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Bintang Mandiri Scholarship 2022
Author : Aidilla Qurotianti Date : 14 December 2021

The Bintang Mandiri Scholarship 2022 is a scholarship program for students organized by the Mandiri Amal Insani Foundation together with the Mandiri Amal Insani Institute (MAI Institute) to form strong and independent youth. Mandiri Amal Insani Foundation was established on October 2, 2014. MAI carries out its function as a Foundation or what is usually called a foundation, which is to collect, manage, and distribute Zakat, Infaq, Alms, Waqf, and other social funds from the general public to those in need.

This scholarship program is intended for students who are currently studying in semesters 5 and 7. There are several advantages that you can get if you qualify as a candidate for the scholarship recipient. Registration for the 2022 Bintang Mandiri Scholarship is open until November 30, 2021. 

The requirements and benefits obtained are as follows :


  1. Muslim
  2. 5th & 7th semester students
  3. GPA min. 3.00
  4. Active in organization
  5. Willing to follow the coaching program


  1. Scholarship Fund every month (for 12 months)
  2. Development Program Social
  3. Contribute Challenge
  4. Achievement Coaching
  5. Volunteering Program
  6. Networking

How to register:

  1. Follow accounts @mai_institute and @mai_foundation
  2. Fill in the form at the following link bit.ly/DAFTARBBM22

Complete information regarding the 2022 Bintang Mandiri Scholarship Registration can be accessed through the website https://mandiriamalinsani.or.id/beasiswa-bintang-mandiri-2022/  and the Instagram account @mai_institute.

Registration will be closed until November 30, 2021. Register yourself before the deadline!