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Muhammadiyah Corner
Towards Muhammadiyah Part 1


Towards Muhammadiyah- The book contains questions and answers about Muhammadiyah written by K.H. A.R Fachrudin. Note that there are 6 themes that are discussed in it. There are several interesting questions that we can take lessons in, including:

When was Muhammadiyah established? "Muhammadiyah was officially established on 8 Dzulhijjah 1339/18 November 1912, which was founded by KH. Ahmad Dahlan in the Kauman village of Yogyakarta".

What is the meaning of Muhammadiyah, and why did KH. Ahmad Dahlan took the name "the word Muhammadiyah comes from the Arabic language, namely from the word Muhammad (the Prophet) who then gets the affix iyyah, which in Arabic means follower, so it can be concluded that Muhammadiyah is a group that willing to follow the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. KH. Ahmad Dahlan took this name to make sure that Muhammadiyah can guide Muslims to follow the movements of Rosulullah Muhammad SAW, both with regard to hablum minallah and hablum minannas


Muktamar Muhammadiyah : part I

Definition of Muktamar :

  1. Q.S. At-Talaq : 6  wa'tamiru bainakum bilma'ruf "so convene all of you (everything) well"
  2. Al-Munjid Dictionary: Muktamar is a gathering for people to examine and discuss important matters
  3. Muhammadiyah Articles of Association Chapter VI Verse 16 (1) explains that Muktamar is the highest summit within the organization, held by the central board of leadership whose members consist of :
  • Members of the central board of leadership
  • Head of the regional boards of leadership
  • Tanwir regional representative members
  • Head of the district boards of leadership
  • District representatives chosen by district-level conferences, consisting of branch representatives considered by the number of each district
  • Representatives of central-level autonomous organizations

Those are some of the definitions of the muktamar, as for the time, the muktamar is held every five years, which this year (2015) the congress will be held in Makassar.



(Source: Muhammadiyah Encyclopedia, 2005: 260-261)

by : Lasa-HS


Muktamar Muhammadiyah : part II

In Article 19 of the Muhammadiyah Bylaws, it is stated that:

  1. A Muktamar is held by the decree of the Central Board of Leadership
  2. Muktamar Events Include : Central Executive Report (Policies, Organization, Implementation of Congress and Tanwir, as well as financial matters)
  3. Election of the Central Board and the appointment of its chairman
  4. Organizational matters of a general nature

Formally, the term congress was embodied in the 1946 Muhammadiyah Articles of Association (VII), as a result of the Yogyakarta Gathering Decision on November 14-26, 1950 to replace the 31st Congress which also meant the First Congress in Yogyakarta.

(Source: Ensiklopedi Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, 2005 : 261)

by: Lasa-HS


Muktamar Muhammadiyah I in Yogyakarta

Muktamar Muhammadiyah I in Yogyakarta on 21 s/d Desember 1950, has decided upon :

  1. Establishment of a New Articles of Association
  2. The results of the election for PB Muhammadiyah members (by 83 branches and 97 sub-branches), namely: HM. Junus Anis; Ki Bagus Hadikusumo; H.M. Farid Ma`ruf; M.r. Kasman Singodimedjo; Mr. R.H. Kasmat; H. Abd. Kahar Muzakkir; H.A Badawi; H. Fakih Usman; Dr. Samsudddin
  3. The results of the Election of Members of the PB Muhammadiyah Tarjih Majlis are KHA. Badawi; KRH Hadjid; KH Basjir; KH Hanad; KH Bakir; KH Aslam; KH Ma`mur; K.A Jatim (Tjurup S.S) and K R. Wardan
  4. The results of the election for members of PP Aisyiyah are: St. 'Aisyah Hilal, Siti Zainab Damiri, Siti Badilah Zuber, Siti Ibadah Muchtar, Siti Hajinah Mawardi, Siti Hidanah Sjihabuddin, Siti Handasah, Siti Darojah, and Siti Hudjanah

by : Lasa HS