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Watch Party
Author : Date : 14 December 2021

Hello Jogja!

To Celebrate International Women's Day March 8 2017, let's watch the documentary film "Brave Miss World" which tells the story of Linor Abargil, Miss World 1998 who was raped while on vacation in Milan, Italy. Instead of staying as a victim, Linor chose to rise up, bringing up her case before the judge and then she became a rape survivor activist who inspired many rape victims in several countries.

Rape can happen to anyone. Rape victims could be our friends, our family or even our spouses. Linor's ability to rise can not be separated from the role of the family that supports her and does not blame Linor, something that is still very easy to find in Indonesia because of our "culture" that places women as the guilty party so rape often occur. Generally, it is considered that women are guilty because they dress minimally, because they go out at night, and so on. Whereas in the Indonesian context, many cases occur in girls and in the family environment. This film is very good for men to watch as well so that men can understand the psychological impact on survivors of rape who are almost unable to recover. Like Linor, for example, Linor then closed her body

and became very religious after the rape. From being an underwear, she now wore clothes suitable for a Jewish person such as a long skirt (because Orthodox Jews forbid wearing trousers) and covered her head.

This Watch Party is free and open to the public. It will take place on the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Campus to be precise in the UMY Postgraduate Building Meeting Room, South Ringroad, Gamping at 13.00-14.30, Wednesday, March 8.

The event will continue with a question and answer session with film producer Cecilia Peck via Skype directly from the United States 14.30-15.30. Journalism training "Covering Sexual Violence Cases" 15.30-17.00.

For those who are interested, please register with Taqwa at this number 082281301435 (WA / SMS). Format:

*DAFTAR_Nama Lengkap_Instansi_Alamat Email*

This event was held thanks to the support of the American Embassy in Indonesia, UMY and #IAmbraveindonesia.
Please help inform friends who are interested. Thank you.