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651 32 High-Impact Marketing Tips for Prosthodontists 2006 Kirk Behrendt, ACT Speaker & Coach Journal of Prosthodontics,
652 Marginal Adaptation of Cerec 3 CAD/CAM Composite Crowns Using Two Different Finish Line Preparation Designs 2006 Jaber Hussain Akbar, DDS, MS;1 Cynthia S. Petrie, DDS, MS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
653 Preloads Generated with Repeated Tightening in Three Types of Screws Used in Dental Implant Assemblies 2006 Declan Byrne, MSc, MA;1 Stuart Jacobs, BDS, MSD;2 Brian O’Connell, BDS Journal of Prosthodontics,
654 Effect of Core Diameter and Surface Treatment on the Retention of Resin Composite Cores to Prefabricated Endodontic Posts 2006 Ioli-Ioanna Artopoulou, DDS, MS;1 Kathy L. O’Keefe, DDS, MS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
655 Surface Roughness of Denture Base Acrylic Resins After Processing and After Polishing 2006 Julie C. Berger, DDS, MS;1 Carl F. Driscoll, DMD;2 Elaine Romberg, PhD;3 Journal of Prosthodontics,
656 Immediate Occlusal Loading of Osseotite Implants in Mandibular Edentulous Patients: A Prospective Observational Report with 18-Month Data 2006 Carl J. Drago, DDS, MS;1 and Richard J. Lazzara, DMD, MScD2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
657 Facial Moulage Fabrication Using a Two-Stage Poly(vinyl siloxane) Impression 2006 Abdullah S. Alsiyabi, BDS, MS;1 and Glenn E. Minsley, DMD2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
658 Screw-Retained Prosthesis for Straumann Implant Sites with Limited Interocclusal Clearance 2006 Debora Armellini, DDS, MS;1 S. Bilko, RDT;2 Robert P. Carmichael, BSc, DMD, Journal of Prosthodontics,
659 Dentist Communication with the Dental Laboratory for Prosthodontic Treatment Using Implants 2006 Zahra Afsharzand, DMD;1 Behnoush Rashedi, DMD, MSEd, MS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
660 Marketing for Prosthodontists: Become a Master of Digital Photography 2006 Kirk Behrendt, ACT Speaker & Coach Journal of Prosthodontics,
661 Fracture Resistance of Fiber-Reinforced PMMA Interim Fixed Partial Dentures 2006 Tamer A. Hamza, BDS, MS, PhD;1 Stephen F. Rosenstiel, BDS, MSD;2 Mohamed Journal of Prosthodontics,
662 Influence of Flask Closure and Flask Cooling Methods on Tooth Movement in Maxillary Dentures 2006 Rafael L.X. Consani, DDS, MSc, PhD;1 Saide S. Domitti, DDS, MSc, PhD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
663 Effect of Disinfectants on the Hardness and Roughness of Reline Acrylic Resins 2006 Andrea Azevedo, DDS;1 Ana Lucia Machado, DDS, MS, PhD;2 Carlos Eduardo Journal of Prosthodontics,
664 The Effect of Die Spacer on Retention and Fitting of Complete Cast Crowns 2006 Anna Belsuzarri Olivera, DDS, PhD1 and Tetsuo Saito, DDS, DDSc2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
665 A 4-Year Prospective Study to Assess Peri-Implant Hard and Soft Tissues Adjacent to Titanium Versus Gold-Alloy Abutments in Cemented Single Implant Crowns 2006 Paolo Vigolo, Dr. Odont, MScD;1 Andrea Givani, MD, DDS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
666 Assessment of Bias in Methodology for Randomized Controlled Trials Published on Implant Dentistry 2006 Herman B. Dumbrigue, DDM;1 Manal I. Al-Bayat, BDS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
667 Fabrication of a Laser-Welded Fixed–Detachable Prosthesis for Immediate Loading 2006 Shang-lun Kuo, DDS, MS;1 Tamer El-Gendy, DDS, MS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
668 The 60/30/10 Rule of Marketing for Prosthodontists 2006 Kirk Behrendt, ACT Speaker & Coach Journal of Prosthodontics,
669 Comparison of Repair Methods for Ceramic-Fused-to-Metal Crowns 2006 Mutlu ¨Ozcan, DMD, PhD;1 Jeroen M. van der Sleen, DDS;2 Hemmo Kurunm¨aki, Journal of Prosthodontics,
670 The Effect of Fatigue Damage on the Force Required to Remove a Restoration in a Cement-Retained Implant System 2006 Darian Kaar, DDS, MSD;1 Yoshiki Oshida, MS, PhD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
671 Effect of the Association of Nystatin with a Tissue Conditioner on its Ultimate Tensile Strength 2006 Vanessa Migliorini Urban, DDS, MS;1 Raphael Freitas de Souza, DDS, MS, Journal of Prosthodontics,
672 Effect of Chemical Disinfectants and Repair Materials on the Transverse Strength of Repaired Heat-Polymerized Acrylic Resin 2006 Ayman E. Ellakwa, BDS, MSc, PhD;1 and Ali M. El-Sheikh, BDS, MSD, Journal of Prosthodontics,
673 The Effect of Complete Dentures with a Metal Palate on Candida Species Growth in HIV-Infected Patients 2006 Leticia F. Perezous, DDS, MS;1 Gene C. Stevenson, DDS, MS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
674 An Innovative Approach to Chairside Provisional Replacement of an Extracted Anterior Tooth: Use of Fiber-Reinforced Ribbon-Composites and a Natural Tooth 2006 Neslihan Eminkahyagil, DDS, MSc, PhD;1 and Selim Erkut, DDS, PhD2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
675 Calcium Phosphate Cement: Review of Mechanical and Biological Properties 2006 Alberto J. Ambard, DDS, MS;1 and Leonard Mueninghoff, DDS2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
676 What Marketing CAN’T Do for Prosthodontists 2006 Kirk Behrendt, ACT Speaker & Coach Journal of Prosthodontics,
677 Fixed Rehabilitation of an ACP PDI Class III Patient 2006 Ana Lucia Machado, DDS, MSc, PhD;1 Larry C. Breeding, MSc, DMD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
678 Fixed Rehabilitation of an ACP PDI Class IV Dentate Patient 2006 Yasuhiro Tanimoto, PhD1 and Kimiya Nemoto, DDS, PhD2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
679 History of Articulators: Henry L. “Harry’’ Page and the Transograph 2006 Fabiana Mansur Varj˜ao, DDS, MSc, PhD1 and Journal of Prosthodontics,
680 Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry, Third Edition 2006 Konstantinos X. Michalakis, DDS, PhD Journal of Prosthodontics,
681 Fixed Rehabilitation of an ACP PDI Class IV 2006 Narong Potiket, DDS, MS Journal of Prosthodontics,
682 History of Articulators: Henry L. “Harry’’ Page 2006 Robert L. Engelmeier, DMD, MS1 and Edgar N. Starcke, DDS2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
683 Areview of the effects of stannous fluoride on gingivitis 2006 Blackwell Synergy
684 A method to study sustained antimicrobial activity of rinse and dentifrice components on biofilm viability in vivo 2006 H. C. van der Mei Blackwell Synergy
685 Cynical hostility as a determinant of toothbrushing frequency and oral hygiene 2006 Hanna-Leena Mettovaara Blackwell Synergy
686 Bad breath and periodontal disease: how related are they? 2006 Mel Rosenberg Blackwell Synergy
687 Oral malodor-related parameters in the Chinese general population 2006 Xue Nan Liu Blackwell Synergy
688 Immediate effect of instrumentation on the subgingival microflora in deep inflamed pockets under strict plaque control 2006 G. E. Rhemrev Blackwell Synergy
689 Impact of antiseptics on onestage, full-mouth disinfection 2006 Marc Quirynen Blackwell Synergy
690 Loss of molars in periodontally treated patients: a retrospective analysis five years or more after active periodontal treatment 2006 Bettina Dannewitz Blackwell Synergy
691 Microbial colonization patterns predict the outcomes of surgical treatment of intrabony defects 2006 Lisa Heitz-Mayfield Blackwell Synergy
692 Autogenous bone graft in conjunction with enamel matrix derivative in the treatment of deep periodontal intra-osseous defects: a report of 13 consecutively treated patients 2006 Leonardo Trombelli Blackwell Synergy
693 Soft tissue myxoma: report of an unusual case located on the gingiva 2006 Vittoria Perrotti Blackwell Synergy
694 Modulation of clinical expression of plaque-induced gingivitis: response in aggressive periodontitis subjects 2006 Leonardo Trombelli Blackwell Synergy
695 Gingivitis, dental caries and tooth loss: risk factors for cardiovascular diseases or indicators of elevated health risks 2006 P. V. Ylo¨ stalo Blackwell Synergy
696 The importance of assessing confounding and effect modification in research involving periodontal disease and systemic diseases 2006 Jeffrey B. Payne Blackwell Synergy
697 Confounding and effect modification: possible explanation for variation in the results on the association between oral and systemic diseases 2006 P. V. Ylo¨ stalo Blackwell Synergy
698 Association between psychosocial factors and periodontitis: a case–control study 2006 G. D. C. Castro Blackwell Synergy
699 The relationship between maternal periodontitis, adverse pregnancy outcome and miscarriage in never smokers 2006 S. Farrell (ne´e Moore) Blackwell Synergy
700 Periodontal status among relatives of aggressive periodontitis patients and reliability of family history report 2006 M. A. Llorente Blackwell Synergy

Number of items : 1840
Pages : «« 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 ... 37 »»