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More Focus on Learning With the Pomodoro Technique
Author : Aidilla Qurotianti Date : 31 October 2022

Have you ever found it difficult to focus and difficult to manage time to do something? If so, you can try the pomodoro technique. The pomodoro technique is a time management technique introduced by Francisco Cirillo in the late 1980. This technique he created while sitting in the lecture bench. While studying in the 1980s, Francesco was one of those people who found it difficult to focus on studying. From that moment he realized that it was necessary to create a learning system using certain time intervals so that his physical and psychological condition could be maintained. At that time, he divided study and rest time appropriately. When developing this technique, Francesco used a kitchen timer that is commonly used to calculate cooking times. He divides study time into intervals called “work windows” of 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, the “work window” ends which is then interspersed with rest intervals. The technique is called Pomodoro because when Francesco made it he used a tomato-shaped kitchen timer.

Pomodoro in Italian means 'tomato.' Through this technique you have to focus in a certain time interval. For example, you set a timer for 25 minutes, then do an assignment or study at that time. If the timer goes off, then rest for about 5 minutes and refocus afterward. This method is carried out in 4 rounds, after which you can rest longer as long as it is not longer than the time to focus. Then, how to apply this technique?

How to apply the Pomodoro technique

  1. Prepare Material and Keep Away from Distraction
    To start the Pomodoro technique, you can start by sorting out the tasks to be done or the things you want to learn. Choose a job based on its priority scale. After that, prepare the necessary materials such as books, modules, assignments, stationery and other learning resource materials. Don't forget to keep distractions away such as cellphones, gadgets, other things that can interfere with the learning process. You can also use the airplane mode feature so that no notifications enter your gadget while studying.

  2. Set time/timer for 25 minutes
    Set up a timer on your cellphone or stopwatch. Determine how long to focus on the subject matter. Adjust the focus time based on your own rhythm. Francisco Cirillo used to take 25 minutes.

  3. Do the Tasks with Focus
    Focus on doing assignments or studying for 25 minutes or until the timer goes off. Within these 25 minutes, you should not do anything else that can distract you, such as chatting or checking your cellphone so you can stay focused. It is during this 25 minute time interval that the so-called “work window”.

  4. Stop If the Timer Beeps
    When the time is up, then you have to pause studying and rest even though your task or study has not been completed. At this break you can do light stretching, snack, or take a short walk for two to five minutes. It aims to maintain focus and concentration.

  5. Repeat the above technique up to four times
    Use the study-rest cycle for four times, then take a break of 15-30 minutes, as long as it's no more than focus time.



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