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351 Factors associated with parents’ and adolescents’ perceptions of oral health and need for dental treatment 2007 Weyant RJ, Manz M, Corby P, Rustveld L, Close J. Blackwell Synergy
352 Social inequality in tooth extraction in a Brazilian insured working population 2007 Neto JMS, Nadanovsky P. Blackwell Synergy
353 Do life- or school-satisfaction and self-esteem indicators explain the oral hygiene habits of schoolchildren? 2007 Honkala S, Honkala E, Al-Sahli N. Blackwell Synergy
354 Disparities in oral health-related quality of life in a population of Canadian children 2007 Locker D. Blackwell Synergy
355 Oral health-related quality of life in patients with dental anxiety 2007 Mehrstedt M, John MT, To¨nnies S, Micheelis W. Blackwell Synergy
356 Are intrauterine growth restriction and preterm birth associated with dental caries? 2007 Saraiva MCD, Bettiol H, Barbieri MA, Silva AA. Blackwell Synergy
357 Clinical, social and psychosocial factors associated with self-rated oral health in Brazilian adolescents 2007 Pattussi MP, Olinto MTA, Hardy R, Sheiham A. Blackwell Synergy
358 Six-year follow up of atraumatic restorative treatment restorations placed in Chinese school children 2007 Lo ECM, Holmgren CJ, Hu D, van Palenstein Helderman W. Blackwell Synergy
359 Association between routine visits for dental checkup and self-perceived oral health in an adult population in Rio de Janeiro: the Pro´-Sau´de Study 2007 Afonso-Souza G, Nadanovsky P, Chor D, Faerstein E, Werneck GL, Lopes, CS. Blackwell Synergy
360 What do measures of ‘oral health-related quality of life’ measure? 2007 Locker D, Allen F. Blackwell Synergy
361 Statistical issues on the analysis of change in follow-up studies in dental research 2007 Blance A, Tu Y-K, Baelum V, Gilthorpe MS Blackwell Synergy
362 Gender differences in reported dental fear and fear of dental pain 2007 Heft MW, Meng X, Bradley MM, Lang PJ Blackwell Synergy
363 Cultural factors and children’s oral health care: a qualitative study of carers of young children 2007 Hilton IV, Stephen S, Barker JC, Weintraub JA Blackwell Synergy
364 Psychosocial factors and early childhood caries among low-income African–American children in Detroit 2007 Finlayson TL, Siefert K, Ismail AI, Sohn W. Blackwell Synergy
365 Dental caries and childhood obesity: roles of diet and socioeconomic status 2007 Marshall TA, Eichenberger-Gilmore JM, Broffitt BA, Warren JJ, Levy SM. Blackwell Synergy
366 Influences of market competition on dental care utilization under the global budget payment system 2007 Tsai W-C, Kung P-T, Chang W-C. Blackwell Synergy
367 Osteoporosis and the general dental practitioner: reliability of some digital dental radiological measure 2007 Geraets WGM, Verheij JGC, van der Stelt PF, Horner K, Lindh C, Nicopoulou- Blackwell Synergy
368 The concept of validity in sociodental indicators and oral health-related quality-of-life measures 2007 Brondani MA, MacEntee MI. Blackwell Synergy
369 Fluoride intake and urinary excretion in 6- to 7-year-old children living in optimally, sub-optimally and non-fluoridated areas 2007 Maguire A, Zohouri FV, Hindmarch PN, Hatts J, Moynihan PJ. Blackwell Synergy
370 Trends in the incidence, mortality, and survival rates of oral and pharyngeal cancer in a high-risk area in Michigan, USA 2007 Kolker JL, Ismail AI, Sohn W, Ramaswami N Blackwell Synergy
371 Caries risk factors in the permanent dentition of Tanzanian children: a cohort study (1997–2003) 2007 Scheutz F, Matee MI, Poulsen S, Frydenberg M Blackwell Synergy
372 Questionnaire development: face validity and item impact testing of the Child Oral Health Impact Profile 2007 Broder HL, McGrath C, Cisneros GJ Blackwell Synergy
373 Reliability and convergent and discriminant validity of the Child Oral Health Impact Profile (COHIP Child’s version) 2007 Broder HL, Wilson-Genderson M Blackwell Synergy
374 Concordance between caregiver and child reports of children’s oral health-related quality of life 2007 Wilson-Genderson M, Broder, HL, Phillips C. Blackwell Synergy
375 Concurrent validity of the COHIP 2007 Dunlow N, Phillips C, Broder HL Blackwell Synergy
376 The Effects of Abutment Wall Height, Platform Size, and Screw Access Channel Filling Method on Resistance to Dislodgement of Cement-Retained, Implant-Supported Restorations 2007 Mark Emms, LDS, MSc;1 Christopher J. Tredwin, BDS, BSc, MSc, Journal of Prosthodontics,
377 The Bond Strength of Particulate-Filler Composite to Differently Oriented Fiber-Reinforced Composite Substrate 2007 Lippo V.J. Lassila, DDS, MSc;1 Arzu Tezvergil, DDS, PhD;1 Journal of Prosthodontics,
378 Comparison of the Flexural Strength of Five Adhesive Resin Cements 2007 Larry L. Pace, DDS, MS;1 Susan K. Hummel, DDS, MS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
379 In Vitro Evaluation of Five Core Materials 2007 Steven Gu, PhD;1 Brian J. Rasimick, BS;2 Allan S. Deutsch, DMD;3 Journal of Prosthodontics,
380 Shear Bond Strength Evaluation of Different Veneering Systems on Ni-Cr Alloys 2007 Yal¸cın C¸ift¸ci, DDS, MS;1 S¸enay Canay, DDS, MS;2 and Nur Journal of Prosthodontics,
381 Conventional Rehabilitation of Edentulous Patients: The Impact on Oral Health-Related Quality of Life and Patient Satisfaction 2007 Janice S. Ellis, PhD, BDS, FDS RCS, PGCE;1 Nanita D. Pelekis, DDP, MSc;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
382 The Evolution of Advanced Prosthodontic Care: A 30-Year Patient Report 2007 Thomas J. Balshi, DDS, FACP;1 Stephen F. Balshi, MBE;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
383 Investigation of a New Approach to Measuring Contact Angles for Hydrophilic Impression Materials 2007 Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD;1 Thomas Klettke, PhD;2 Jeffrey A. Goldberg;3 Journal of Prosthodontics,
384 Performance of Five Commercially Available Tooth Color-Measuring Devices 2007 Alma -Dozi´c, DDS, PhD;1 Cornelis J. Kleverlaan, PhD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
385 Effect of Disinfection Treatments on the Hardness of Soft Denture Liner Materials 2007 Sabrina Pavan, DDS, MSc, PhD;1 JoËœao Neudenir Arioli Filho, DDS, MSc, PhD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
386 An Investigation of Tooth/Implant-Supported Fixed Prosthesis Designs with Two Different Stress Analysis Methods: An in vitro Study 2007 TuncerBurak ¨Oz¸celik, DDS, PhD;1 and Ahmet Ersan Ersoy, DDS, PhD2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
387 Stress Distribution after Installation of Fixed Frameworks with Marginal Gaps over Angled and Parallel Implants: A Photoelastic Analysis 2007 Roberto Adrian Markarian, DDS;1 Cristiane Ueda, DDS;1 Journal of Prosthodontics,
388 Porcelain Inlays Cemented with Composite Resin Cement: An In Vivo Investigation of Pulpal Reaction One Year Following Cementation 2007 Paolo Vigolo, DrOdont, MScD;1 Lorenzo Graiff, DrOdont;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
389 Influence of Chewing and Clenching on Salivary Cortisol Levels as an Indicator of Stress 2007 Yasuaki Tahara, DDS, PhD;1 Kaoru Sakurai, DDS, PhD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
390 Microabrasion of Cast Metal Margins—A Warning 2007 Michael A. Mansueto, DDS, MS;1 Ronald G. Verrett, DDS, MS;1 Journal of Prosthodontics,
391 Morphologic Characteristics of Bony Edentulous Jaws 2007 Jaime Pietrokovski, DrCD, MS;1 Ruth Starinsky, MD;2 Baruch Arensburg, PhD;3 Journal of Prosthodontics,
392 The Effect of Dowel Space on the Bond Strengths of Fiber Posts 2007 Jorge PerdigËœao, DMD, MS, PhD;1 George Gomes, DMD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
393 The Effect of Denture Cleansing Solutions on the Retention of Yellow Hader Clips: An In Vitro Study 2007 Reena M. Varghese, DMD, MSEd, MS;1 Radi Masri, BDS, MS, PhD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
394 Effect of Resin Luting Film Thickness on Fracture Resistance of a Ceramic Cemented to Dentin 2007 Anuradha Prakki, DDS, MS;1 Renato Cilli, DDS, MS;1 Alcides U. Da Costa, Journal of Prosthodontics,
395 The Effect of Brushing on Surface Roughness of Denture Lining Materials 2007 Luciana Valadares Oliveira, MS;1 Marcelo Ferraz Mesquita, PhD;2 Guilherme Journal of Prosthodontics,
396 The Effectiveness of Denture Cleansers on Soft Denture Liners Colored by Food Colorant Solutions 2007 Duygu Sara¸c, DDS, PhD;1 Y. S¸inasi Sara¸c, DDS, PhD;1 Journal of Prosthodontics,
397 Effect of Water Storage and Surface Treatments on the Tensile Bond Strength of IPS Empress 2 Ceramic 2007 Luciana A. Salvio, DDS, MSc;1 Louren¸co Correr-Sobrinho, DDS, MSc, PhD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
398 Precision of Fit of Two Margin Designs for Metal-Ceramic Crowns 2007 Penwadee Limkangwalmongkol, DDS, MS;1 Gerard J. Chiche, DDS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
399 Pre- and Post-set Hydrophilicity of Elastomeric Impression Materials 2007 Konstantinos X. Michalakis, DDS, PhD, FACP;1,2 Athina Bakopoulou, DDS;3 Journal of Prosthodontics,
400 A Quality Assessment of the Casting Process on Magnetic Keepers 2007 Henry W.K. Luk, MPhil, PhD, MIMPT, FBIDST;1 Journal of Prosthodontics,

Number of items : 1840
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