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Website Criteria That Can Be Used as a Reference
Author : Aidilla Qurotianti Date : 14 December 2021

The presence of internet technology makes it easier for us to obtain information or reference sources without any limitations of space and time. However, in this search, knowledge is needed to be able to sort out a trusted website, because not all information on the internet can be justified. Therefore, we must be able to sort and choose a website that can be used as a source of references/information. 

To find a credible and trusted reference/information source, we can look at the type of domain (website address). There are several types of official domains that can be used as a source of reference/information,such as:

  • .ac.id     : cademic domain
  • .or.id     : organizational domain
  • .go.id atau .gov : government domain
  • .mil.id    : military domain
  • .edu      : educational domain
  • .co.id    : the official domain for Indonesian companies

In addition, we also need to pay attention to the characteristics of the website that can be used as a consideration whether the website can be used as a source of information or not. The following are examples of website characteristics that can be used as sources of reference/information:

  1. There is a person in charge of the website. Information on the person in charge can be seen on the menu "About Us", "About", "Contact Us", "Contast Us". With this information, the website owner can be held responsible if something happens to the content of the website
  2. The information in it is objective. Objective information, namely the website presents information that is in accordance with the facts, does not exaggerate, and does not vilify other groups.
  3. Not too many ads. A quality website is one that has few ads.

That is a description of the website criteria that can be used as a source of reference/information. Hope it's useful ^^