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Pustakawan Berbagi #2 : Google Analytics & How to Send E-certificates
Author : Aidilla Qurotianti Date : 21 January 2022

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) library held a routine activity for UMY's internal librarians, namely “Sharing Librarians”. This activity is one of the agendas intended for all internal librarians at the UMY Library to share their knowledge (knowledge transfer) with other librarians in the internal environment of the UMY Library. The purpose of this activity is for all UMY librarians to share their knowledge and experience with other UMY librarians, so that they can improve the skills/ability of librarians with each other in order to support the development of human resources at the UMY Library.

On the occasion yesterday, Thursday (20/01/2022) there was a "Sharing Librarian #2" which was held offline at 13.00 WIB in the Meeting Room, Lt. 1 UMY Library. The resource person at the event was Eko Kurniawan, MA, who is a librarian of the UMY Library. He discussed how Google Analytics works and how to send e-certificates automatically via email. A total of 10 participants from UMY's internal librarians joined this event by bringing their own laptops to practice directly in sending e-certificates automatically. All librarians were very enthusiastic to participate in these activities, as evidenced by the many questions asked by several librarians. 

Previously, "Library Sharing #1" was also held on Tuesday (21/12/2021) offline in the Meeting Room, Lt. 1 UMY Library. The activity was filled by Mrs. Novy Diana Fauzie, MA who is the Head of Information System and Knowledge Management Affairs at UMY Library. On the agenda, she provided material on the training of MC, Moderators and Professional Online/Online Hosts to the 11 UMY librarians who attended. She explained that there are some basic things that an MC, moderator or host should have when managing an online event. Attitudes and body language are things that need to be considered because many participants will see them.