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1551 Target Outcomes for Long-term Oral Health Care 2000 Judith A. Jones, DDS, MPH; Elizabeth J. Brown, RDH, MS; Ladislav Volicer, MD, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1552 Public Policy on Oral Health and Old Age: a Global View 2000 David E. Barmes, BDSc, DDSc Blackwell Synergy
1553 Clinical Factors Related to Noncompletion of 2000 Clinical Factors Related to Noncompletion of Blackwell Synergy
1554 A Comparison of Unmet Needs for Dental and Medical Care 2000 Kevin C. Heslin, PhD; William E. Cunningham, MD, MPH; Marvin Marcus, DDS, MPH; Ian Coulter, PhD;
1555 A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial of a Dental Health 2000 Helen V. Worthington, MSc, PhD, FIS; Kirsty B. Hill, BAY MSc; Jeanette Mooney, BA; Blackwell Synergy
1556 Successful Implementation of Community Water 2000 David E. Brumley, DDS, MPH; Rebecca W. Hawks, RDH, MPH; James A. Gillcrist, DDS, MPH; Blackwell Synergy
1557 A Community Participatory Oral Health Promotion Program 2000 Maria Rosa Watson, DDS, MS, MPH; Alice M. Horowitz, PhD; Isabel Garcia, DDS, MPH;
1558 Citation for the Down Surgical Prize 1998 2000 P.J. LEOPARD Blackwell Synergy
1559 Citation for the BAOMS Surgery Prize 1998 2000 P.J. LEOPARD Blackwell Synergy
1560 Helix rim advancement for reconstruction of marginal defects of the pinna 2000 A. Majumdar,* J. Townend Blackwell Synergy
1561 Burkitt’s lymphoma presenting as mandibular swelling – report of a case and 2000 S. H. C. Tsui,* M. H. Wong, W. Y. Lam Blackwell Synergy
1562 Clinical and functional staging of oral submucous fibrosis 2000 S. M. Haider,* A. T. Merchant, F. F. Fikree, M. H. Rahbar Blackwell Synergy
1563 Bone grafting technique to increase interdental alveolar bone height for placement of an implant 2000 M. Fukuda,* T. Takahashi, T. Yamaguchi Blackwell Synergy
1564 Clinicopathological study of peripheral odontogenic fibromas (WHO-type) in Malaysians (1967–95) 2000 Chong Huat Siar,* Kok Han Ng Blackwell Synergy
1565 Maternal risk factors in cleft lip and palate: case control study 2000 N. Natsume, T. Kawai, N. Ogi, W. Yoshida Blackwell Synergy
1566 A comparison of growth impairment and orthodontic results in adult patients with clefts of palate and unilateral clefts of lip, palate and alveolus 2000 G. Schultes,* A. Gaggl, H. Kärcher Blackwell Synergy
1567 Pull-through technique of scapular osteocutaneous flap to decrease frequency of positioning change 2000 K. Hasegawa,* H. Miyamoto,* K. Fujita Blackwell Synergy
1568 Progress of ossification and epithelialization of wounds after simple or surgical extractions of teeth in rats with chronic renal failure: an experimental study 2000 A. I. Mylonas,* G. B. Massoulas, O. Nicolatou, I. A. Dontas, L. Nakopoulou,C. J. Stefanidis Blackwell Synergy
1569 Exposure of high-density porous polyethylene (Medpor®) used for contour restoration and treatment 2000 K. Sevin,* I. As¸kar, A. Saray, E. Yormuk Blackwell Synergy
1570 Lack of correlation between water hardness and salivary calculi in England 2000 J.A. Sherman, M. McGurk Blackwell Synergy
1571 Correction of recurrent dislocation of the mandible in elderly patients by the Dautrey procedure 2000 H. Kobayashi,* T. Yamazaki, H. Okudera, Blackwell Synergy
1572 The efficacy of Emla® and 5% lignocaine gel for anaesthesia of human gingival mucosa 2000 A. S. McMillan, *D. Walshaw, J. G. Meechan Blackwell Synergy
1573 A retrospective study of unerupted maxillary incisors associated with supernumerary teeth 2000 C. Mason,* N. Azam, R.D. Holt, D.C. Rule Blackwell Synergy
1574 Surgical and orthodontic rapid palatal expansion in adults using Glassman’s technique: retrospective study 2000 R. Schimming,* K.-U. Feller,* K. Herzmann,* U. Eckelt Blackwell Synergy
1575 Mechanical and biomechanical measurements of five currently available osteosynthesis systems of self-tapping screws 2000 B. Saka Blackwell Synergy
1577 SPECT bone scintigraphy in the diagnosis and management of mandibular condylar hyperplasia 2000 S. C. Hodder, J. I. S. Rees,* T. B. Oliver, P. E. Facey, A. W. Sugar Blackwell Synergy
1578 Midfacial tumours: a review of 72 cases 2000 A. M. Bridgeman,* M. J. Murphy,* A. Sizeland, D. Wiesenfeld Blackwell Synergy
1579 Evolution of methods of uranostaphyloplasty exemplified by the analysis of 1118 primary operations for congenital palatal defects 2000 L. V. Kharkov Blackwell Synergy
1580 Congenital transmandibular dermoid: case report 2000 O. Koshy,* L. Ion, N. Waterhouse Blackwell Synergy
1581 Precautions against cross-infection during operations for maxillofacial trauma 2000 N. Pigadas,* C. M. E. Avery Blackwell Synergy
1582 Sir Henry Trentham Butlin: the father of British head and neck surgery 2000 A. R. Uttley, M. McGurk Blackwell Synergy
1583 Actinomycotic ulcer of the oral mucosa: an unusual presentation of oral actinomycosis 2000 F. J. Alamillos-Granados, A. Dean-Ferrer, A. García-López, F. López-Rubio Blackwell Synergy
1584 Management of anticoagulation in patients with prosthetic heart valves undergoing oral and maxillofacial operations 2000 K. Webster,* J. Wilde Blackwell Synergy
1585 Behavioural measurement of postoperative pain after oral surgery 2000 P. Coulthard, B. J. Pleuvry,* M. Dobson, M. Price Blackwell Synergy
1586 Three years’ experience of collaborative care pathways on a maxillofacial ward 2000 S. N. Rogers, R. Naylor,* L. Potter, P. Magennis Blackwell Synergy
1587 Vascularized transplantation of the long thoracic nerve for sensory reinnervation of the lower lip 2000 G. Schultes, A. Gaggl, H. Kärcher Blackwell Synergy
1588 New surgical technique for the correction of congenital muscular torticollis (wry neck) 2000 L.F.A. Stassen, C.J. Kerawala Blackwell Synergy
1589 Effect of limited jaw motion on ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint in sheep 2000 H. Miyamoto, K. Kurita,* N. Ogi, J.-I. Ishimaru, A.N. Goss Blackwell Synergy
1590 Value of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in the treatment of a calcifying epithelial odontogenic (Pindborg) tumour 2000 J.J.L. Cross,* R.J.J. Pilkington, N.M. Antoun, D.M. Adlam Blackwell Synergy
1591 Effect of short-term high dose of steroids on the healing of microvascular anastomoses in a rabbit model: pilot study 2000 J. S. Brown,* N. Lee, D. Lowe, R. M. Browne Blackwell Synergy
1592 Review of severe osteoradionecrosis treated by surgery alone or surgery with postoperative hyperbaric oxygenation 2000 A. Maier,* A. Gaggl, H. Klemen,* G. Santler, U. Anegg,* B. Fell,* H. Kärcher, F. M. Smolle-J Blackwell Synergy
1593 Endoscopic treatment of sinonasal disease in patients who have had orthognathic surgery 2000 J. J. Moses, C. R. Lange,* A. Arredondo Blackwell Synergy
1594 Comparison of three facebow/semi-adjustable articulator systems for planning orthognathic surgery 2000 A. M. O’Malley, A. Milosevic Blackwell Synergy
1595 Miniantrostomy for the reduction of fractures of the orbital floor 2000 M. B. O’Regan, * S. P. R. MacLeod Blackwell Synergy
1596 Head and neck cancer and its treatment: historical review 2000 M. McGurk,* N. M. Goodger Blackwell Synergy
1597 Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral tongue: an analysis of prognostic factors 2000 G. El-Husseiny, A. Kandil, A. Jamshed, Y. Khafaga, M. Saleem,* A. Allam, N. Al-Rajhi, A. Al-Amro, A. Blackwell Synergy
1598 Comparison of two systems for rigidly connecting 2.0-mm bone screws to an implantable device: in vitro stability testing 2000 J.-P. van Loon,* L. G. M. de Bont,* G. J. Verkerke Blackwell Synergy
1599 Synovial chondromatosis of the temporomandibular joint 2000 H. Miyamoto, * H. Sakashita, D. F. Wilson, A. N. Goss Blackwell Synergy
1600 Multiple odontogenic keratocysts in mental retardation–overgrowth (Simpson–Golabi–Behmel) syndrome 2000 M. Krimmel, S. Reinert Blackwell Synergy

Number of items : 1840
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