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No Title Year Author Publisher
1351 Advance Gold : Coursebook Cassette 2001 Richard Acklam and Sally Burgess Pearson Education Limited - USA
1352 Advance Gold : exam maximiser (Cassette 1&2) 2001 Sally Burgess and Richard Acklam Pearson Education Limited - USA
1353 Cutting Edge : Starter (Cassette 1&2) 2001 Sarah Cunningham and chris redston Pearson Education Limited - USA
1354 IELTS to Success : Preparation Tips & Practice Tests (Cassette 1&2) 2001 Eric van Bemmel and Janina Tucker Pearson Education Limited - USA
1355 IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2001 Vanessa Jakeman and Clare McDowell Pearson Education Limited - USA
1356 Opportunities : Elementary 2001 Michael Harris and David Mower Longman, Pearson Education
1357 Opportunities : Elementary (Reading Texts & Test Cassette) 2001 Harris Mower Sikorzynska Pearson Education Limited - usa
1358 Expressions 3 2001 David Nunan Heinle & Heinle - USA
1359 Expressions 2 2001 David Nunan Heinle & Heinle - USA
1360 Engineering Mathematics Personal Tutor 2001 Palgrave Erlangga
1361 Evidence-based Practice in Primary care 2001 BMJ Books
1362 Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice 2001 Marilyn E. Parker F.A. Davis Company
1363 Non-clinical outcome measures in dentistry: publishing trends 1988–98 2001 Buck D, Newton JT Blackwell Synergy
1364 Dental caries patterns and oral health behaviors in Arizona infants and toddlers 2001 Douglass JM, Tinanoff N, Tang JMW, Altman DS Blackwell Synergy
1365 Substance use among Dutch dental students 2001 Plasschaert AJM, Hoogstraten J, van Emmerik BJ, Webster DB, Clayton RR Blackwell Synergy
1366 A tribute to Dr. David Barmes 2001 Editorial Blackwell Synergy
1367 Use of a national database for strategic management of municipal oral health services for Danish children and adolescents 2001 Hansen I, Foldspang A, Poulsen S Blackwell Synergy
1368 Self-perceived oral health among three subgroups of Asian-Americans in New York City: a preliminary study 2001 Cruz GD, Galvis DL, Kim M, Le-Geros RZ, Barrow S-YL, Tavares M, Bachiman
1369 Quantifying the diffused benefit from water fluoridation in the United States 2001 Griffin SO, Gooch BF, Lockwood SA, Tomar SL Blackwell Synergy
1370 Direct and indirect costs of dental trauma in Sweden: a 2-year prospective study of children and adolescents 2001 Glendor U, Jonsson D, Halling A, Lindqvist K Blackwell Synergy
1371 Oral health promotion evaluation – time for development 2001 Watt RG, Fuller S, Harnett R, Treasure ET, Stillman-Lowe C Blackwell Synergy
1372 Social inequality in oral health and use of dental care in Sweden 2001 Hjern A, Grindefjord M, Sundberg H, Rose´n M Blackwell Synergy
1373 An assessment of sensitivity to change of the Oral Health Impact Profile in a clinical trial 2001 Allen PF, McMillan AS, Locker D Blackwell Synergy
1374 Adolescents’ sense of coherence, oral health status, and oral health-related behaviours 2001 Freire MCM, Sheiham A, Hardy R Blackwell Synergy
1375 Evaluation of oral health promotion in the workplace: the effects on dental care costs and frequency of dental visits 2001 Ide R, Mizoue T, Tsukiyama Y, Ikeda M, Yoshimura T Blackwell Synergy
1376 Modified IOTN: an orthodontic treatment need index for use in oral health surveys 2001 Burden DJ, Pine CM, Burnside G Blackwell Synergy
1377 2000 Public Service Awards: 2001 B. Alex White, DDS, DrPH Blackwell Synergy
1378 Socioeconomic factors that affect international caries levels 2001 Diehnelt DE, Kiyak HA Blackwell Synergy
1379 Remarks on Receiving the 2000 Public Service Award 2001 Judy Sherman Blackwell Synergy
1380 Rugby players’ satisfaction with custom-fitted mouthguards made with different materials 2001 Brionnet JM, Roger-Leroi V, Tubert-Jeannin S, Garson A Blackwell Synergy
1381 Dietary habits and dental health over the first 18 months of life 2001 Habibian M, Roberts G, Lawson M, Stevenson R, Harris S Blackwell Synergy
1382 Remarks on Receiving the 2000 Special Merit Award 2001 Rhys B. Jones, DDS, MS Blackwell Synergy
1383 Effectiveness of an oral health education programme in primary schools in Zimbabwe after 3.5 years 2001 Frencken JE, Borsum-Andersson K, Makoni F, Moyana F, Mwashaenyi S, Blackwell Synergy
1384 2000 Special Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community Dentistry-International: 2001 B. Alex White, DDS, DrPH Blackwell Synergy
1385 Recurrent oral ulcerations associated with recurrent herpes labialis – two distinct entities? 2001 Katz J, Chaushu G, Peretz B Blackwell Synergy
1386 Dental erosion in children and adolescents – a cross-sectional and longitudinal investigation using study models 2001 Ganss C, Klimek J, Giese K Blackwell Synergy
1387 2000 Distinguished Service Award: R. Gary Rozier, DDS, MPH 2001 B. Alex White, DDS, DrPH Blackwell Synergy
1388 Remarks on Receiving the 2000 Distinguished Service Award 2001 R. Gary Rotier, DDS, MPH Blackwell Synergy
1389 Oral melanin pigmentation related to smoking in a Turkish population 2001 Ünsal E, Paksoy C, Soykan E, Elhan AH, S¸ahin M Blackwell Synergy
1390 Caries preventive effect of sugar-substituted chewing gum 2001 Machiulskiene V, Nyvad B, Baelum V. Blackwell Synergy
1391 AAPHD 63rd Annual Session and Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors 52nd Annual 2001 Michael D. McCunnzT, DDS, MS, Blackwell Synergy
1392 Improving oral health in institutionalised elderly people by educating caregivers: a randomised controlled trial 2001 Frenkel HF, Harvey I, Newcombe RG Blackwell Synergy
1393 On the retention and effectiveness of fissure sealant in permanent molars after 15–20 years: a cohort study 2001 Wendt LK, Koch G, Birkhed D Blackwell Synergy
1394 Community Action Reports 2001 Myron Allukian, Jr., DDS, MPH Blackwell Synergy
1395 Dentists’ decisions on prophylactic removal of mandibular third molars: a 10-year follow-up study 2001 Knutsson K, Lysell L, Rohlin M Blackwell Synergy
1396 Letters to the Editor 2001 Anthony S. Blinkhorn, BDS, MSc, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1397 Oral health and dental care in modern-day China 2001 Lin HC, Schwarz E Blackwell Synergy
1398 Risk indicators of edentulism, partial tooth loss and prosthetic status among black and white middle-aged and older adults 2001 Dolan TA, Gilbert GH, Duncan RP, Foerster U. Blackwell Synergy
1399 Validation of a Swiss method of caries prediction in Dutch children 2001 van Palenstein Helderman WH, Mulder J, van’t Hof MA, Truin GJ Blackwell Synergy
1400 Incidence rates for complete cusp fracture 2001 Bader, JD, Martin JA, Shugars DA Blackwell Synergy

Number of items : 1840
Pages : «« 1 ... 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 ... 37 »»