong Royong 2015 Biro Umum dan Humas Kementrian Koordinator Bidan Perekonomian Republik Indonesia Biro Umum dan Humas Kementrian Koordinator Bida
11 Effective Managemen a Multimedia Approach t : Audio Student Study Guide CD-ROM to Accompany 2015 and Williams
12 Gigabyte 8E Series 2015
13 Mintab version 12 2015
14 MiCROBES in Motion II : Gloria Delisle and Lewis Tomalty 2015
15 Step by step Capturing & Editing menggunakan Adobe Premire Pro 2015 Gora S., Winastwan
16 Education Management : analisis teori dan praktik 2010 Feithzal Rifai Rajagrafindo Persada
17 Pengembangan Aplikasi Sistem Informasi Akademik Berbasis SMS dengan JAVA 2010 Wahana Komputer Salemba Infotek
18 Latihan Fisik bagi calon Jemaah haji Kecamatan Kartosuro tahun 2005 2008 Isnaini Herawati and Wahyuni LPPM UMS - Surakarta
19 Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry 2008 KAPLAN, Norman M Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
20 Voxel Man 3 D Navigator : Brain and Skull 2008 Allyn and Bacon
21 Cyclooxygenase-2 Gene 765 single nucleotide polymorphism as a protective factor against periodontitis in Taiwanese 2008 Ya-Ping Ho, Ying-Chu Lin Blackwell Synergy
22 Relationship between betel quid additives and established periodontitis among Bangladeshi subjects 2008 Rahena Akhter, Nur Mohammad Blackwell Synergy
23 Periodontal disease as a risk factor for adverse pregnancy outcomes: a prospective cohort study 2008 Anna Agueda, Josep Ma Ramo´n Blackwell Synergy
24 Total protein concentration and total bacterial loadasmeasuresof residual interproximal plaque in comparative clinical trials 2008 Nebojsa Milanovich, Jinling Wei, Blackwell Synergy
25 Penetration depths with an ultrasonic mini insert compared with a conventional curette in patients with periodontitis and in periodontal maintenance 2008 Dick S. Barendregt, Ubele van der Blackwell Synergy
26 Periodontal healing following reconstructive surgery: effect of guided tissue regeneration using a bioresorbable barrier device when combined with autogenous bone grafting. A randomized controlled clinical trial 2008 Per Nygaard-Østby, Vibeke Bakke,
27 Effect of platelet-rich plasma on the healing of intrabony defects treated with an enamel matrix protein derivative and a natural bone mineral 2008 Ferenc Do¨ ri, Dimitris Nikolidakis, Blackwell Synergy
28 Impact of local and systemic factors on the incidence of failures up to abutment connection with modified surface oral implants 2008 Ghada Alsaadi, Marc Quirynen, Blackwell Synergy
29 Asepsis during periodontal surgery involving oral implants and the usefulness of peri-operative antibiotics: a prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial 2008 Mahmoud Abu-Ta’a,
30 Bone regeneration in dehiscence-type defects at non-submerged and submerged chemically modified (SLActives) and conventional SLA titanium implants: an immunohistochemical study in dogs 2008 Frank Schwarz, Martin Sager Blackwell Synergy
31 Correlation between early perforation of cover screws and marginal bone loss: a retrospective study 2008 Nele Van Assche, Bruno Collaert, Blackwell Synergy
32 Two-year clinical results following treatment of peri-implantitis lesions using a nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite or a natural bone mineral in combination with a collagen membrane 2008 Frank Schwarz, Anton Sculean Blackwell Synergy
33 The use of rodent models to investigate host–bacteria interactions related to periodontal diseases 2008 Dana T. Graves, Daniel Fine Blackwell Synergy
34 Subgingival microbial profiles in chronic periodontitis patients from Chile, Colombia and Spain 2008 David Herrera, Adolfo Contreras Blackwell Synergy
35 C-reactive protein associated with periodontitis in a Thai population 2008 Grit Meissner Blackwell Synergy
36 Fibre retention osseous resective surgery: how deep is the infrabony component of the osseous-resected defects? 2008 Gianfranco Carnevale Blackwell Synergy
37 Is there a temporal trend in the reported treatment efficacy of periodontal regeneration? A meta-analysis of randomizedcontrolled trials 2008 Yu-Kang Tu Blackwell Synergy
38 Enamel matrix derivative and low-level laser therapy in the treatment of intra-bony defects: a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial 2008 Onur Ozcelik Blackwell Synergy
39 Long-term effect of the combined use of powered toothbrush and triclosan dentifrice in periodontal maintenance patients 2008 Anna Bogren Blackwell Synergy
40 Tooth loss after active periodontal therapy. 1: patient-related factors for risk, prognosis, and quality of outcome 2008 Peter Eickholz Blackwell Synergy
41 Human leukocyte antigen polymorphism in chronic and aggressive periodontitis among Caucasians: a meta-analysis 2008 Jamal M. Stein Blackwell Synergy
42 Association between interleukin- 6 promoter haplotypes and aggressive periodontitis 2008 Luigi Nibali Blackwell Synergy
43 Periodontal conditions in patients with coronary heart disease: a case–control study 2008 Carin Starkhammar Johansson Blackwell Synergy
44 Characterization of progressive periodontal lesions in chronic periodontitis patients: levels of chemokines, cytokines, matrix metalloproteinase-13, periodontal pathogens and inflammatory cells 2008 Nora Silva Blackwell Synergy
45 Correlation between periodontal status and biting force in patients with chronic periodontitis during the maintenance phase of therapy 2008 Gu¨ lnur Emingil Blackwell Synergy
46 Efficacy of two alcohol-free cetylpyridinium chloride mouthwashes – a randomized double-blind crossover study 2008 Andrew Rawlinson Blackwell Synergy
47 A randomized, single-blind, parallel-group clinical study to evaluate the effect of soluble b-1,3/1,6-glucan on experimental gingivitis in man 2008 Hans R. Preus Blackwell Synergy
48 New treatments for old diseases: a proposal for international collaboration and funding of oral health clinical trials 2008 Bruce L. Pihlstrom Blackwell Synergy
49 Comparative effect of tacrolimus 0.1% ointment and clobetasol 0.05% ointment in patients with oral lichen planus 2008 Giovanni Corrocher Blackwell Synergy
50 Improved wound healing by low-level laser irradiation after gingivectomy operations: a controlled clinical pilot study 2008 Onur Ozcelik Blackwell Synergy

Number of items : 1838
Pages : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 37 »»