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Blogging and Vlogging with Benefits
Author : Date : 14 December 2021

Nowadays, the trend to document various fragments of life in the form of written and video media is loved by many Indonesian youths. This activity is commonly referred to as blogging and vlogging and is spread through social networks. The large number of blogs and vlogs in circulation makes creators have to be proficient in processing content, for this reason the Library of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) held coaching activities for blogging and useful blogging for students. The activity was carried out in the Siti Walidah Building Library Meeting Room on Tuesday (23/4).

Ardian Kusuma, a blogger and photographer, conveyed several tips for writing content that has beneficial values. "Blogging is an activity used to express the opinions we have about something, therefore our opinion will be an important point in it. To produce this type of writing, you can start by writing the things that interest you most, for example, about hobbies or something else, "he said.
"Your closeness to the topic that you write about is your selling point in the blog that you manage, because it is written based on what you feel as it is. AIn addition, try to provide illustrations in the form of photos or other things in writing to give an idea of ??what you feel, "Ardian said.
For media, Ardian said that there are many sites that can be used as writing platforms, from free to paid ones. "There is blogspot and kompasiana for free, then wordpress and other medium or web hosting for paid ones. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but my advice for beginners is that there's nothing wrong with using a free platform,” he said.
Apart from blogging, vlogging has also attracted a lot of interest from young people to share information. "Video is one of the media that is most accessed by young people today, because in addition to the fact that information provided by video is absorbed more quickly by the brain, access to video is now also easier to do through existing mobile devices. This high interest is also due to the fact that vlogging can be a source of economic income that can be done by anyone as well as a place to express themselves widely," said Aji Sukma, a content creator and travel vlogger who was also a guest speaker at the event.
Aji said that regarding processing content in a vlog, he often gets questions about how to determine a good theme. "To determine the theme, there are 2 things you can choose, follow your passion or follow the market. Whichever you choose, you have to do it seriously in order to create useful content, ”he said.
Aji provides several tips that can be followed To create vlog content. "First, do research on the object to be discussed, for example, if you want to discuss a product, then look for as much information as possible about the product as an ingredient. Then make a script as a speaking guide and don't be afraid to take a video more than once if necessary, "he concluded.