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New UMY Library Service: Resources Guide
Author : Translator Date : 14 December 2021

Academics who want to create scientific work definitely need a reference. These references can be in the form of books, journal articles, and so on. In order to make it easier for users to obtain these references, the UMY Library has created a new system / service in the form of a Resources Guide. Resources Guide Is a system / service that displays various references that have been grouped by reference category and adjusted to each study program, so that users will find it easier to find references according to their needs.

The Resources Guide system / service can be accessed by anyone through the library.umy.ac.id address. Click the Resources Guide menu. In this menu, we can select references according to the study program or desired reference category. If the user finds a reference that has not been entered into the system / service, they can contact the UMY Library admin via the wa icon on this website.