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1001 Dental Pain in Maryland School Children 2005 Clemencia M. Vargas, DDS, PhD; Mark D. Macek, DDS, DrPH; Harold S. Goodman, DMD, MPH, Mark L. Wagner Blackwell Synergy
1002 Patterns of Dietary Fluoride Supplement Use in Children from Birth to 96 Months of Age 2005 Abed Al-Hadi Hamasha, BDS, MS; Steven M. Levy, DDS, MPH; Barbara Broffitt, MS, John J. Warren, DDS, Blackwell Synergy
1003 Associations between Socio-economic Circumstances at Two Stages of Life and Adolescents’ Oral Health Status 2005 Belinda Nicolau, PhD; Wagner Marcenes, PhD; Me1 Bartley, PhD; Aubrey Sheiham, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1004 The Use of Administrative Databases to Assess Oral Health Care 2005 James L. Leake, MSc; Renata I. Werneck, DDS Blackwell Synergy
1005 Healthy Practices, Social Relationships and Dental Perceptions Among US Dentate Adults 2005 Piya Siriphant, DDS, MPH, PhD; Thomas F. Drury, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1006 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards Droplet and Airborne Isolation Precautions Among Dental Health Care Professionals in Shiraz, Iran 2005 Mehrdad Askarian, MD, MPH; Kamran Mirraei, MD, MPH; Behnam Honarvar MD, MPH; Mahyar Etminan, PharmD Blackwell Synergy
1007 Developing and Deploying a New Member of the Dental Team: A Pediatric Oral Health Therapist 2005 David A. Nash, DMD, MS, EdD Blackwell Synergy
1008 Public Health Implications of Periodontal Infections in Adults: Conference Proceedings 2005 Paul 1. Eke, PhD, MPH, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1009 Attitudes of Central Collegiate Hockey Association Ice Hockey Players Toward Athletic Mouthguard Usage 2005 David C. Berry, PhD; Michael G. Miller, EdD; Wendy Leow, MA Blackwell Synergy
1010 Validation of a Simple Approach to Caries Risk Assessment 2005 James D. Bader, DDS, MPH; Nancy A. Perrin, PhD; Gerard0 Maupome, BDS, MS, PhD, Brad Rindal, DDS; Wil Blackwell Synergy
1011 Assessing Cost-Effectiveness of Sealant Placement in Children 2005 Rocio B. QuiAonez, DMD, MS, MPH, FRCDC; Stephen M. Downs, MD, MS, Dan Shugars, DDS, PhD; John Chris Blackwell Synergy
1012 Mobile Dental Vans: Planning Considerations and Productivity 2005 Joanna M. Douglass, BDS, DDS Blackwell Synergy
1013 The John W* Knutson Distinguished Service Award in Dental Public Health - 2004 Recipient: Dr. Charles We Gish, DDS, MSD 2005 Alice M. Horowitz, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1014 Remarks on Receiving the 2004 APHA Knutson Award 2005 Dr. Charles W. Gish, DDS, MSD Blackwell Synergy
1015 Comments on the Proposed Pediatric Oral Health Therapist 2005 James B. Bramson, DDS; Albert H. Guay, DMD Blackwell Synergy
1016 Response to Drs. Bramson and Guay’s Comments on the Proposed Pediatric Oral Health Therapist 2005 David A. Nash, DMD, MS, EdD Blackwell Synergy
1017 Health and Literacy: Supporting the Oral Health Research Agenda 2005 Rima E. Rudd, MSPH, ScD; Alice M. Horowitz, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1018 Public Assistance Orthodontic Treatment Needs: A Report from the State of Indiana 2005 Jeffrey A. Dean, DDS, MSD; Shelley M. McDonald, BA; Paul 0. Walker, DDS, MSD Blackwell Synergy
1019 Determinants of Dental Service Utilization Among 2 to 11-Year-Old California Children 2005 Umo Isong, DDS, MPH, PhD; Jane A. Weintraub, DDS, MPH Blackwell Synergy
1020 What Do Older Adults’ Global Self-ratings of Oral Measure? 2005 David Locker, PhD, Evelyn Wexler MScN; Aleksandra Jokovic, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1021 Developing Management Inf ormation from an Administrative Database of Dental Services: Identifying Factors that Influence Costs 2005 James L Leake, MSc; Stephen Birch, DPhil ; Patricia A Main, MSc; Elsa Ho, MBA Blackwell Synergy
1022 Knowledge of Oral Cancer and Screening Practices of Primary Care Providers at Federally Qualified Health Centers 2005 Woosung Sohn, DDS, PhD, DrPH ; Amid 1. Ismail, BDS, MPH, DrPH; Justine L. Kolker, DDS, MS,Phd Blackwell Synergy
1023 The Roles of Meal, Snack, and Daily Total Food and Beverage Exposures on Caries Experience in Young Children 2005 Teresa A. Marshall, PhD; Barbara Broffitt, MS; Julie Eichenberger-Gilmore, PhD; John J. Warren,DDS, Blackwell Synergy
1024 The Invisible Barrier: Literacy and Its Relationship with Oral Health 2005 Blackwell Synergy
1025 Dental Insurance and Clinical Dental Outcomes in NHANES I11 2005 Tonya R. Stancil, PhD; Chien-Hsun Li, MS, MA; Jeffrey J. Hyman, DDS, PhD; Britt C. Reid, DDS, PhD; M Blackwell Synergy
1026 Determinants of Dental Referral Practices Among WIC Nutritionists in North Carolina 2005 Elizabeth A. Shick, DDS, MPH; Jessica Y. Lee, DDS, MPH, PhD; R. Gary Rozier, DDS, MPH Blackwell Synergy
1027 Risk Assessment Criteria Applied to a Screening Exam: Implications for Improving the Efficiency of a Sealant Program 2005 Rachel L. Badovinac, DMD, ScM; Kelly E. Morgan, DMD; Joyce Lefevre, RDH; Sangeeta Wadhawan, BDS, MPH Blackwell Synergy
1028 Dental Caries in Twelve- and Fifteen-Year-Olds: Results from the Basic Oral Health Survey in Haiti 2005 Walter J. Psoter, DDS, PhD; H. Ludwig P. Saint Jean, DDS, MPH; Douglas E. Morse, DDS, Ph.D; Blackwell Synergy
1029 Influence of Sociodemographic Variables on Dental Service Utilization and Oral Health Among the Children Included in the Year 2001 Spanish National Health Survev 2005 Miguel Angel Tapias-Ledesma, MD PhD; Rodrigo Jimenez, MD, PhD; Pilar Carrasco Garrido, PhD; Blackwell Synergy
1030 Florida Adults’ Oral Cancer Knowledge and Examination Experiences 2005 Scott L. Tomar, DMD, DrPH; Henrietta L. Logan, PhD Blackwell Synergy
1031 The Strength of Two Indicators of Social Position on Oral Health Among Persons Over the Age of 80 Years 2005 Kirsten Avlund, PhD, DMedSci; Poul Holm-Pedersen, DDS, Dr. Odont; Douglas E. Morse, DDS, Blackwell Synergy
1032 Toothbrushing Patterns Over Time in At-Risk Metropolitan African-American gfh- sthG raders 2005 Anne Koerber, DDS, PhD; James L. Burns, MS; Michael Berbaum, PhD; lndru Punwani, DDS, MS; Blackwell Synergy
1033 Using Tablet PC’s in Dental Practice Research: Technology, Cost Savings, and Direct Data Entry ”On the Go” 2005 Joseph J. Sudano, Jr., PhD; Brandon Kofford, BS; Stephen Wotman, DDS Blackwell Synergy
1034 Highlights 2005 Chris Forsch, RDH, BS; Kathryn Atchison, DDS, MPH; Maija Beyer, RDH; Robert Weyant, DMD, Blackwell Synergy
1035 AAPHD President’s Remarks at the Opening Session: Maslow’s Hierarchy Applied to the American Association of Public Health Dentistrv 2005 Jane Weintraub, DDS, MPH Blackwell Synergy
1036 An Assessment of the Dental Public Health Infrastructure in the United States 2005 Scott L. Tomar, DMD, DrPH Blackwell Synergy
1037 Weaving it Together 1 - 4 Audio Tape 2004 Milada Broukal Thomson Heinle
1038 Innovations Intermediate 2004 Hugh Dellar Thomson corporation
1039 Innovations Upper-Intermediate 2004 Hug Dellar Heinle - USA
1040 Color Atlas of Neurology 2004 Reinhard Rohkamm Thieme Verlag
1041 Assessing the impact of oral health on the life quality of children: implications for research and practice 2004 McGrath C, Bedi R.
1042 Relationship between area deprivation and the anticaries benefit of an oral health programme providing free fluoride toothpaste to young children 2004 Ellwood RP, Davies GM, Worthington HV, Blinkhorn AS, Taylor GO, Blackwell Synergy
1043 Determining the optimal concentration of fluoride in drinking water in Pakistan 2004 Khan AA, Whelton H, O’Mullane D. Blackwell Synergy
1044 The effectiveness of a 6-year oral health education programme for primary schoolchildren 2004 Vanobbergen J, Martens L, Lesaffre E, Bogaerts K, Declerck D Blackwell Synergy
1045 The utility of the zero-inflated Poisson and zero-inflated negative binomial models: a case study of cross-sectional and longitudinalDMFdataexamining the effect of socio-economic status 2004 Lewsey JD, Thomson WM. Blackwell Synergy
1046 Self-care intervention to reduce oral candidiasis recurrences in HIV-seropositive persons: a pilot study 2004 Hilton JF, MacPhail LA, Pascasio L, Sroussi HY, Cheikh B, LaBao ME, Malvin K, Blackwell Synergy
1047 A longitudinal study of caries onset in initially caries-free children and baseline salivary mutans streptococci levels: a Kaplan–Meier survival analysis 2004 Kopycka-Ke˛dzierawski DT, Billings RJ. Blackwell Synergy
1048 Willingness to pay for dentin regeneration in a sample of dentate adults 2004 Birch S, Sohn W, Ismail AI, Lepkowski JM, Belli RF. Blackwell Synergy
1049 A meta-analysis of the prevalence of dental agenesis of permanent teeth 2004 Polder BJ, Van’t Hof MA, Van der Linden FPGM, Kuijpers-Jagtman AM. Blackwell Synergy
1050 The effect of pre-operative information in relieving anxiety in oral surgery patients 2004 Ng SKS, Chau AWL, Leung WK Blackwell Synergy

Number of items : 1840
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