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Inauguration of Buya Syafii Porch: The Key to Unlocking Knowledge
Author : Aidilla Qurotianti Date : 12 November 2022

Muhammadiyah Central Management (PP) inaugurated the residence of the late Ahmad Syafii Maarif or Buya Syafii in the Nogotirto Housing Complex, Gamping, Sleman, DIY as a library and documentation center, Thursday (10/11).. The inauguration of Serambi Buya Syafii was inaugurated on November 10 which coincided with National Hero's Day. Serambi Buya Syafii is the initiative of the Pusdalitbang Suara Muhammadiyah to preserve the legacy of Buya Ahmad Syafii Maarif's thoughts. It contains many kinds of Buya Syafii's intellectual heritage which until now has been well preserved and preserved, ranging from books, artifacts such as bicycles that he often uses, to other items that are closely related to Buya Syafii's life. The collection that stands out the most is Buya Syafii's 9000 book titles on various themes, including some of his personal works in various corners of the room.

Chairman of the Central Executive Board (PP) Muhammadiyah, Haedar Nasir explained that this place is also a vehicle for young people to get to know Buya Syafii and get to know the world through Buya's collections and works that are kept in this house. 

“This porch is the key to open knowledge, open the world and horizons of life for anyone who wants to come to this house. Buya has passed away but traces of his life always live with us," he said.

He also revealed that in this place the values ??of the former Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah were resurrected and passed on to the nation's generations.

“What we need to take from Buya as a Muhammadiyah figure is that from the beginning he followed KH Ahmad Dahlan to open the horizons of Muhammadiyah thinking to be more advanced and inclusive. That's what Buya taught him and he was always democratic in practicing Muhammadiyah." he added.

The inauguration of Serambi Buya Syafii, which was initiated by Suara Muhammadiyah (SM), was also attended by several figures such as Muchlas Abror, Muhammadiyah senior, Sleman Regent for the 2010-2015 and 2016-2021 periods Sri Purnomo, Director of SM Deni Asyari and his staff, Director of the Maarif Institute Abdul Rohim Ghazali, and painter from West Sumatra Jumaldi Alfi. Muchlas Abror in his speech said that the Porch of Buya Syafii was a veranda which was meaningful and contained. For anyone who goes into it will get inspiration. Through this, he hopes that in the next future, Buya Syafii's next generation will be born.