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51 Use of platelet gel with connective tissue grafts for root coverage: a randomized-controlled trial 2008 Huseyin Gencay Keceli Blackwell Synergy
52 Comparison between two surgical techniques for root coverage with an acellular dermal matrix graft 2008 Patrı´cia F. Andrade, Blackwell Synergy
53 Histological and biomechanical evaluation of phosphorylcholine coated titanium implants 2008 Cristiano Susin Blackwell Synergy
54 Polymorphisms in the CD14 and IL-6 genes associated with periodontal disease 2008 Tellervo Tervonen Blackwell Synergy
55 Maternal periodontitis and adverse pregnancy outcomes 2008 Pitiphat W, Joshipura KJ, Gillman MW, Williams PL, Douglass CW and Rich- Blackwell Synergy
56 Effect of reducing the number of items of the Oral Health Impact Profile on responsiveness, validity and reliability in edentulous populations 2008 Awad M, Al-Shamrany M, Locker D, Allen F, Feine J. Blackwell Synergy
57 Assessment of orthodontic treatment need: a comparison of study models and facial photographs 2008 Sherlock JM, Cobourne MT, McDonald F. Blackwell Synergy
58 Can caregivers be used in assessing oral health-related quality of life among patients hospitalized for acute medical conditions? 2008 Zhu HW, McGrath C, McMillan AS, Li LSW Blackwell Synergy
59 A German version of the GOHAI 2008 Hassel AJ, Rolko C, Koke U, Leisen J, Rammelsberg P. Blackwell Synergy
60 Self-reported efficacy of an online dental anxiety support group: a pilot study 2008 Coulson NS, Buchanan H. Blackwell Synergy
61 Positive engagement and job resources in dental practice 2008 Gorter RC, te Brake HJHM, Hoogstraten J, Eijkman MAJ Blackwell Synergy
62 Risk indicators for dental caries using the International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS) 2008 Ismail AI, Sohn W, Tellez M, Willem JM, Betz J, Lepkowski J Blackwell Synergy
63 Using the Maslach Burnout Inventory among dentists: burnout measurement and trends 2008 te Brake JHM, Bouman AM, Gorter RC, Hoogstraten J, Eijkman MAJ Blackwell Synergy
64 Oral and general health behaviours among Chinese urban adolescents 2008 Petersen PE, Jiang H, Peng B, Tai BJ, Bian Z. Blackwell Synergy
65 Self-reported and clinically determined oral health status predictors for quality of life in dentate older migrant adults 2008 MarinËœo R, Schofield M, Wright C, Calache H, Minichiello V. Blackwell Synergy
66 European citizens’ opinions on water fluoridation 2008 Griffin M, Shickle D, Moran N. Blackwell Synergy
67 Water fluoridation as a marker for sociodental inequalities 2008 Gabardo MCL, da Silva WJ, Moyse´s ST, Moyse´s SJ. Blackwell Synergy
68 Changes in parent-assessed oral health-related quality of life among young children following dental treatment under general anaesthetic 2008 Malden PE, Thomson WM, Jokovic A, Locker D. Blackwell Synergy
69 Changes in dental status and dental care utilization in the Swedish population over three decades: age, period, or cohort effects? 2008 Ahacic K, Thorslund M. Blackwell Synergy
70 A preliminary investigation of the relationship of dental fear to other specific fears, general fearfulness, disgust sensitivity and harm sensitivity 2008 Armfield JM Blackwell Synergy
71 Does malocclusion influence the adolescent’s satisfaction with appearance? A cross-sectional study nested in a Brazilian birth cohort 2008 Peres KG, Barros AJD, Anselmi L, Peres MA, Barros FC. Blackwell Synergy
72 Risk factors associated with dental fluorosis in Central Plateau State, Nigeria 2008 Akosu TJ, Zoakah AI Blackwell Synergy
73 Contributions of social context to inequality in dental caries: a multilevel analysis of Japanese 3-year-old children 2008 Aida J, Ando Y, Oosaka M, Niimi K, Morita M. Blackwell Synergy
74 Caries status and overweight in 2- to 18-year-old US children: findings from national surveys 2008 Kopycka-Kedzierawski DT, Auinger P, Billings RJ, Weitzman M Blackwell Synergy
75 Factors associated with prevalence and severity of caries experience in preschool children 2008 Declerck D, Leroy R, Martens L, Lesaffre E, Garcia-Zattera M-J, Vanden Broucke Journal compilation
76 Effect of early childhood malnutrition on tooth eruption in Haitian adolescents 2008 Psoter W, Gebrian B, Prophete S, Reid B, Katz R. Journal compilation
77 Relationship between caregiver’s and child’s caries prevalence among disadvantaged African Americans 2008 Reisine S, Tellez M, Willem J, Sohn W, Ismail A. Journal compilation
78 Perceived psychosocial job stress and sleep bruxism among male and female workers 2008 Nakata A, Takahashi M, Ikeda T, Hojou M, Araki S. Journal compilation
79 Changing risk factors for fluorosis among South Australian children 2008 Spencer AJ, Do LG. Journal compilation
80 Development of a questionnaire measuring treatment concerns in regular dental patients 2008 Klages U, Sadjadi Z, Lojek LD, Rust G, Wehrbein H. Journal compilation
81 Testing the applicability of a conceptual model of oral health in housebound edentulous older people 2008 Baker SR, Pankhurst CL, Robinson PG Journal compilation
82 Parental smoking behavior and caries experience in preschool children 2008 Leroy R, Hoppenbrouwers K, Jara A, Declerck D. Journal compilation
83 Determinants of perceived need for dental pain medication 2008 Pau A, Croucher R, Marcenes W Journal compilation
84 Influence of Fixation Mode and Superstructure Span upon Strain Development of Implant Fixed Partial Dentures 2008 Matthias Karl, DMD,1 Manfred G. Wichmann, DMD,1 Werner Winter, Dr.-Ing.,2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
85 Microtensile Bond Strength of Different Components of Core Veneered All-Ceramic Restorations. Part 3: Double Veneer Technique 2008 Moustafa N. Aboushelib, DDS, MSc,1,2 Cornelis J. Kleverlaan, PhD,1 & Albert J. Feilzer, PhD, DDS1 Journal of Prosthodontics,
86 Consistency of Labial Finish Line Preparation for Metal Ceramic Crowns: An Investigation of a New Bur 2008 Kevin G. Seymour, BDS, MSc, PhD, DRD, George P. Cherukara, BDS, MClinDent, Journal of Prosthodontics,
87 Color Stability of Glazed and Polished Dental Porcelains 2008 Caner Yılmaz, DDS, PhD,1 Turan Korkmaz, DDS, PhD,1 His¸am Demirko¨ pru Journal of Prosthodontics,
88 Occlusal Changes Following Posterior Tooth Loss in Adults. Part 3. A Study of Clinical Parameters Associated with the Presence of Occlusal Interferences Following Posterior Tooth Loss 2008 Helen L. Craddock, PhD, M Dent Sci, BDS, MFDS, MRD, FDS (Rest Dent), RCS (Edin), Journal of Prosthodontics,
89 Placement and Restoration of Dental Implants in a Patient with Paget’s Disease in Remission: Literature Review and Clinical Report 2008 Jonathan M. Rasmussen, DDS1 & Matthew L. Hopfensperger, DDS, MS2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
90 Restoration of the Severely Compromised Maxilla Using the Multi-Cup Denture 2008 Robert L. Engelmeier, DMD, MS,1 Maria L. Gonzalez, DDS, MS,2 & Maribel Harb, DDS, MS3 Journal of Prosthodontics,
91 “All-on-Four” Immediate Function Concept and Clinical Report of Treatment of an Edentulous Mandible with a Fixed Complete Denture and Milled Titanium Framework 2008 Amir H. Khatami, DDS1 & Christopher R. Smith, DDS, FACP2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
92 Prosthodontic Management of Sulcoplasty and Sialodochoplasty with a Conforming Surgical Stent 2008 Robert W. Berg, DMD,1 Barry M. Goldman, DDS, MS,1 Kenneth Kurtz, DDS,1,2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
93 Immediate Maxillary Lateral Incisor Implants with Nonocclusal Loading Provisional Crowns 2008 Miguel Pen˜ arrocha, MD, DDS, PhD,1 Joana Lamas, DDS,2 Maria Pen˜ arrocha, DDS, MD Journal of Prosthodontics,
94 Optimization of Maxillary Obturator Thickness Using a Double-Processing Technique 2008 Won-suck Oh, DDS, MS1 & Eleni D. Roumanas, DDS2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
95 Eleven-Year Report on a Predoctoral Implant Dentistry Program 2008 Ahmad Maalhagh-Fard, DDS, MS1 & Arthur Nimmo, DDS2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
96 A Survey of Program Directors: Trends, Challenges, and Mentoring in Prosthodontics. Part 1 2008 Robert F. Wright, DDS, FACP,1 Ryan A. Dunlop, DMD,2 Frances M. Kim, DDS, MPH, DPH,3 Journal of Prosthodontics,
97 Effect of Auxiliary Grooves on Molar Crown Preparations Lacking Resistance Form: A Laboratory Study 2008 Po-Ching Lu, BDSc(Hons), GradDipClinDent, DClinDent,1 & Peter Wilson, BDS, FDSRCS, MS, Journal of Prosthodontics,
98 Marginal Adaptation and Color Stability of Four Provisional Materials 2008 Edward J. Givens, Jr., DDS,1 Gisele Neiva, DDS, MS,2 Peter Yaman, DDS, MS2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
99 Diametral Tensile and Compressive Strengths of Several Types of Core Materials 2008 Bulem Yu¨ zu¨ gu¨ llu¨ , DDS, PhD,1 Yalc¸ ın C Journal of Prosthodontics,
100 Intrapulpal Heat Generation during Provisionalization: Effect of Desensitizer and Matrix Type 2008 Tolga Akova, DDS, PhD, Ahmet Ozkomur, DDS, Cengiz Dundar, DDS & Neslin Aytutuldu, DDS Journal of Prosthodontics,

Number of items : 1840
Pages : «« 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ... 37 »»