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Tips for Passing 3.5 Years of College, New Students Must Know
Author : Eko Kurniawan Date : 19 September 2022

The normal study period for undergraduate students can be taken for 4 years (8 semesters). However, there are also students who want to accelerate their study period in the fastest period of 3.5 years. This can happen if during college you can focus and be consistent in undergoing lectures. The biggest reason that drives them to want to graduate quickly is so that they can quickly get a job and earn their own money. 

In order to make it happen, there are several things that new students need to understand from the start. Want to know what tips it is? Check out the following information together:

  1. Understand the New Student Handbook
    When entering the new student orientation period, usually the campus will provide a lecture guide book that includes lecture rules including a list of courses that can be taken each semester. So from that picture, you just have to divide it for 6 semesters.

  2. Create a GPA Target Each Semester
    GPA (Cumulative Achievement Index) is the cumulative value obtained by students in one semester. The education system in Indonesia sets a GPA with a maximum scale of 4.0. The GPA value obtained will determine the number of semester credit unit loads (SKS) that can be taken in the following semester. The higher the GPA, the greater the courses that can be taken in the following semester. 

  3. Don't Miss or Repeat Compulsory Courses
    The guidebook given when you are a new student also serves as an overview of the compulsory courses that must be taken in each semester. If your score is high, students can take more credits than they should, as long as the compulsory courses are not conditional courses. Don't repeat compulsory courses, because that can make you wait until next year to take those courses again.

  4. Discussion with Lecturer
    Do not hesitate to discuss with your academic supervisor (DPA) to express your desire to graduate quickly. You can discuss lecture activities, such as lecture materials, student activities, obstacles while studying, including the study plan that was prepared earlier. Through these discussions, the lecturer will provide input to facilitate your study process.

  5. Make Friends
    Build good relationships with friends who really have a positive impact as long as you are friends. You can discuss with friends about the college process and you may also inspire them to be able to finish their studies faster. Who knows, we can graduate together ^^

  6. Sharpen Softskills Since the Beginning of College
    Not a few students are afraid to join the organization because they want to achieve the target of graduating in 3.5 years. In fact, by joining a campus organization, you can hone your soft skills as well as add to your network. In addition, you can also optimize non-academic abilities which will certainly be useful after graduating from college later.