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  1. Does not have a book loan and a fine at the UMY Library
  2. Paid a book donation of Rp. 100,000
  3. Upload the Thesis / Final Thesis/ Dissertration file on the Umy library website (library.umy.ac.id) on the Student's Independent Upload menu. The file is in the form of a pdf separated by sections with the following details:
    • Cover Page
    • The title page consists of the title, statement, offerings, foreword, table of contents, table list, chart list, and list of attachments.
    • Authorization page (signed and stamped)
    • Abstract or digest
    • Chapter I
    • Chapter II
    • Chapter III
    • Chapter IV
    • Chapter V
    • Chapter VI (if any)
    • References
    • Attachments
    • Publication manuscript

No, there are no late fees during this period

An information system for making turnitin check proofs is being developed, for the time being you can contact the Library admin by clicking the WA icon on this website.

The repository is a service that provides the work of the UMY academic community, including Final Projects, Thesis, and Dissertation, as well as the works of lecturers. Physically the respository room is in Building D. Floor 2, and it can be accessed online via the repository.umy.ac.id page.

OPAC is an online catalog that can help library visitors find references.

Students have the right to borrow 9 copies of books. 6 books can be borrowed at the Central Library, 2 books at the related faculty library, and 1 book at another faculty library

10 days, if it is not enough, you can extend the loan period either independently or by directly coming to the library.

  1. Students come to BMT UMY to donate Rp. 100,000, - or donate the latest books (at the Central Library lt. 2). The book must be adjusted to each study program
  2. Students come to the library (Building D floor 2, repository room)
  3. The librarian checks if the student concerned still has book loans / fines or not. If you still have dependents, it must be resolved first
  4. Students submit a thesis / dissertation both hardcopy and softcopy. The softcopy file must be in PDF form, and have been separated by CHAPTER, then stored on a CD
  5. Students fill out the form provided
  6. Students receive library-free letter

Rp. 500,- for each book per day

Access the UMY library website, then click advanced search. Fill in the available fields. Check book availability. If the book is available, then please contact the Library admin by clicking the WA icon on this website


Independent uploads are temporarily only given access to lecturers. Regarding username, you can use your UMY email while the password is the last 6 digit of your student ID number.

If you are still having problems, you can contact BSI on extension 169