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601 Pattern of dental caries experience on tooth surfaces in an adult population 2006 Hopcraft MS, Morgan MV. Blackwell Synergy
602 Social gradients in periodontal diseases among adolescents 2006 Lo´pez R, Ferna´ndez O, Baelum V. Blackwell Synergy
603 Changes in dental fluorosis following the cessation of water fluoridation 2006 Clark DC, Shulman JD, Maupome´ G, Levy SM. Blackwell Synergy
604 Can the development of new dental caries in Danish schoolchildren be predicted from surveillance data in the School Dental Service? 2006 Jeppesen BA, Foldspang A. Blackwell Synergy
605 Effect of different diagnostic thresholds on dental caries calibration – a 12 month evaluation 2006 Assaf AV, de Castro Meneghim M, Zanin L, Tengan C, Pereira AC Blackwell Synergy
606 Challenges to dental access – England as a case study* 2006 Bedi R. Blackwell Synergy
607 Access to oral health care – an Australian perspective* 2006 Schwarz E. Blackwell Synergy
608 Access to care – what can the United States learn from other countries?* 2006 Maas WR. Blackwell Synergy
609 Multilevel analysis of grouprandomized trials with binary outcomes 2006 Kim H-Y, Preisser JS, Rozier RG, Valiyaparambil JV. Blackwell Synergy
610 A community study on the relationship between stress, coping, affective dispositions and periodontal attachment loss 2006 Ng SKS, Chau AWL, Leung WK Blackwell Synergy
611 Oral health inequalities among indigenous and nonindigenous children in the Northern Territory of Australia 2006 Jamieson LM, Armfield JM, Roberts-Thomson KF. Blackwell Synergy
612 German short forms of the Oral Health Impact Profile 2006 John MT, Miglioretti DL, LeResche L, Koepsell TD, Hujoel P, Micheelis W. Blackwell Synergy
613 Dental attitudes: proximal basis for oral health disparities in adults 2006 Riley JL III, Gilbert GH, Heft MW. Blackwell Synergy
614 Timing of fluoride intake in relation to development of fluorosis on maxillary central incisors 2006 Hong L, Levy SM, Broffitt B, Warren JJ, Kanellis MJ, Wefel JS, Dawson DV. Blackwell Synergy
615 The shape of the socioeconomic– oral health gradient: implications for theoretical explanations 2006 Sanders AE, Slade GD, Turrell G, John Spencer A, Marcenes W. Blackwell Synergy
616 Retention of resin-based pit and fissure sealants: a systematic review 2006 Muller-Bolla M, Lupi-Pe´gurier L, Tardieu C, Velly AM, Antomarchi C. Blackwell Synergy
617 Patient’s delay in oral cancer: a systematic review 2006 Scott SE, Grunfeld EA, McGurk M. Blackwell Synergy
618 The potential impact of neighborhood empowerment on dental caries among adolescents 2006 Pattussi MP, Hardy R, Sheiham A. Blackwell Synergy
619 Utility of two oral health-related quality-of-life measures in patients with xerostomia 2006 Baker SR, Pankhurst CL, Robinson PG. Blackwell Synergy
620 Dental status and measures of deprivation in Clermont- Ferrand, France 2006 Enjary C, Tubert-Jeannin S, Manevy R, Roger-Leroi V, Riordan PJ. Blackwell Synergy
621 Sugar snack consumption in Ugandan schoolchildren: validity and reliability of a food frequency questionnaire 2006 Kiwanuka SN, A ° strøm AN, Trovik TA. Blackwell Synergy
622 Outcomes associated with dentists’ risk assessment 2006 Rindal DB, Rush WA, Perrin NA, Maupome´ G, Bader JD. Blackwell Synergy
623 Factors associated with dental health care coverage in Mexico: findings from the National Performance Evaluation Survey 2002–2003 2006 Pe´rez-Nu´n˜ez R, Medina-Solis CE, Maupome´ G, Vargas-Palacios A. Blackwell Synergy
624 Caries-preventive effect of resinbased and glass ionomer sealants over time: a systematic review 2006 Beiruti N, Frencken JE, van ‘t Hof MA, van Palenstein Helderman WH. Blackwell Synergy
625 Exploring factors that influence child use of dental services and toothbrushing in New Zealand 2006 Jamieson LM, Koopu PI. Blackwell Synergy
626 Oral health counselling in changing schoolchildren’s oral hygiene habits: a qualitative study 2006 Kasila K, Poskiparta M, Kettunen T, Pietila¨ I. Blackwell Synergy
627 A longitudinal study of early childhood caries in 9- to 18-month-old Thai infants 2006 Thitasomakul S, Thearmontree A, Piwat S, Chankanka O, Pithpornchaiyakul W, Blackwell Synergy
628 Risk indicators for early childhood caries in Taiwan 2006 Tsai AI, Chen C-Y, Li L-A, Hsiang C-L, Hsu K-H. Blackwell Synergy
629 Secular trends of dental status in five 70-year-old cohorts between 1971 and 2001 2006 Fox C, Newton JT. Blackwell Synergy
630 A controlled trial of the impact of exposure to positive images of dentistry on anticipatory dental fear in children 2006 Jeong S-H, Chung J-K, Choi Y-H, Sohn W, Song K-B Blackwell Synergy
631 Factors related to job satisfaction among South Korean dentists 2006 Lai CS, Shieh TY, Yang YHC, Chong MY, Hung HC, Tsai CC Blackwell Synergy
632 An In Vitro Investigation of a Comparison of Bond Strengths of Composite to Etched and Air-Abraded Human Enamel Surfaces 2006 G.B. Gray, BDS, PhD;1 G.P.D. Carey, BDS;2 and D.C. Jagger, BDS, MSc PhD, Journal of Prosthodontics,
633 In Vivo Stress Behavior in Cemented and Screw-Retained Five-Unit Implant FPDs 2006 Donald W. Sheets, Jr., DMD;1 Toru Okamoto, DDS, PhD;2 Leonore C. Dijkgraaf, Journal of Prosthodontics,
634 Factors Associated with Masticatory Performance in Unilateral Distal Extension Removable Partial Denture Patients 2006 Matthias Karl, DMD;1 Thomas D. Taylor, DDS, MSD;2 Manfred G. Wichmann, Journal of Prosthodontics,
635 An Alveolar Bone Augmentation Technique to Improve Esthetics in Anterior Ceramic FPDs: A Clinical Report 2006 Burak Taskonak1 and Yasar Ozkan2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
636 Prosthodontics as a Specialty Private Practice: Net Income of Private Practitioners 2006 Kent D. Nash, PhD1 and David L. Pfeifer, DDS, MS, MEd2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
637 A Practical Method for Chairside Repair of Debonded Porcelain Denture Teeth 2006 Mutlu ¨Ozcan, DMD, PhD Journal of Prosthodontics,
638 Use of Stereolithographic Templates for Surgical and Prosthodontic Implant Planning and Placement. Part I. The Concept 2006 Kunal Lal, DDS, MS;1 George S. White, DDS;2 Dennis N. Morea, DDS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
639 Simplified Fabrication of Surgical Template for Orthodontic-Implant Treatment 2006 Cortino Sukotjo, DDS, PhD1 and Virginia Bocage, DDS2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
640 Removable Partial Denture Education in U.S. Dental Schools 2006 Vicki C. Petropoulos, DMD, MS1 and Behnoush Rashedi, DMD, MSEd, MS2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
641 Effect of Casting Procedures on Screw Loosening in UCLA-Type Abutments 2006 Stefania C. Kano, DDS, MS, PhD;1 Paul Binon, DDS, MSD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
642 Histomorphologic Characterization of Noncarious and Caries-Affected Dentin/Adhesive Interfaces 2006 Reem Haj-Ali, BDS, DDS, MS;1 Mary Walker, DDS, PhD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
643 Influence of Abutment Selection in Maxillary Kennedy Class II RPD on Elastic Stress Distribution in Oral Mucosa: An FEM Study 2006 Seiji Wada, DDS;1 Noriyuki Wakabayashi, DDS, PhD;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
644 Pressure Generated on a Simulated Mandibular Oral Analog by Impression Materials in Custom Trays of Different Design 2006 Adel Al-Ahmad, DDS, MS;1 Radi Masri, BDS, MS, PhD;2 Carl F. Driscoll, Journal of Prosthodontics,
645 Laser Welding of Cast Titanium and Dental Alloys Using Argon Shielding 2006 Ikuya Watanabe, DDS, PhD;1 and D. Scott Topham, DDS2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
646 The Effect of Gingival Retraction Procedures on Periodontal Indices and Crevicular Fluid Cytokine Levels: A Pilot Study 2006 Jian Feng, DMD;1 Hoda Aboyoussef, DMD, MS;2 Saul Weiner, DDS;3 Journal of Prosthodontics,
647 Rehabilitation of a Spark Erosion Prosthesis: A Clinical Report 2006 Julie C. Berger, DDS, MS;1 and Carl F. Driscoll, DMD2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
648 Use of Stereolithographic Templates for Surgical and Prosthodontic Implant Planning and Placement. Part II. A Clinical Report 2006 Kunal Lal, DDS, MS;1 George S. White, DDS;2 Dennis N. Morea, DDS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
649 Communication Between the Dental Laboratory Technician and Dentist: Work Authorization for Fixed Partial Dentures 2006 Zahra Afsharzand, DMD;1 Behnoush Rashedi, DMD, MSEd, MS;2 Journal of Prosthodontics,
650 The History of Articulators: The Wonderful World of “Grinders.’’ Part I 2006 Edgar N. Starcke, DDS;1 and Robert L. Engelmeier, DDS, MS2 Journal of Prosthodontics,

Number of items : 1840
Pages : «« 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 ... 37 »»