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201 Relationship between markers of metabolic control and inflammation on severity of periodontal disease in patients with diabetes mellitus 2007 L. P. Lim Blackwell Synergy
202 Acute effects of periodontal therapy on bio-markers of vascular health 2007 Francesco D’Aiuto Blackwell Synergy
203 Comparison of new and 3-month-old brush heads in the removal of plaque using a powered toothbrush 2007 Louise M. E. Hogan Blackwell Synergy
204 Periodontal healing after nonsurgical therapy with a new ultrasonic device: a randomized controlled clinical trial 2007 M. Christgau Blackwell Synergy
205 Microbiological outcomes of quadrant versusfull-mouth root planing as monitored by real-time PCR 2007 P.-M. Jervøe-Storm Blackwell Synergy
206 Effect of local antimicrobial agents on excisional palatal wound healing: a clinical and histomorphometric study in rats 2007 Avital Kozlovsky Blackwell Synergy
207 Fibre retention osseous resective surgery: a novel conservative approach for pocket elimination 2007 Gianfranco Carnevale Blackwell Synergy
208 Subgingival plaque microbiota in HIV positive patients 2007 J. A. Aas Blackwell Synergy
209 Skin colour is associated with periodontal disease in Brazilian adults: a population-based oral health survey 2007 Marco Aure´ lio Peres Blackwell Synergy
210 Women with a recent history of early-onset pre-eclampsia have a worse periodontal condition 2007 Alina Kunnen Blackwell Synergy
211 Chronic periodontitis and pre-term labour in Brazilian pregnant women: an association to be analysed 2007 Silvio A. Santos-Pereira Blackwell Synergy
212 Are statins associated with decreased tooth loss in chronic periodontitis? 2007 Barry G. Saver Blackwell Synergy
213 Oral health of monozygotic twins with and without coronary heart disease: a pilot study 2007 Farnaz Tabrizi Blackwell Synergy
214 Prognostic model for tooth survival in patients treated for periodontitis 2007 Clo´ vis M. Faggion Jr Blackwell Synergy
215 Short- and long-term periodontal evaluation of impacted canines treated with a closed surgical–orthodontic approach 2007 Aldo Crescini Blackwell Synergy
216 Clinical changes following four different periodontal therapies for the treatment of chronic periodontitis: 1-year results 2007 Anne D. Haffajee Blackwell Synergy
217 Effect of platelet-rich plasma on the healing of intra-bony defects treated with a natural bone mineral and a collagen membrane 2007 Ferenc Do¨ ri Blackwell Synergy
218 Effect of smoking on serum RANKL and OPG in sex, age and clinically matched supportive-therapy periodontitis patients 2007 David F. Lappin Blackwell Synergy
219 Gene polymorphisms of tissue plasminogen activator and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in Turkish patients with generalized aggressive periodontitis 2007 Gu¨ lnur Emingil Blackwell Synergy
220 Gingival crevicular fluid interleukin-1 b, prostaglandin E2 and periodontal status in a community population 2007 Y. Zhong Blackwell Synergy
221 Diabetes mellitus promotes periodontal destruction in children 2007 Evanthia Lalla Blackwell Synergy
222 Java project on periodontal diseases: the relationship between vitamin C and the severity of periodontitis 2007 Amaliya Blackwell Synergy
223 The association of the composite IL-1genotype with periodontitis progression and/or treatment outcomes: a systematic review 2007 G. Huynh-Ba Blackwell Synergy
224 Clinical effects after subgingival polishing with a non-aggressive ultrasonic device in initial therapy 2007 Maren Kahl Blackwell Synergy
225 A randomized-controlled trial of low-dose doxycycline for periodontitis in smokers 2007 Ian Needleman Blackwell Synergy
226 Long-term effects of supportive therapy in periodontal patients treated with fibre retention osseous resective surgery. II: tooth extractions during active and supportive therapy 2007 Gianfranco Carnevale Blackwell Synergy
227 Citation classics in periodontology:acontrolled study 2007 Michele Nieri Blackwell Synergy
228 A biomechanical assessment of the relation between the oral implant stability at insertion and subjective bone quality assessment 2007 Ghada Alsaadi, Marc Quirynen, Blackwell Synergy
229 The new concept of periodontal disease pathogenesis requires new and novel therapeutic strategies 2007 Martin A. Taubman Blackwell Synergy
230 Gingival crevicular fluid levels of RANKL and OPG in periodontal diseases: implications of their relative ratio 2007 Nagihan Bostanci Blackwell Synergy
231 MMP-2,MMP-9andTIMP-2gene polymorphisms in Chinese patients with generalized aggressive periodontitis 2007 Dong Chen Blackwell Synergy
232 Association of height with inflammation and periodontitis: the Study of Health in Pomerania 2007 Peter Meisel Blackwell Synergy
233 Opposite effects of TGF- b1 and IFN- gon transdifferentiation of myofibroblast in human gingival cell cultures 2007 Lays M. Sobral Blackwell Synergy
234 Effect of three different dental health preventive programmes on young adult individuals: a randomized, blinded, parallel group, controlled evaluation of oral hygiene behaviour on plaque and gingivitis 2007 Anders Hugoson Blackwell Synergy
235 Management of smoking patients by specialist periodontists and hygienists in the United Kingdom 2007 D. Dalia, R. M. Palmer Blackwell Synergy
236 Influence of bracket design on microbial and periodontal parameters in vivo 2007 Jan van Gastel Blackwell Synergy
237 The association between embrasure morphology and central papilla recession 2007 Li-Ching Chang Blackwell Synergy
238 Gingival blood flow changes following periodontal access flap surgery using laser Doppler flowmetry 2007 M. Retzepi Blackwell Synergy
239 Bone formation at rhBMP-2- coated titanium implants in the rat ectopic model 2007 Jan Hall Blackwell Synergy
240 Soft tissue healing at titanium implants coated with type I collagen. An experimental study in dogs 2007 M. Welander Blackwell Synergy
241 Comprehensive dental therapy (periodontal and exodontia) removes inflammatory foci and aids in glycemic control 2007 Arthur H. Friedlander Blackwell Synergy
242 Obesity and periodontitis in 60–70-year-old men 2007 Gerry Linden Blackwell Synergy
243 Gingival crevicular fluid and serum leptin: their relationship to periodontal health and disease 2007 B. V. Karthikeyan Blackwell Synergy
244 Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the IL-4 and IL-13 promoter region in aggressive periodontitis 2007 J. R. Gonzales Blackwell Synergy
245 Java project on periodontal diseases: a study on transmission of Porphyromonas gingivalisin a remote Indonesian population 2007 A. J. van Winkelhoff Blackwell Synergy
246 Relationshipbetweenperiodontal findings and Behc¸et’s disease: a controlled study 2007 Ayse Akman Blackwell Synergy
247 Are there common human leucocyte antigen associations in juvenile idiopathic arthritis and periodontitis? 2007 Stefan Reichert Blackwell Synergy
248 Clinical models that objectively evaluate interproximal plaque based on total protein concentration 2007 N. Milanovich Blackwell Synergy
249 Four-year results of a prospective-controlled clinical study evaluating healing of intrabony defects following treatment with an enamel matrix protein derivative alone or combined with a bioactive glass 2007 Anton Sculean Blackwell Synergy
250 Effects of enamel matrix derivative and transforming growth factor- b1 on human periodontal ligament fibroblasts 2007 Thaisaˆngela L. S. Rodrigues Blackwell Science

Number of items : 1840
Pages : «« 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 ... 37 »»