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Five Corners at UMY Library
Author : Aidilla Qurotianti Date : 29 December 2021

In order to support Learning Commons and strengthen relations with various countries, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) is now expanding its cooperation with various countries. One of the forms of cooperation is the establishment of several corner services in the UMY Library. The corner services include: American Corner UMY, Warung Prancis UMY, Taiwan Education Center UMY, Bangladesh Corner UMY, and Muhammadiyah Corner UMY. The establishment of the corner was warmly welcomed by the UMY academic community, especially students who have an interest in each of the available corners. Each corner has a program and excellence in providing education about the country concerned.

American Corner UMY was officially opened on April 25, 2004. In addition to providing collections in print and multimedia media, American Corner regularly holds events. One example of the program at American Corner UMY is known as the menu of the month, where every day the volunteers of American Corner UMY make a "menu" or agenda to be carried out at the American Corner UMY. The menu of the month includes Coffee Dialogue, FunConv, ArtCor, Game Challenge, Artifacts, uMYQuiz Amcor, Movie Talk, etc. Not infrequently American Corner UMY also cooperates with the US embassy to organize workshops or activities.

Warung French UMY also has various types of programs, namely daily programs (Quidien program) and annual programs (Annuel program). Daily programs (Programme Quotidien) that are routinely carried out include: Creative Class, French Screen, Club De Literature, Wepedia, Jeu-Jeu, etc. Meanwhile, the annual programs (the Annuel program) include: Parlez Wae (PW) and Bon Anniversaire. These programs aim to support the development of education in the academic community who have an interest in French. It's no wonder that Warung France UMY has won the 2018 WP de l'année (best WP) award from the Institut Franais d'Indonésie Jakarta (IFI Jakarta). This award is the second time that Warung France UMY has won the Best WP award in 2015.

In addition to the two corners above, UMY Library also provides UMY's Taiwan Education Center. Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) is trusted by foreign governments to develop cooperation in the field of education through the Taiwan Education Center (TEC) which is the initiation of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO), Indonesia's Taiwan Education Center (TEC), and universities in Taiwan. The existence of the Taiwan Education Center (TEC) at UMY also has benefits for UMY students who want to continue their studies in Taiwan, as well as those who will undertake programs such as student exchange to Taiwan.

The newest corner provided at the UMY Library is the UMY Bangladesh Corner which was inaugurated in December 2021. The UMY Bangladesh Corner is a facility open to the public, both UMY students and outside UMY to get information about the country of Bangladesh and become a "home" for students Bangladesh who is currently studying at UMY. 

Last but not least, what has become an important icon for UMY is the establishment of Muhammadiyah Corner UMY. The presence of Muhammadiyah Corner UMY is very important for Muhammadiyah organizations and universities to bridge between scientific and cultural works. Muhammadiyah Corner UMY also provides various works of thought from Muhammadiyah figures, other people's works about Muhammadiyah, publications produced by Muhammadiyah Business Entities, and intellectual property heritage such as books owned by Muhammadiyah people.

The existence of five corners in the UMY Library Building D is expected to provide benefits for the entire UMY academic community to be able to support the needs of information and knowledge that are more global and global.