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Functions of Google Analytics and SimilarWeb for the Library
Author : Translator Date : 30 April 2021

Knowing the number of visitors to the library website is very important, as it can be used as a reference in library promotion, increasing SEO optimization and so on. In addition to the number of visitors, a library must also know what keywords are often used by visitors to access the library website, these are used as references in meeting information needs. In fact, libraries also need to know about how many minutes visitors feel at home reading articles on the library website, as this is an indicator of whether the library website is of quality or not.
Not only that, the library also needs to know how many of those who access the library website use computers or use cellphones. Why is that important ?. because it is used as an indicator in the process of developing a website interface so that it looks responsive.
For this reason, there are several applications that can be used to find out this, including the Google Analityc application and the SimilarWeb application. How are the two implemented? will be discussed in the next article