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How to Determine Research Topic
Author : Aidilla Qurotianti Date : 14 December 2021

For making scientific papers, it is necessary to have an idea for the research topic to be researched. However, sometimes determining the research topic becomes a separate obstacle in the process of preparing scientific papers. There are several tips from Minpus to determine research topics, including:

  1. Get to know your passion or interest. Make sure the topic you are going to take is a topic that you like, so that in conducting research you can better master and enjoy your research process.

  2. Read Reference Articles or Latest News. By reading a lot of news or articles, you will know the problems that are happening at this time, so that from these problems you can use them as a background for research.

  3. Do a Preliminary Study. You can make observations of the object of research or conduct interviews. From these activities, you will find out what problems need to be discussed in the research to be carried out.

  4. Searching for Literature Materials. Search for reference materials or literature can be done at the UMY Library (library.umy.ac.id).

  5. Understand the core issues to be studied.

  6. Create a Captivating Title. Compose a research topic sentence that is easy to understand and adapt it to the EYD, so that it will become an attractive title.