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Celebrate Library Visit Day by Sharing Souvenirs
Author : Aidilla Qurotianti Date : 14 September 2022

Every year, September 14 is celebrated as Library Visit Day. This special commemoration is a momentum to mobilize the nation's productivity, abilities, and aspirations through reading activities. In order to enliven the special day, UMY Library distributed souvenirs for the first 10 visitors (14/09). In addition, visitors are also asked to write their wishes on colored paper which will later be hung on the wishing tree that has been provided in the library. In addition to letting visitors know that there is a library visit day, the celebration also aims to increase student interest in visiting the UMY Library.

According to the National Library of Indonesia's website, this Library Visit Day began with President Soeharto's Decree to the Head of the National Library of Indonesia with letter number 020/A1/VIII/1995 on August 11, 1995. The letter contained a proposal to declare a Library Visit Day on September 14, 1995. President Soeharto hopes that this decree can provide positive goals for the intellectual activist movement in Indonesia, especially in spreading the reading culture of the Indonesian generation.