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UMY Library Week
Author : Date : 14 December 2021

The UMY library is filled with excitement

April 30 at 13 Nyai Ahmad Dahlan Watch Party in minitheater lt 4
April 30th is also 13th International Jazz Day at the American Corner
May 4 at 13. Batik Workshop "Jumputan ala France" at the French Stall
May 9 at 08 Literature Review Seminar at R. Stadium General FT
May 12 at 9 Health Communication Book Review at Minitheater
4th floor May 8-14 Apple Computers Exhibition in reading room library Fl 2
May 14 "Get the most of your Apple" workshop in library reading room 2nd floor

Look, you still think libraries are unattractive?
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Come on to the library