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No Title Year Author Publisher
351 Innovating for the Global South : Towards an Inclusive Innovation Agenda 2014 DILIP SOMAN and JANICE GROSS STEIN University of Toronto Press
352 Russian Physicians in an Era of Reform and Revolution, 1856-1905 2014 Nancy Mandelker Frieden Princeton University Press
353 Selling Our Souls: The Commodification of Hospital Care in the United States 2014 Adam D. Reich Princeton University Press
354 Alzheimer Conundrum : Entanglements of Dementia and Aging 2014 Margaret Lock Princeton University Press
355 The Blue Man and Other Stories of the Skin 2014 ROBERT NORMAN University of California Press
356 The Deployment Life Study : Methodological Overview and Baseline Sample Description 2014 Terri Tanielian and Benjamin R. Karney RAND Corporation
357 The Development and Application of the RAND Program Classification Tool : The RAND Toolkit, Volume 1 2014 Joie D. Acosta and Gabriella C. Gonzalez RAND Corporation
358 The Role of Medicine : Dream, Mirage, or Nemesis? 2014 Thomas McKeown Princeton University Press,
359 Treating AIDS : Politics of Difference, Paradox of Prevention 2014 THURKA SANGARAMOORTHY Rutgers University Press
360 Understanding and Managing the Complexity of Healthcare 2014 William B. Rouse and Nicoleta Serban The MIT Press
361 Case Studies in Canadian Health Policy and Management 2014 CATHERINE L. MAH University of Toronto Press
362 Childhood Obesity in America 2014 Laura Dawes Harvard University Press
363 Enigmas of Health and Disease : How Epidemiology Helps Unravel Scientific Mysteries 2014 ALFREDO MORABIA Columbia University Press
364 Female Circumcision and Clitoridectomy in the United States : A History of a Medical Treatment 2014 Sarah B. Rodriguez University of Rochester Press
365 Health and Economic Outcomes in the Alumni of the Wounded Warrior Project : 2010–2012 2014 Heather Krull and Mustafa Oguz RAND Corporation
366 Crusaders for Fitness : The History of American Health Reformers 2014 JAMES C. WHORTON Princeton University Press
367 Improving Dementia Long-Term Care : A Policy Blueprint 2014 Regina A. Shih and Thomas W. Concannon RAND Corporation
368 Mapping Gender Differences in Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Care : A Pilot Assessment of LDL Cholesterol Testing Rates in a California Health Plan 2014 Chloe E. Bird and Allen Fremont RAND Corporation
369 Nighttime Breastfeeding : An American Cultural Dilemma 2014 Cecília Tomori Berghahn Books
370 No Saints around Here : A Caregiver’s Days 2014 Susan Allen Toth University of Minnesota Press
371 Shadow Medicine : The Placebo in Conventional and Alternative Therapies 2014 JOHN S. HALLER JR Columbia University Press
372 Hidden Mechanics of Exercise 2014 Christopher M. Gillen Harvard University Press
373 Touch 2014 Tiffany Field The MIT Press
374 Unforgotten : Love and the Culture of Dementia Care in India 2014 Bianca Brijnath Berghahn Books
375 Writings on the Sober Life : The Art and Grace of Living Long 2014 Alvise Cornaro University of Toronto Press
376 Sudut elevasi dan MUF pada sistem komunikasi radio HF lintasan Merauke- Surabaya 2014 Indah Kurniawati Universitas Gadjah Mada
377 Karakteristik TiO2-Zeolit dalam pengolahan limbah tekstil dengan fotoreaktor silinder berputar 2014 Siti Naimah and Rahyani Ermawati Pusat Sains dan Teknologi Bahan Maju
378 Jerusalem the Biography 2014 Simon Sebag Montefiore alvabet - tangerang
379 TELAAH BUKU PERILAKU ORGANISASI DAN PENGEMBANGAN ORGANISASI 2014 Ika Nurul Qamari and Julitta Dewayani Agus Frianto Marno Nugroho Edy Mulyotomo Retno Setyowati Priyotomo Buku Litera Yogyakarta - yogyakarta
380 Pengantar Teori Ekonomi 2014 Agus Tri Basuki and Nano Prawoto Mitra Pustaka Nurani - Yogyakarta
381 Mengukur Kepuasan Pemustaka dengan Metode LibQUAL + 2014 Fransiska Rahayuningsih - Yogyakarta
382 Geriatric Dentistry Caring for Our Aging Population 2014 Paula K. Friedman Wiley Blackwell
383 Clinical Review of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: A Case - Based Approach 2014 Bagheri, Shahrokh C Elsevier - Missouri
384 The Psychology of Becoming a Successful Worker (Open Access) 2014 Uusiautti , Satu Taylor and Francis
385 Foundations of Fuzzy Logic and Semantic Web Languages (Open Access) 2014 Straccia , Umberto Taylor and Francis
386 Improving the Performance of Wireless LANs (Open Access) 2014 Sarkar , Nurul Taylor and Francis
387 Economic Complexity and Human Development (Open Access) 2014 Hartmann , Dominik Taylor and Francis
388 Governance for Justice and Environmental Sustainability 2014 Sowman , Merle Taylor and Francis
389 Ilustrated Book of Flags 2014 000 -- - ---
390 Islam in Indonesia 2013 Paul van der Velde and Martina van den Haak ICAS Publications Series
391 Competition Policy and Price Fixing 2013 LOUIS KAPLOW Princeton University Press
392 After Civil Rights 2013 JOHN D. SKRENTNY Princeton University Press, - United States of America
393 Remodelling Communication: FROM WWII TO THE WWW 2013 GARY GENOSKO University of Toronto Press
394 The Origins of Regional Autonomy in Indonesia: Experts and the Marketing 2013 Benjamin Smith
395 Islam in Indonesia 2013 Jajat Burhanudin and Kees van Dijk Amsterdam University Press
396 The 'Alids 2013 Teresa Bernheimer Edinburgh University Press
397 The Bible in Arabic 2013 Sidney H. Griffith Princeton University Press
398 Democracy and Islam in Indonesia 2013 Mirjam Künkler and Alfred Stepan Columbia University Press,
399 Freedom to Harm 2013 Thomas O. McGarity Yale University Press

Number of items : 2073
Pages : «« 1 ... 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 ... 42 »»