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1301 An ABCD Program to Increase Access to Dental Care for Children Enrolled in Medicaid in a Rural County 2002 Tarja Kaakko, DDS; Erik Skaret, DDS; Tracy Getz, MS; Philippe Hujoel, DDS, PhD; David Grembowski, Ph Blackwell Synergy
1302 Predicting the experience of dentinal caries or restorative dental treatment in adolescents using D1 and D3 visual caries assessments 2002 Nuttall NM, Deery C. Blackwell Synergy
1303 Risk Indicators for Periodontal Disease in a Remote Canadian Community-a Dental Practice-based Study 2002 Mandy Sbaraglia, DDS; Robert S. Turnbull, MScD; David Locker, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1304 Inequalities in the dental treatment provided to children: an example from the UK 2002 Tickle M, Milsom KM, Blinkhorn AS. Blackwell Synergy
1305 Cost-effectiveness of screening for the possible development of cancer in patients with oral lichen planus 2002 van der Meij EH, Bezemer PD, van der Waal I. Blackwell Synergy
1306 Dental Caries Experience of Female Inmates 2002 Christine K. Heng, DDS, MPH; Douglas E. Morse, DDS, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1307 Effectiveness of chlorhexidine–thymol varnish for caries reduction in permanent first molars of 6–7-year-old children: 24-month clinical trial 2002 Baca P, Mun˜oz MJ, Bravo M, Junco P, Baca AP. Blackwell Synergy
1308 The Fight Over Water Fluoridation in Israel-Potential Modesof Action in Light of the "American Experience" 2002 Yuval Vered, DMD, MPH; Harold D. Sgan-Cohen, DMD, MPH Blackwell Synergy
1309 Disparities in dental service utilization among Alabama Medicaid children 2002 Dasanayake AP, Li Y, Wadhawan S, Kirk K, Bronstein J, Childers NK. Blackwell Synergy
1310 Response to direct and indirect recruitment for a randomised dental clinical trial in a multicultural population of elders 2002 MacEntee MI, Wyatt C, Kiyak HA, Hujoel PP, Persson RE, Persson GR, Powell LV. Blackwell Synergy
1311 General Health Status and Changes in Chewing Ability in Older Canadians over Seven Years 2002 David Locker, PhD; David Matear, MSc; Herenia Lawrence, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1312 Translation and Validation of the Chinese Version of GOHAI 2002 May C. M. Wong, BSocSc, MPhil; Jerry K. S. Liu, BDS, BSc, MFDGP; Edward C. M. Lo, BDS, MDS, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1313 The relationship between problem behaviour and traumatic dental injury amongst children aged 7–15 years old 2002 Odoi R, Croucher R, Wong F, Marcenes W. Blackwell Synergy
1314 Oral Health and Use of Dental Services Among Hispanics 2002 Denice C. L. Stewart, DDS, MHSA; Alexander N. Ortega, PhD; David Dausey, MPhll; Robert Rosenheck, MD Blackwell Synergy
1315 Periodontitis in the United States: Beyond Black and White 2002 Luisa N. Borrell, DDS, PhD, MPH; Brian A. Burt, BDS, MPH, PhD; Brenda W. Gillespie, MS, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
1316 Directed acyclic graphs (DAGs): an aid to assess confounding in dental research 2002 Merchant AT, Pitiphat W. Blackwell Synergy
1317 Provision of Care to the Underserved Populations bv J National Health Service Corps Alumni Dentists 2002 Mahyar Mofidi, DMD, MPH; Thomas R. Konrad, PhD; Deborah S. Porterfield, MD, MPH; Blackwell Synergy
1318 Reported bruxism and stress experience 2002 Ahlberg J, Rantala M, Savolainen A, Suvinen T, Nissinen M, Sarna S, Lindholm H, Blackwell Synergy
1319 Dental Caries in the Primary Dentition: Assessing Prevalence of Cavitated and Noncavitated Lesions 2002 John J. Warren, DDS, MS; Jed S. Hand, DDS, MHSA; Steven M. Levy, DDS, MPH; H. Lester Kirchner, MS Blackwell Synergy
1320 Longitudinal study on periodontal conditions in healthy elderly people in Japan 2002 Hirotomi T, Yoshihara A, Yano M, Ando Y, Miyazaki H Blackwell Synergy
1321 Validation of Self-reported Periodontal Measures Among Health Professionals 2002 Kaumudi J. Joshipura, BDS, SD; Waranuch Pitiphat, DDS; Chester W. Douglass, DMD, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1322 Dental diseases in subjects with b-thalassemia major 2002 Al-Wahadni AM, Taani DQ, Al-Omari MO. Blackwell Synergy
1323 Validation of Self-reported Oral Health Measures 2002 Waranuch Pitiphat, DDS, MPHM, MS; Raul 1. Garcia, DMD, MMedSc; Chester W. Douglass, DMD, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
1324 Validation of a Chinese version of the Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP) 2002 Wong MCM, Lo ECM, McMillan AS. Blackwell Synergy
1325 Building the Science Base for Dental Public Health 2002 Scott L. Tomar, DMD, DrPH Blackwell Synergy
1326 Validity and limitations of self-reported periodontal health 2002 Buhlin K, Gustafsson A, Andersson K, Ha°kansson J, Klinge B. Blackwell Synergy
1327 Orof acial Pain: Racial and Sex Differences Among Older Adults 2002 Joseph L. Riley, 111, PhD; Gregg H. Gilbert, DDS, MBA; Marc W. Heft, DMD, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1328 Family impact of child oral and oro-facial conditions 2002 Locker D, Jokovic A, Stephens M, Kenny D, Tompson B, Guyatt G. Blackwell Synergy
1329 Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in Oral Disadvantage, a Measure of Oral Health-related Quality of Life: 24-month Incidence 2002 L. Scott Chavers, MPH; Gregg H. Gilbert, DDS, MBA; Brent J. Shelton, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1330 Appropriateness of orthodontic referrals: self-perceived and normative treatment needs of patients referred for orthodontic consultation 2002 Chew MT, Aw AKL. Blackwell Synergy
1331 Influence of Patient, Visit, and Oral Health Factors on Dental Service Provision 2002 David S. Brennan, MPH, PhD; A. John Spencer, MDSc, MPH, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1332 Emergence of permanent teeth in Tanzanian children 2002 Mugonzibwa EA, Kuijpers-Jagtman AM, Laine-Alava MT, van‘t Hof MA. Blackwell Synergy
1333 The Association Between Viadento Use and Oral Leukoplakia-Results of a Matched Case-control Study 2002 Ana Karina Mascarenhas, BDS, DrPH; Carl M. Allen, DDS, MSD; Melvin L. Moeschberger, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1334 Comparison of Two Methods of Estimating 48-month Tooth Loss Incidence 2002 Gregg H. Gilbert, DDS, MBA; John S. Rose, MPH; Elmire D. Cantey, BS, RDH; Janet L. Earls, BS, RDH; Blackwell Synergy
1335 Integrity of Powdered and Powder-free Latex Examination Gloves 2002 Andrew J. Calhoun, BS, MS; Gary E. Rodrick, PhD; Frederic H. Brown, DMD, MS Blackwell Synergy
1336 The Epidemiology of Self-reported TMJ Sounds and Pain in Young Adults in Israel 2002 Joseph Katz, DMD; Marc Heft, DMD, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1337 The John MI. Knutson Distinguished Service Award in Dental Public Health-2001 Recipient Robert E. Mecklenburg 2002 Dushanka V. Kleinman, DDS, MScD Blackwell Synergy
1338 Fluoridation and Social Equity 2002 Brian A. Burt, BDS, MPH, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1339 A Systematic Review of the Performance of Methods for Identifying Carious Lesions 2002 James D. Bader, DDS, MPH; Daniel A. Shugars, DDS, PhD; Arthur J. Bonito, PhD
1340 Predictors of Chewing Difficulty Onset Among Dentate Adults: 24-month Incidence 2002 Chuck W. Peek, PhD; Gregg H. Gilbert, DDS, MBA; R. Paul Duncan, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1341 Building a Framework for Improving Oral Health: National Oral Health Conference 2002 WILLIAMS R.A.D Blackwell Synergy
1342 Remarks on Receiving the 2002 Distinguished Service Award 2002 Myron Allukian, Jr., DDS, MPH Blackwell Synergy
1343 AAPHD 2002 Special Merit Award: Robert J. Weyant, DMD, DrPH 2002 Rebecca King, DDS, MPH, AAPHD Blackwell Synergy
1344 Remarks on Receiving the 2002 Special Merit Award 2002 Robert J. Weyant, DMD, DrPH Blackwell Synergy
1345 AAPHD 2002 Special Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community D entis try-Int ernational: Patricia Main, DDS, DDPH, MSc 2002 Robert J. Weyant, DMD, DrPH Blackwell Synergy
1346 Remarks upon Receiving the 2002 Special Merit Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community Dentistry-International 2002 Patricia Main, DDS, DDPH, MSc Blackwell Synergy
1347 Abstracts 2002 Kathryn Atchison, DDS, MPH Blackwell Synergy
1348 Market Leader : Upper Intermediate Business English Course Book Cassette 2001 David Cotton and David Falvey Longman - USA
1349 Market Leader : Upper Intermediate Business English Practice File Cassette 2001 John Rogers Pearson Education Limited - USA
1350 Cutting Edge : Elementary (Class Cassette 2) 2001 Sarah Cunningham Longman - USA

Number of items : 1840
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